Chapter 1

”Am I wrong to love wholeheartedly? Or Am I really to foolish to let others deceive me? ” the woman said to herself bitterly. ”Life is really too cruel to me. If only I could turn back time I will never waste my life in loving someone again. I will pursue my dream to become a career woman who never rely on her man for a living. A powerful and influential woman whom no one can never mess with may be my child and my family will still be alive. Zander Voltaire, loving you is the worst kind of decision Ive ever made in my entire life and that bitch Lera Sebastian who only knows how to act pitiful in front of you. Ill wait for the two of you in Hell ” said the woman before she breathe her last she heard the voice outside the door.

”Ms. Lera why are you here? a mans voice can be heard outside the dark room.

”Is the bitch still alive? ” asked the beautiful woman wearing a bloody sexy gown that accentuate her body.

”We didn know yet we haven entered the room yet Miss ” answered the man.

”Open the door let me take a look. Zander is going to return tomorrow from his stay in the U.S for almost fifteen years since his wedding to this bitch ” said Lera arrogantly.

When the door was opened the smell of a rotten flesh spread in the entire room. An old looking woman was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The bones of her four limbs was broken and her eyes were gauge, her tongue was cut and her body was full of scars.

”I thought you are very persistent to live but why is it now you
e going to give up? You know what oh! I know you don but because I am too kind Ill still tell you. Your loving husband is going home from his stay in the U.S and guess what we
e going to get married one week after that. He is happy knowing that at last you are willing to let him go. Your life is the price you pay for coveting something which isn yours from the beginning. So please die now ok and never bother him again ” said Lera sarcastically. She smiled at the woman and command the two man who guards the door ”Dispose her body properly don let my future husband see her ” before she walks out.

The womans tears rolled out her dirty cheeks before she completely stops breathing.

”Ughhhh…..Hahhhhh…. a dream? Nope but why am I still alive? Lera killed me already how am I supposed to live again ” she stand and looked at the mirror beside her bed. She saw a beautiful teenagers face that resembles to a doll with green hair and three earrings at her right ear. ”How come my face turned to my fifteen years old self? Haven I died already? Does it mean God gives me another chance to live? If so I am thankful I will never do the same mistakes again. In this life I will never marry anyone I will never love someone again. I will love only myself and my family. I will create my new future and those who bullied me in the past I will make you pay the price of what you did to me ” she said to herself before the tears run down to her cheeks.

”Shera, are you awake already? Come on this is the day you anticipated the most. Its your wedding day to the eldest young master of the Voltaire family ” said the voice outside the door. Its her mothers voice for almost fifteen years after her family died in a car accident after her wedding, this is the first time she hears her mothers words again.

She run into the door and hugs her mother tightly.

Her mother was startled by her actions ”What happened to you? Look at yourself your still not prepared I thought you are very excited for this day how come our lady here turns into a baby for just one night? ” her mother said while bewildered by her actions.

Her mother is in her forties but still looks younger than her age. Her features resembles to her mother more than her father. Her mother is a very beautiful woman during her younger days. She is the only daughter of Carillo family, one of the richest family in Layowa City. But that is a secret that only those who knows them personally are aware.

”Ahmmm…mother tell father, brother and grandfather that I want to have a talk with all of you. Can you do this for me? Shera said to her mother sweetly.

”Oh! My sweet little baby its been years since you open up to me again. But of course its fine Ill tell them that you want to have a talk with them ” while smiling sweetly to her.

”But aren you forgetting something this is your wedding day lets talk later ”

”No mother I want to speak with all of you first, Can you please tell them now? ” she said to her mother pleadingly.

”Alright! Alright! Follow at the dining room ok ” her mother said before she goes out of her room.

”Hah! At last Ill change everything I don want to repeat that nightmare ever again ” Shera said to herself while changing her clothes.

She first take a bath and remove the green color of her hair then dye it with black. She wears a simple white T-shirt and a fitted jeans removing her all her earrings. She looks extremely good looking just like a porcelain doll. She lets her long hair down before she goes to the dining room.

She saw all her family members at the table. Her parents, grandfather to her fathers side and her only brother.

”Oh! Hello my little Princes hows your morning? ” asked her father who is full smiles to her.

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