Chapter 2

”Good morning, everyone! ” said Shera with full smiles. She seems like a flower who was in full bloom.

”You seem radiant today. Are all brides radiate like you during their wedding day! ” her father teased her.

Her father was in his forties also but he still handsome looking. He looks younger than his age. Her fathers family the Maximillian also belonged to a rich and well-known family but just like her mothers family they also very low key. Her grandfather is the one responsible for the growth of their wealth.

She just smiled and kissed her grandfather on the cheeks while hugging him tightly. In her past life her grandfather was killed in front of her by protecting her. She wasn aware that her tears run down her beautiful sparkling eyes.

”Hey sister, whats that for? You
e in drama mode? asked by her brother while grinning to her.

”Hmmmp….not cute, brother ” Shera said to her brother while pouting.

”Hmmmm….lets measure how many meters does your mouth have ” her brother said teasingly.

”Stop it Shiro its your sisters especial day ” said their father.

Shiro, her brother is two years younger than her. He resembles much to their father even his temperament. In her past life her brother died together with her parent in the car accident. Their car crashed on a truck while they are going home from after the wedding ceremony. Later did she found out that their driver was a traitor, who was paid to remove the cars break. She will never know about it until Lera admits herself that she is the one responsible for their death.

”Ill make sure that Lera will pay the price of killing my family ” she smiled mysteriously.

”By the way Shera according to your mother you want to talk to us. What is that thing that is more important than preparing earlier for your wedding? ” asked her father curiously. He find her daughter acting mysteriously today. In the past she only thinks of how to become the wife of the eldest young master of the Voltaire family.

”Guys I want to ask for your help to annul the engagement between me and the eldest young master of the Voltaire family ” said Shera very naturally. As if she was not the girl who almost killed herself just to let her marry in that family.

All the three people on the table froze on what they heard.

”Pardon sis what did you say? ” ask his brother Shiro.

As if he heard the most taboo word in his entire life.

Shera sigh ”I said I don want to get married. I change my mind and I realize that I still have a lot of dreams to fulfill ” she answered.

”Hey baby girl, are you serious? ” asked her father. In his face there is an obvious word that say I-don -believe-you sign.

Her mother smiled at her ”Are you sure of that? Last time your father and I disapprove to your decision in marrying that family but you are too persistent and almost killed yourself in the process. Now you want to back out? How come you change your mind? ” asked her mother while smiling gently to her.

”Forgive me for that mother, father for being stubborn and not listening to your reminder ” Shera said to her parents apologetically.

”Child, marriage is not an easy thing. I am happy knowing that you realize something yourself. We are always here to support you on whatever kind of decision you have. You are old enough to decide for yourself. But it is not easy also to back off just like what you are doing right now ” her grandfather said.

Shera smiled at her grandfather ”I know I am just informing you of what am I going to do. Later I will go in the Voltaire residence to inform them about this ” said Shera.

Her parents was shocked out of their wits.

”Your grandfather and I will accompany you to the Voltaire residence. We are also preparing them a proper compensation for this ” her father said.

”Ok father I know you
e the best ” she goes to her father and hug him.

After the meal Shera together with her father and grandfather visit the Voltaire Villa where Zander and his family with Lera are residing.

Lera is the daughter of the diseased business partner of Zanders father. That is why she grows up together with Zander and her sister Zyrill. Mrs. Sandra Voltaire favors her the most because she grows up with her just like her children. She wasn aware that Lera harbors romantic feelings to his son. While his husband is always busy in his business but still shows strong responsibility as a father towards his children.

In that family, only Zanders father cared about her wellbeing in her past life but he died in an accident when he was about to meet a big client about a certain project regarding the biggest company under their name.

”Are you nervous? ” asked Sheras father to her.

Currently they are sitting in the Rolls Royce car owned by her father. Her father is the one driving while her grandfather is sitting beside her.

Shera smiled ”Nope I am just thinking of how to convince them so they won pursue this matter in the future ” she answered.

”I think even the Voltaire family is against it so don worry about it. Im sure they will be more than happy about your decision ” her grandfather said.

”Father, Shera be ready we are almost there ” her father said.

”Yes father ” she keeps her calm although when she saw the familiar scenery she can stop herself but to tremble. Even if all the things that happened to her seems like a nightmare in her and her body is still intact the trauma it created to her brain is not simple. She felt like she is suffocating and her heart beat becomes irregular. The color of her face paled. Then all the things that comes next to her are darkness.

Shera passed out even before the car stopped in the Voltaire residence.

”Sandro wait something happened to your daughter ” said Sheras grandfather.

”What? What happened to her? ” she looked at her daughter whose face are too paled while trembling nonstop in his fathers arms.

The guards in the Voltaires Villa knocked on the window of their car.

Sandro lowered her windows car. The guards were shocked when they saw the teenager who are convulsing in the old mans arms.

”What happened here Sir? ” asked the Guards.

”I don know I am Sandro Maximillian I was supposed to pay a visit on the Voltaires Villa when this happened ” he said.

”Sir we have here a private hospital near hear you can bring your daughter there ” said the Guard. He called his other co-worker and led them to the nearest hospital in that place.

When Shera wake up the first person she see is her grandfather.

”Grandpa, what happened? ” she asked confusedly.

”When we are on our way to the Voltaire Villa you passed out and your entire body is trembling nonstop. The guard assigned in that place saw your condition and guide us here the nearest hospital in the Villa. Your father goes directly in the Villa when the doctors said that your condition is not serious ” her grandfather to her explained.

Shera sight after she heard her grandfather.

”Your mother and brother are on their way here. Your panic stricken father don know what to do earlier so he just called them to help me look after you ” added by her grandfather.

”By the way Shera, how are feeling now? ” her grandfather asked full of concern in his voice.

”Im fine just a little bit dizzy ” She answered.

”Excuse me Mr. Maximillian, right? ” said the man wearing a white coat.

”Yes Doctor, is there any problem with my granddaughters health? ” asked Sheras grandfather worriedly.

”Can we talk just the two of us? ” said the Doctor.

”Ok wait for me outside ” answered the old man.

”Shera wait for me here, ok! ” said the old man as if coaxing a child.

”Yes grandpa! ” Shera answered obediently.

When the Doctor see the old man got out of the door he guides him father away from the door.

”Whats the problem Doctor? ” asked the old with knitted brows.

”Mr. Maximillian Ill be direct to the point with you here. Did something significant happen in your granddaughter? ” asked the Doctor.

”What do you mean by that? Does she have an incurable disease? ”

The Doctor sigh before he speaks ”Not really may be the exact term is she is suffering from Post Trauma. The way her body reacts violently when she goes to a certain environment that caused her body extreme pain. It seems that she is fine outside but wounded on the inside. ”

”How can that be possible? She was pampered from the moment she was born? So, how this so called inside wound could came from? ” said the old man confusedly.

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