Chapter 4

”Oh! Hello there Brother ” Zyrill greeted her older brother.

He just nod at her and look at the people who are all stunned because of his arrival.

”It seems like you are having a meeting here by how serious you looks. By the way this is my wedding day why are you still here and not preparing? ” said the handsome man I front of them.

Lera felt her heart being stabbed because of what she heard him say.

While the others are all dumbed founded with his words.

”Ahem….uhmmm….Zander come with us in the study room first ” said the Patriarch while secretly glaring at the others hinting them not to tell anything yet. But Zyrill didn catch her grandfathers signal.

”Hey brother you should be thankful. The bitch already cancel the wedding to you ” Zyrill said directly.

All the people present became silent. The temperature in the room suddenly become colder.

”What did you say? ” asked Zander coldly.

That is the time when Zyrill realize her mistake.

”Uhmmmm…. Well brother I think I forgot that I have exams tomorrow so excuse me for that….. ” but before she can escape her brother hold her in her collar.

”Where do you think you
e going? ” the man said grimly.

Zanders parent hold their head about the incoming interrogation.

”Son, Shera already cancelled your wedding. Her father is here earlier and send her word for her. According to him she apologizes for creating a ruckus on her family. Her father already give us compensation for that ” Alexandro said to his son.

”That presumptuous woman had the audacity to cancel the wedding after disturbing our life for three years. Are you sure about that father? ” Zander asked coldly ”Are we talking about the same woman? ” he added.

”Yes son ” his father answered.

”After she threatened me of her life if I didn marry her. Now that we are going to get married she backed away? Is that woman crazy? Is she playing with me? ” said Zander angrily.

Alexandro knows his son very much, he knows that he is mad.

”Good luck to you young lady. Getting the attention of my son is not simple ” said the Alexandro to himself.

”Zander I suggest that don take that woman seriously. You can have any woman you like so no need to concern yourself with that kind of woman ” her mother said.

Zander doesn have any feelings for Shera at the moment he is just mad because he felt insulted by the womans actions. ”Ill teach that woman a lesson that she can never forget for insulting him like this. Just you wait ” said Zander to himself.

”This is the first time a woman insulted him like this. He just agreed to this bullshit wedding because of his grandfathers pleas. Now she had the audacity to put him in shame ” Zander added to himself grimly.

”Ill go to my room first ” said Zander before he walked away.

So before anyone of them could react Zander vanished in front of them.

Inside Zanders room…..

”Michael investigate the things that happened here and all the things about that stupid woman ” Zander ordered to his personal assistant.

”Yes sir ” he answered before he goes out of his room.

In his entire lifetime this is the first time a woman do this to him especially that crazy woman who didn know anything but to follow him. Zander thinks while drinking wine before he sleeps.

In the hospital…..

Raizen arrived at the hospital the very same moment his family is out.

”Dear lets go home Ill just follow your car ” Raizen said to her wife.

”Ok, honey ” answered Sheriah to her husband.

When they get home its almost two o clock in the afternoon. They brought Shera to her room.

In Sheras room….

All Sheras family members are in her room waiting for his father to strike up a conversation. They are eager to know what happened in the Voltaire Villa.

Her father sigh before he speak ”I already cancel the wedding with the Voltaire family. At first they are reluctant to what I said but they still accepted it without any grudges ”.

”Thats nice to hear I hope we never comes across with that family again ” said Shera.

”I also promised to them that we are not going to mingle with them ever again ” her father added.

Shera smiled at her father. ”From now on I will worked hard to achieve my dreams ” she said to herself.

In the Voltaires Villa…..

”Young master here is the result of the investigation I conduct about the young miss of the Maximillian family ” said his assistant Michael.

Zander reads the document his assistant give him.

”So who caused her accident? ” asked Zander.

”We just get caught them and currently interrogating them ” said Michael.

”Ok tell me right away ” Zander said.

”Yes young master ” Michael replied. But before he can goes out of Zanders room his phone ring.

”So, how did it go? ” asked Michael on to someone. ”Hmmm …ok I will relate it to young master ” he said seriously.

”So who is that? ” asked Zander.

”That call comes from the interrogating team. According to them the men already spill the one who command them ” said Michael seriously.

”So who did it? ” asked Zander.

”Its Ms. Lera Sebastian, she ordered her men to kill the young miss of the Maximillian household ” said Michael seriously.

”Hah! That disgusting woman, if not for my mother Ill just deal with that woman a long time ago ” said Zander full of killing intent.

”For now leave her be but next time she interferes with my affairs … I won let her off the hook ” said Zander coldly.

Its been a week ever since the day Shera returns back in time. Her father decided to let her rest for the entire week. He asked the school she is attending for a leave for a week and this time she really needs to return to her day to day routine.

Honestly one week is enough for her to plan her life. She already contacted a certain master to teach her martial arts and the other master for medicines. She plans on becoming a medical Doctor. In her past life before Lera locked her up in the dungeon of the Voltaire Villa she reads a lot of books as part of relieving her boredom. No one knows that she actually possess a photographic memory. That is the reason she didn take her studies seriously. But because of what she experienced she changed her decision. Instead of wasting her life for a scumbag of a man she will focus her energy in building her own dreams. She writes down her priorities according to the time it needs to be completed.

”Good morning! Shera, I already prepared breakfast comedown now. This is your start of returning to school ” said her mother outside the door.

”Yes mother Im coming ” answered Shera.

She takes a bath first and wears her uniform properly. When she goes down to eat her breakfast all of her family members are amazed with her. She didn return the green dye of her hair. She also didn have the punkiest look.

Her aura seems like a gentle and kind woman now that she dress up properly. Her face is very attractive with a sexy body which seems fully grown with the uniform she wears.

”Sis, you look fresh today ” Shiro said teasingly. ”No one will recognize you now. Others didn know this looks of yours aside from us ” he added.

”Yes, I seem to recall even the eldest young master of the Voltaire family wasn aware of your original looks ” said her father.

Shera smiled ”At least she holds this last card of her no one ever saw her face without thick make up, green dye hair and a lot of piercing in the past ” she remembered.

Her friend Eliza is the one responsible for this kind of fashion sense she develops. She always tells her that this kind of fashion is cool and attractive. She trusted her friend too much only to find out that she actually didn treat her honestly. She is also Leras lackey and its too late for her to realize it. Its the time she tried to escape and ask her friend Eliza for help but instead she told Lera her plans and when she get caught she break all the bones in her four limbs.

”Those who played me for a fool I will reward you properly in this life ” Shera says to herself silently.

”Hey guys move fast you
e going to be late ” said their mother.

They have only one servants in their house because her mother although came from a well-known family is honestly obsessed in living like a commoner so she really learns how to become one. She knows the different household chores. Thats why her father fell in love with her mother. They are both only children their father knows nothing than managing the company because he grows up in a pampered environment.

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