Liana Ohmshford

Ding, ding ding ding ding ding…! Its a beautiful morningggggggg [email protected]£ the annoying loud voice of my Alarm. I gro-an ed in my sleep, using the hvge fluffy pillow to decimate the sound, by stucking it on my ears, but it only increased the more.

I shut the alarm off and hopped back to the be-d again, when I heard Moms perturbing voice.

Won you wake up??! Its already morning Liana She screeched loudly but I simply ignored her, enjoying my sleep. The next action my b©️dy harbored was a cold liquid being poured r0ûghly on me. I opened my eyes and sighted Mom with her hands on her h!ps, and a bowl of water in her hands.

Mommmmmm!?! I yelped angrily standing up from the be-d instantly. She ruined my beautiful sleep, Why does she have to huh? Why???

Don you know you
e starting your new boarding school today? She queried and immediately I heard that word, my heart thumped in fear.

Reality vanned in, My eyes popped out shockingly.

Oh no!! Im starting a new school today, and I sle-pt off, I instantaneously peeked at the wall clock and it cli-cked 7:43

Oh no!!! Im late! Im freaking late! What on earth is wrong with me??! Why do I have to be so forgetful?

Serves you right, next time, youll wake up early, Breakfast is alre-ady downstairs incase you
e hungry She added walking out of my room as her footsteps faded gradually.

I ambled off to the bathroom li-ck my actions.

I got dressed in a blue fitted [email protected] and a yellow crop t©️p with the inscription
@ûghty gal I wore my White sneakers, packing my long hair into two ponytails, folding them twice, because it was extremely long, nearly reaching my w@!st.

Let me give you an Autobiography huh?

Im Liana Ohmshford, 18years of age. Im crazy, rude and sexsy. I live alone with my Mom, and my Dad? Its complicated. He abandoned my Mom when I was 6, and ever since then she has been the only one taking care of me singlehandedly.

I starred admiringly at my perfect figure throu-gh the Mirror that was placed in my room. I had a slender physique, down to my curvy h!ps, defining my s£dûçt!vecurves.

This is the first time Ill attend a boarding school and Im freakishly nervous. My heart couldn st©️p thumping repeatedly.

I descended the stairs as I made bouncing sounds, Mom was alre-ady downstairs with her face teary.

What a dramatic Mom??!!

Mom, will you st©️p crying?? Im only going there for 3months, not 20years! I said with an eye roll, as she caressed my hair intermittently, sniffing and sobbing. She pu-ll-ed me in for a hvg, never letting go.

Mom, Ill be late I muttered, obviously pissed off, of her childish attitude.

One more hug please She muttered inaudibly un-der her breath, I rolled my eyes sarcastically as I locked my arms with hers closely, engulfing her into a warm hvg. She said some silent prayers before unlocking the hvg eventually and I breathed a sigh of relief.

More hug She requested and I glared [email protected] at her, before exiting the house, heading outside. The Chauffeur was alre-ady outside coz I could sight him clearly from the blue car. I hopped into the Car after putting my travelling bag into the boot.

He couldn even help me with it! Humph! He flashed me a small smile, before zooming off.

Wowwwwwww, is this heaven or Paradi

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