Episode 9

Sherry Washington

Music blared around the large atmosphere, and screams of students could be heard. Everyone was having fun and they engaged themselves in a heated dance, so there was possibly no way you wouldn change your perspective about not dancing coz you
e really gonna feel left out all alone.

At the left side of the room, moans and screams engulfed the area, followed by loud quacking of skins.

I gulped the last contents of the drink, walking to a table filled of drinks.

So many people were there, and I had to snuggle my way in there forcefully. I placed the empty bottle on it and felt someone spank my ass. Out of anger, I turned back only to see the intimidating face of a scary guy.

”Don ever try that again ” I warned, spurting out my index finger to his face, but a smirk plastered on his face, he didn look apologetic at all. I starred at him glaringly, walking out of the crowd.

Wait…..! Where the hell is Linda?? Could she be with Xavier??

No she isn …! Its not yet time for the matching hour… Where could she be??? Where??

Fear resonated all over me as I gallivanted my gaze around the room, but I didn see her figure nor anything relating to her.

”Liana?? Where are you? ”

The loud sound of the ongoing music increased abruptly and everyone screamed excitedly.

We came to party, and have a good time…!

We came to party, and have a good time…!

We came to party, and have a good time..!

We came to party and have a good time…!

They all blithered out, dancing to the rhythmic sound of the bombarding music. A hot girl cat walked towards me slowly with a glass of wine on her left hand.

”Would you love to dance ” Shed drawled seductively, blinking her fake lashes, I assumed she fixed up for this party. I wasn focused on her, coz all that was on my mind was Liana Ohmshford.

I just hope she didn get laid by one of those psychotic rough rider. The bitch in my presence wasn ready to give up soon, from the look of the awkward situation. She smiled cheerfully forcing my hands inside her cleavages but I was quick to withdraw it, turning away from her immediately.

e pushing too hard. Move! ” I retorted, walking off.

My gaze landed on Oliver and he seemed to be enjoying the party with his bunch of whores, which brought hurt and pain to my heart.

Why am I feeling hurt?? Hes a Playboy as it is. I tried to get my mind off him by waving the thoughts off, but I couldn .

My heart tore to unenumerated pieces as he grabbed one of the Hoes ass, squeezing it, while they pleasured him by moving their waist for him, making him gloat.

His eyeball pierced mine, ma-king my heart accelerate intermittently. All my anger was neutralized instantly he starred up at me.

My heart increased its beats as his gaze digressed to my exposed cleavages making me gulp hard to nothing in particular. His diamond shaped lips excavated out a ”Woww ” He pushed the whores off, walking towards me.

Huh?? Hes coming to me??

Jeanette Blues

”Position yourself steadily girls. We strike tonight! ” I sm-irked grinningly, un-bu-ttoning Yvonnes bu-mshort. Everyone seemed to have immense fun and I was more than gleeful. Onitas eyebrow vocalized an arc. ”What strike are you talking about?? ”

Shes been acting strange and weird lately, I examined her and she quic-kly covered her face up with a Stern look.

e ra-ping that new girl today and we
e using the red code on her! ”

”You plan to eliminate her after that? ” She [email protected] loudly and I rolled my eyes at her.

Whys she surprised?? This is not the first time shes witnessing me doing this, and now shes suddenly shocked? She had better not try anything stupid to ruin my plans, coz I won hesitate killing her too.

Yvonne dipped my fingers deeply into her cleavages while I grabbed her creamy full breasts, massaging the other one, as a moan scaped from her lips. ”I think not! Look at that! ” She gestured, and I disengaged from her, standing up, jerking my neck to the direction she pointed at. I gasped angrily.

”What!!! ”

One of the X. O. X. O guys was with her, holding her possessively as if she was his treasure.

A smile curved Onital-ips, while Yvonne shrugged casually as if it wasn a big deal. My fist clenched furiously as I starred at them.


She can get hooked up with one of them.

No… The ** no!

Liana Ohmshford

I felt someone grabbed my waist tightly, turning back staggeringly, my hazy gaze met with the persons. A Cute guy!

He rubbed his hands against my abdomen, drawing me closer to himself, feeling his h0t breath. Suddenly I heard growls and in a blink, the guy was alre-ady on the floor. Blood was oozing from his nose. I looked closely at the person that sent him to the ground.

X-xavier?? He hit him??

”You fv¢king bastard ” He growled, using his fists on him consecutively. My hands travelled to my mouth and I exclaimed fearfully in ultimate shock.

”Xavier , stop you
e gonna kill him! ” I shrilled out, but he didn bulge, instead he increased the pace of his kicks. Wed alre-ady become the centre of attraction and I was starting to feel very scared.

”I said stop! ”

”Xavier please! ”

”I told you to stop ” I yelled angrily [email protected] him loudly on his face, shocking everyone in the room.

Did she just touch him??

Shes so dead!

She just slapped one of the X.O.X.O guys

What was she thinking?

Different comments elapsed from their mouths but I was less concerned. Xaviers fist clenched furiously, starring at me like Ive grown two horns. He grabbed my hands, dragging me to a pri-vate area, I tried to struggle from his strong hold but I couldn , coz he was way more stronger and heftier than me.

”Let me go ” I struggled weakly, but he didn reply, he ti-ght£ñed his hold on me, pushing me into a dark room.

”What the hell are you doing?? ” I asked, with fear laced in my Voice. His eyebrows drew up into an arc and he hit his knuckles vehemently on the wall, rummaging through his brown hair.

”**! Liana, what
e you doing to me?? ” Whispering, he caged me to the wall as I manoeuvred with it, thrusting my eyeball into his that flickered to the corners.

Our breaths became intense and we couldn resist it any longer. I couldn hold it anymore.

My hands went to his back drawing him closer, while his hands travelled through my short gown, lifting it up with his ba-re hands. His hot breath fanned my neck passionately as my che-st heaved up and down. W couldn talk. Every action was made by silence. I drew his n£¢k more closer to my awaitingl-ips.


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