Liana Ohmshford

Ding, ding ding ding ding ding…! Its a beautiful morningggggggg [email protected]£ the annoying loud voice of my Alarm. I gro-an ed in my sleep, using the hvge fluffy pillow to decimate the sound, by stucking it on my ears, but it only increased the more.

I shut the alarm off and hopped back to the be-d again, when I heard Moms perturbing voice.

Won you wake up??! Its already morning Liana She screeched loudly but I simply ignored her, enjoying my sleep. The next action my b©️dy harbored was a cold liquid being poured r0ûghly on me. I opened my eyes and sighted Mom with her hands on her h!ps, and a bowl of water in her hands.

Mommmmmm!?! I yelped angrily standing up from the be-d instantly. She ruined my beautiful sleep, Why does she have to huh? Why???

Don you know you
e starting your new boarding school today? She queried and immediately I heard that word, my heart thumped in fear.

Reality vanned in, My eyes popped out shockingly.

Oh no!! Im starting a new school today, and I sle-pt off, I instantaneously peeked at the wall clock and it cli-cked 7:43

Oh no!!! Im late! Im freaking late! What on earth is wrong with me??! Why do I have to be so forgetful?

Serves you right, next time, youll wake up early, Breakfast is alre-ady downstairs incase you
e hungry She added walking out of my room as her footsteps faded gradually.

I ambled off to the bathroom li-ck my actions.

I got dressed in a blue fitted [email protected] and a yellow crop t©️p with the inscription
@ûghty gal I wore my White sneakers, packing my long hair into two ponytails, folding them twice, because it was extremely long, nearly reaching my w@!st.

Let me give you an Autobiography huh?

Im Liana Ohmshford, 18years of age. Im crazy, rude and sexsy. I live alone with my Mom, and my Dad? Its complicated. He abandoned my Mom when I was 6, and ever since then she has been the only one taking care of me singlehandedly.

I starred admiringly at my perfect figure throu-gh the Mirror that was placed in my room. I had a slender physique, down to my curvy h!ps, defining my s£dûçt!vecurves.

This is the first time Ill attend a boarding school and Im freakishly nervous. My heart couldn st©️p thumping repeatedly.

I descended the stairs as I made bouncing sounds, Mom was alre-ady downstairs with her face teary.

What a dramatic Mom??!!

Mom, will you st©️p crying?? Im only going there for 3months, not 20years! I said with an eye roll, as she caressed my hair intermittently, sniffing and sobbing. She pu-ll-ed me in for a hvg, never letting go.

Mom, Ill be late I muttered, obviously pissed off, of her childish attitude.

One more hug please She muttered inaudibly un-der her breath, I rolled my eyes sarcastically as I locked my arms with hers closely, engulfing her into a warm hvg. She said some silent prayers before unlocking the hvg eventually and I breathed a sigh of relief.

More hug She requested and I glared [email protected] at her, before exiting the house, heading outside. The Chauffeur was alre-ady outside coz I could sight him clearly from the blue car. I hopped into the Car after putting my travelling bag into the boot.

He couldn even help me with it! Humph! He flashed me a small smile, before zooming off.

Wowwwwwww, is this heaven or Paradise?! I exclaimed surprisingly, using my palm to cover my mouth but I failed woefully, My loud screams filled the entire atmosphere and everyone turned to stare at me awkwardly and weirdly like Ive grown two horns.

What is wrong with her??

Whys she screaming crazily??

New student huh!

Shes Crazy!.

Has she gone nuts?

Different kind of comments emerged out of their mouths but I ignored them, walking throu-gh the Hall way when three S-xy girls [email protected] throu-gh my direction.

They all dyed their hair pink and they looked identical and [email protected] dressed. One of them pe-cked the othersl-ips and the rest giggled.

Maybe they
e best friends? I shrugged the dirty thoughts off as I starred nonst©️p at their outfit. The figure that was articulated at the back of their red jackets was the shape of a girl almost n-ked.

J. O. Y girls was boldly inscribe-d on it. I starred at them in awe. What type of a boarding school is this??! I wanted to waltz off when four h0t guys trooped in simultaneously, shocking me to the bones.

Is this a Greek god or a human?? I know you must be definitely anticipating for a description of their looks and outfits, but right now, I can , the shock that [email protected] throu-gh me like an electron didn enhance me to have time for an elaboration.

e so hot!

I love them so much

I want a night stand with you Xavier

Oliver, plea-se marry me

Xazix just take me away to Planet Mercury

Oval just drown me immensely with your cuteness.

I stood transfixed in my sp©️t, listening to the dirty comments and compliments. One of the guys starred at me longingly and I gulped [email protected] nervously, as my th!gh almost wo-bbled to the floor. He stole a quic-k glance at me, before walking away.

Okay Ive had enough of this drama. Im heading to the janitors office in request of my locker key and dorm room number. I let out a long exaggerated sigh, scrambling off till I sighted a white door, I pushed it open and saw a pretty lady in her thirties.

Good morning. Im a new student and…. My statement was impeded by her.

What is your favorite S-x position? She asked whisperingly, Sitting down on the mahogany table starring at me seductively, while I starred at her in confusion.

Whats she insinuating? Favorite position?!?

My locker key Maam, and number of my dorm room I stated, tactically changing the topic. Once a smile jumped into her face, she searched for something in her table, arranging the files and documents. She brought out the locker key and handed it to me, while I quickly collected it. She shocked me to the bones when she bit my ear-lobes twirling her ton-gue with it as a laugh escaped from her mouth. I ambidextrously used both of my hands to wipe off her salivary spit from my ears, groaning in disgust.

Enjoy your stay here, if you need anything, feel free to ask me She mumbled and I faked a smile before walking out, Still perplexed about the whole thing.

I traced the number of my dorm room and landed at a white door. Moans filled the area which got me wondering what might be happening. I pushed the brown polished door open and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets on the heart shocking event I saw.

What the heck???! Two girls on each other??!? Sucking and kissing themselves???!!

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