Episode 3

Xavier Martins

I perched on the fluffy glittery sofa, that was placed gracefully in the X.O.X.O guys special room, the school authorities handed to us, I find this whole thing weird but I can seem to get my mind off that new girl.

Anytime, my gaze locks with hers passionately, I can explain this kind of feeling that reverberate through me strangely.

I haven felt like this for a long time, except with Veronica, Im not re-ady to highlight what happened to her right now coz it was that girl that occupied my emotions and thoughts.

You wanna know why she haven got laid forcefully?? Thats because of me, I made sure nothing horrible happen to her coz I can bear it.

The rest of the guys don know this, else theyll have been bombarding me with questions…., The only way she can get out of this, is if she get hooked up with one of us officially, no one would be able to touch or un-derestimate her unfairly, but Im not sure she can do that coz she has a very tough and dangerous look plastered clearly on her face, which sends cold chills to my spine sometimes.

Damn…!!!! Whats she doing to me?? Why the ** am I thinking about her?? I shook my head frustratedly lighting a cigarette, as placed it into my mouth, enhancing it to take full charge of my oesophagus, I rested a bit before puffing it out, and it elapsed out from my nostrils, the stench polarized the entire room.

The door bur-sted open and Xazix, Oliver, with Oval walked in, smiling grinning lying as two girls trooped in immediately with them, sending flirtatious winks and glances at me, but I simply ignored them all.

Whats up Dude?? Oval and Oliver greeted, settling on a white couch, the whore sat on his laps, and he kept finger **ing them from behind and their loud moan s engulfed the entire room, some part of me felt really disgusted.

I didn know what was up with me at that very moment. This isn the first time they
e screwing bitches in my presence and suddenly I felt irritated about it.

Dude, Check her out…!! Xazix exclaimed surprisingly almost shrilling as one of the sluts stood up moving her round butt vigorously walking to me, but I stood up immediately shocking the rest of the guys. A notification popped into my phone and I nearly gasped.

Oh no..! The hook up night is tomorrow. This isn gonna be good for the new girl at all. I think the rest of them got the message and they all screamed in happiness. I don know why Im feeling this way, but I felt like I should let it be my top priority to protect the new h0t girl.

Onita Davidson

Its almost time for the hookup night…!! I yelped excitedly rushing to place my mouth briefly on Yvonne who moan ed out in plea-sure.

e shopping for voluptuous and statuesque dresses in town. We need to be irresistible for tonight The leader, Jeanette muttered inaudibly un-der her breath as we all nodded affirmatively crawling at the same time on the bed.

We always do this every year a day before the hookup night. We fv¢k ourselves mercilessly and draw a mark at our backs. Its the number of time weve had Les-S-x.

What about the new girl? I moan ed out dipping my hands very deeply into Jeanette honeypot, slurping on her cleavages also.

You all know what to do She replied, taking off her short Skirt and we all giggled excitedly in plea-sure.

Its goanna be a long night today.

Liana Ohmshford

It seemed like my ears were mistaking words as I heard every shred of elaboration Sherry was talking about, and I couldn help but to keep gasping.

What the hell??? Suddenly I started regretting coming to this boarding highschool in the first instance. I shouldve just been admitted to Hidden ville high, not this terrible place.

What way can I escape from this? I asked softly starring at her intently and she starred at me for a while before saying; You
e not goanna like this.

I escaped mine narrowly by sleeping with the last X.O.X.O guys and here I am, free. When you hook up with one of them, you can do absolutely whatever the hell you want.

Get new dress, shoes, new real class, real textbooks and so many much more, but if you don make your decision three days from now, it won end well She analyzed and I breathed out an exaggerated sigh.

Gawd…! How on earth did I get myself into this gigantic mess? How?? Few days ago I was that happy cheerful girl who lived happily with her caring mother, but now Im stuck in a school of fantasy and mysteries that I can even imagine….!!!

I can give my pride and dignity to one of the so-called X.O.X.O guys, in order not to get defiled by the J.O.Y girls?? But come to think of it, the benefits Ill derive is really massive.

New textbooks and real classes, not that stupid economics textbook that a picture of two girls kissed, but Im not ready to surrender my dignity yet….

Gawd…..!!! Sherry was still trying to persuade me to do it, when the whole class suddenly screamed out very loud, almost piercing my eardrum.

Its the hookup night …..!! One of the girls bawled excitedly as I starred at Sherry for explanation.

e not gonna want this She wanted to talk when the bell rang for dismissal.

Immediately, everyone trooped out and Sherry muttered a Bye to me before scrambling off, leaving me all alone to myself.

Oh Gawd…!! How would I do this now?? I ran my hands throu-gh my hair in frustration, packing my booklets into my bag. I slung it around my shoulders. Suddenly I felt like emptying my bladder, so I turned to the direction of the lavatory and restroom. I pushed the door open and met the shock of my entire life.

A female student in a doggy position, and a male teacher scre-wing her from behind. Another girl was sitting at the front of the other girl, moistening her lips on her honeypot and abdomen.

Oh yeah baby…..

Go harder…..

Yeah, like that…..

Go dee-per…. Hmm…

A little bit more harder…..


He used his ba-re large hands to tear off her brazier and started gulping her boobs ambidextrously, using his other hands to cup her ass, fondling it softly.

He suddenly placed her on the ground and started ban-ging her from the front, while she started screaming very loudly. The other girl was sucking the males dick. Holy freaking moly.

They were so engrossed in what they were doing and they didn notice me. I hid at the back of the door and sounds of kisses filled the atmosphere which felt deteriorated.

So, im getting an A in Math She replied as she wore a new set of dress coz the other was already torn badly during their disgusting S-x adventure.

Come to my apartment,.. Tonight? The science teacher whispered bitting her lower lips he suddenly removed his trousers, pinning her to the wall, taking off her new short leather Skirt. She giggled excitedly and turn to face him back.

I want A parallel in all my subject, do you get that? She asked and he nodded impatiently, engaging into a hot kiss, forcibly turning her behind again and he pushed into full force, unceasingly and sporadically. He tore off her new brazier and she giggled exaggeratedly.

He dragged her hair, almost tearing off her scalp as he pushed her big ass close to himself banging her forcibly and impatiently.

It came to a moment when she staggered to the floor weakly but he pushed her up placing her naked body on the W.C, getting at the top too, moving in and out, holding her waist tightly, while she gasped loudly as he squeezed his dick hardly into her virgina. Hopping in and out roughly, and hungrily.

He pressed her boobs, bitting it hardly and her screams filled the area.

He brought her down from the W.C{Water Cistern}, pinning her to the wall, encircling her legs around his shoulders, pinning her hand with a handcuff that was brought out of his pocket. He bent a little and adjusted his big dick. My eyes almost popped out of its socket, when I saw how huge and big it was.

He smirked triumphantly before pouring something oily into his groin, rubbing it to become soft and he pinned her stomach almost ripping his fingers off it, he thrusted with full force without hesitation, holding her hair backwards from covering her face, he kissed her legs to her thigh pushing in and out for about 2hours. The girl was already weak and feeble but it seemed like he wasn done with her yet.

He removed the handcuffs and tossed it into the toilet pit, flushing it. He brought out the girls head. I want you to Suck this like your life depends on it He commanded authoritatively, kneeling down taking off his boxers as his flat butt came in view. She held his dick and started slurping on it consecutively.


Suck it deeper…..

Yeah baby….


He released his cum into her mouth and forced her to shove it down her throat. He held both his hands on the dick and shoved it into the girls mouth. He was mouth fv¢king her intermittently and I almost screamed in shock.

As if that wasn enough, he placed her on a table, and sat her there jumping with her, **ing her mercilessly as the table made sounds of the pace he was creating. He increased the pace for about fifty minutes before throwing her to the floor like she was some bag of tomatoes.

He placed his two legs on hers thrusting deeply and forcibly squeezing her ass at the same time. I could see the sign of his fingers on the girls butt.

It was becoming so harder and dee-per and I could sense that the girl was already tired and weak.

Wait.. Thats enough already…!!! She screeched out tearfully, but he slapped her twice on the face taking off her pop socks, he gulped on her Pants and laughed devilishly , penetrating mercilessly.

She fainted but he cared less, still thrusting deeply, he pushed her to the floor and kept sucking on her two boobs, he sucked her abdomen and finger **ed her honepot, he switched her into different kind of positions and blood was dripping from her Virginia because of the continuous thrusting.

The girl stopped breathing and he sm-irked grinningly facing the other girl who hurriedly k!$$£d him. Throw her lifeless body into the laboratory dumpster, Next time, she won dare me

I gasped loudly in fear and shock. They looked left and right to make sure no one was sighting what happened and I quic-kly his myself well, they carried the girl and used a white bed spread to roll it on her corpse, suddenly the Man stopped, he looked so scary. My heart accelerated fearfully and I prayed hard they shouldn find me.

Someone is here…!! Find her!! He screamed and they started tiptoeing to the direction of where I hid, my heart thumped faster than its ribcage as they walked closer.

Oh no…


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