Episode 5

Amanda Brooms

I woke up with a continuous banging of headache, I flickered my eyes open properly and it raked around the atmosphere.

I recognise this place, this is my room.

What happened to me?? Why am I feeling odd?? Those unanswered questions kept polarizing on my mind as I managed to strain my neck down, I regretted it instantly coz the moment I made that action, A sharp pain arrived through my Virginia.

I pressed my lips together, furrowing my eyebrows in pain.

Why the heck am I feeling pains all over?? My thigh, my waist, my breasts, my legs, the ultimate pain won just stop.

It kept on reverberating through me continuously. The door flanged open, unveiling Mom with a tray of scrabbled eggs and three slice of bread, with a small cup of tea in her hands was who I saw.

”Good morning Darling ” she greeted, placing the tray on the bed , I wasn really feeling hungry.

I was determined to know what happened to me, I woke up in my room and worst part is that I couldn remember anything.

”Mom?? ” She looked up and caressed my hair motherly. ”W-Why am I here?? ” I asked hoarsely, shifting uncomfortably with every seconds that passed, coz I wasn physically stable at all.

”Well, you came back home yourself last night ” She shrugged helping me to stir the hot tea. I sighed frustratedly, dipping the sliced bread into my tea, I shoved it into my mouth, but it drove back from my oesophagus to my throat and immediately I found myself throwing up on the tiled floor, coughing continuously.

”Mandy? ” Mom called my nickname as she hurried to get me a glass of water. I shut my eyes closed , with my hands on my head.

Noooooooo…..!!! I screamed hurtfully but they wouldn let me go.

I saw the faces of those three girls, laughing at me tauntingly and mockingly.

Screeching more loudly in fear and unimaginable pain, I breathed hard, with my chest heaving up sporadically, barely making me breath normally.

Balls of sweats rolled down from my forehead as I blinked my eyes open.

What was that?? Why was I screaming loudly?? Who were those guys making fun of me?? Why can I seem to get everything right??

”Amanda, whats wrong sweetheart?? ” Mom asked, walking towards me, handling me a glass of water. To her surprise I grabbed the water from her, sprinkling it on my face, still Panting hard.

Liana Ohmshford

They crawled up creepily to my bed, forcefully taking off my jacket, immediately I stood up from the bed, waltzing to the direction of the door, pasting a warning glare on my face.

They giggled silmutaneously, fondling and squeezing each other breasts and Ass. They finger **ed themselves right in my presence, they took off their C-string slurping on it repeatedly.

All those irritating moment they shared, I was trying to unbolt the door, but it seems luck wasn on my side because the stupid brown door won just open, and that really infuriated me exasperatedly.

”Sweetie, come have a taste ” Whispering flir-tatiously, they walked towards me, and I raised my hands up as a sign of ack off and restrict.

”Don you freaking come close to me or you
e goanna get it from me ” I warned dangerously, but unfortunately my hostile tone wasn working at all.

My heart accelerated intermittently than its ribcage as one of them tried to take off my trousers, but I jerked her hands up twisting it, as I heard the cracking of her bones. She gasped in pain and staggered down, making her head hit the nearby table.

The other girl started at me hatefully, inculcating a look of desperateness. ”Ill ** you raw and youll regret ever hurting my mate ” She yelled angrily as fear danced through me.

She took off her brazier, and her breasts stood firm bouncing up and down as she cat walked towards me. I gulped really hard to nothing as I watched her finger **ed herself, moaning out in pleasure.

I shook my head negatively at her as she drew me closer forcefully, trying to take off my crop top, I smirked audaciously kicking her on her abdomen, She walked closer to me landing me a huge slap which sent me to the floor, she smiled grinningly and bent down, unbuckling my button, but I was expeditious to slap her hands off, sending her a huge blow on her nose, which made blood gushed through her nostrils. I stood up and took my jacket starring at the two bitches.

”I wished you listened to me, when I politely asked you to back off ” I muttered inaudibly and successfully unbolting the door, but not without packing my luggages.

I need to escape all these nons-en-se and madness or I die trying.

I tiptoed through the hallway, but not without hearing loud screams and moans from each dormitory door I passed through. I traced the entrance of the main door and successfully came across it. I twisted the knob twice, only to find out that it was locked.

”Shit!! ” I cussed disappointedly hitting the door, creating a lot of sounds and something I couldn decipher started blaring really loud.

”We detected an Escapee ” A robotic voice elapsed through and two robots came out, walking towards me.

”No no! Get out! ” I yelped fearfully as I took to my heels but who was I kidding?? Robots are freakishly fast and furious, coz theyve been **ing programmed to do so…!!!

How stupid and deteriorating can this school be huh?? I was still drowned in thought that I didn realized that the two robots pinned me to the wall, and their electric tongue elapsed out, ma-king anger and fear course through my vein.

”They call us the Sex Robot ”

What?? What the hell? Oh no! They used their robotic hands to removed my backpack and it came crashing to the ground. They were so strong that I couldn fight my way outta them.

Suddenly, I heard a voice which disrupted their actions. Wait….!!, I know that voice.

”What do you think you
e doing to her? ”


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