Episode 6

Lorraine Ohmshford

I [email protected] my Long red hair backwards, stepping down from the Stairs of the plane which elapsed down automatically.

I smiled broadly as my legs collided with the sandy ground of Washington DC. Lifting both of my hands sideways, I inhaled and exhaled, the cool breeze blew my hair and it scattered romantically to my face.

Its been 5years since Ive been here and things haven changed one bit.

Well, Im here to take back whats truly mine. Im here to take back Xavier Martins, my one and only first love.

Ill do anything, absolutely any freaking thing to have him back to my life, even if it means killing, I don care. I can afford to share him with anyone else, I can share him with any bitch, and I better not see him with one at all, or shes goanna get it from me.

Im Lorraine Ohmshford….! No one dares me, or possess whats mine. Xavier is mine. Mine.

Yvonne Andrews

I tiptoed to the leader of the J.O.Y girls, wardrobe, searching for the files she secretly kept there.

Well don be surprised about this coz I hate her.

I hate Jeanette Blues with ultimate passion. She forced me to join the J.O.Y girls, she threatened me and I didn have any choice than to succumb to her request.

You think I love practicing lesblanism?? You think I derive pleasure in doing it?? Well you
e outrageously wrong coz I hate it with passion.

Every moment, every S-xual pleasure, every time, we practice it, brings hatred, deceit, disgust into me, You don know how much I detest this, but I have no choice, no one wants to face the wrath of Jeanette Blues.

Ive seen her raped someone to death before, and I wouldn wanna experience that at all.

I went through her third wardrobe, and still couldn find the goddamn paper. Where the hell did this bit-ch kept her secret history documentary paper??

I ran my hands through my hair frustratedly, Panting heavily, when an unexpected file fell to the floor, I gasped happily and took it from the floor, when I heard the cracking door of the room.

My heart raced in acceleration as I quickly hid the file inside my Skirts, adjusting it, making it look like I was dressing.

I heard her footsteps and soon felt her filthy fingers on my bossom, squeezing it exasperatedly. Her fingers went to my top and she took it off gradually, fondling my breasts, she turned me to her and walked closer towards me.

I prayed hard in my mind for her not to sight the file I kept in my Skirt… I pretentiously kissed her roughly and hungrily, making moans escape from her mouth.


I pushed her to the nearby bed, and she giggled excitedly. I climbed to the bed trailing kisses from her neck to her thigh, taking off her Pants.

I bent down my head inside her Virginia Slurping and bitting in it continuously, I moved to her abdomen kissing it, gnashing my teeth on her navel, her fingers went to my back caressing them softly.

I stylishly adjusted the files, taking off her singlet. I finger **ed her increasingly and she moaned out silently placing her legs around my back while I picked up a small carrot from the tray dipping it deeply into her honeypot consecutively.

She jerked on the bed, following my pace, as I made it two carrots, I increased it to three and I placed my waist on hers, screwing her artificially.

She screamed out, but I didn halt or stop. The door barged open, revealing Onita and she smiled grinningly, walking towards us too.

I rolled Jeanette over, and Onita took control. I excused myself and washed up immediately, not wanting to inhale the scent of that disgusting bitch. I brought the files out and smirked victoriously.

Xavier Martins

I couldn rest or sleep coz the guys and their sluts [email protected] s engulfed the entire room, ma-king me roll my eyes sarcastically the umpteenth time.

More so, I couldn stop thinking about that girl. I know it sounds odd, but I wanna bury myself deep inside of her. Yeah…! I want her.

I have no idea whether its lust or love or infatuation, but the truth is I can stop musing about her outrageously for a day.

Xazix and Oliver kept banging a whore at the same time and I sighed in frustration, increasing the loud volume of the music on my I-phone to decimate the sporadic sound, but it only got worse coz Oliver already placed her in a doggy style, screwing her very fast and she screamed out really loud.

After what seems like hours, he handed a bunch of money to her, she collected it happily, and he spanked her butt.

She laughed and walked off moving her ass violently ma-king my Junior spring out but I wasn ready for that, coz my mind was seriously occupied with something else.

Earth to Xavier, do you copy?? Oliver exclaimed, snapping me from my thoughts. I jerked and starred back at him.

The guys starred at themselves before digressing their attention back to me. What?? I asked with sarcasm, burning up in my throat.

You better chill up, the hookup night is later this night and you
e lost in thoughts. Ive been calling your name three times, but it seems you were in planet Jupiter Oval retorted and I let out a long Sigh.

They went to bed, scrolling through their phone busily, Oval even had a smile on his face. Maybe one of his flings sent him her nudes. I thought, standing up, waltzing to the door. I strolled through the school premises, when I heard the loud blaring sounds.

Wait….! I think someone is trying to escape??

On a normal day, I wouldve ignored this type of situation, but something kept holding me back, curiosity defeated me, and I scrambled off to the direction of where the sound was arriving from.

My eyes nearly popped out of its sockets as anger radiated through me , on seeing the scenario.

What the?? It was that girl…!

Why the hell did she try to escape?? Didn someone tell her the school has a Sex Robot that detects an Escapee??

Nah! I ain gonna let anything horrible happen to her.., Ive spent years in this highschool enough to know how to disconnect the robot.

What do you think you
e doing to her? I asked, but the Robot didn move back, I could hear her muffled yelp and silent screams as the robot tried to take off her jean Skirt, I walked sneakily and pressed the green bu-tton on it and it calmed down, digressing to a friendly Robot.

I heaved a sigh of relief as it freed her, She ran towards me hugging me immediately, sniffing on my shoulders.

I could feel her soft nipples being pressed comfortably on my chest making my Junior elasp out, and it rested on her abdomen, she noticed it and disengaged immediately. I starred down at her Pretty laps down to her moderate skinny legs. Her deep sandy coloured eyeball met mine and she sniffed back.

Thank you for saving me. I don even know what would have happened If not for you She appreciated but what I could only see was her bright pink curved lips, I felt like kissing the strawberry out of them. Those lips…..

You haven told me your name she replied, breaking my chains of thoughts. Xavier… Xavier Martins I replied smiling and she nodded clutching her bag pack to her chest.

Liana Ohmshford

Wait….! That name sounds familiar, so familiar, I don know where I heard that surname before but Im sure as hell that name rings a bell to my ears.

I soon brushed the thoughts off my mind, starring lost at her.

Her curves. Gawd! It drove me immensely crazy, I felt like having my head buried in her laps.

Like I said earlier, Im very thankful for what you did, that robot is….

I didn let her complete her statement, when I grabbed her waist tightly to myself, locking my lips passionately with hers.


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