Episode 8

Amanda Brooms

My gaze was automatically fixated to space as I played with the cutleries, not feeling the vibe to eat all. Mom noticed my discomfort and gulped a [email protected] of water, starring intently at me. Amanda, you love lemon pies. Why
e you not eating? She asked softly, as her non descript eyeball flickered to the corners.

I adjusted my seat on the Dining chair, shooking my head sideways. Its nothing Mom I assured with a forced smile, digging the fork into the pie, I shoved it straight into my mouth, but I felt my stomach tingle strangely, I felt like throwing up immediately.

Mom starred at me intermittently as I stood up , dragging the chair backwards.

I rushed towards the bathroom, with my hands placed on my stomach, letting out all the contents in my stomach to the basin bowl.

I washed the remnants of digested food from my mouth, wiping it off with a tissue. I heaved a sigh, wanting to head back to the dining but I felt nauseous again. I heaved yet another defeated sigh vomiting loudly into the basin bowl.

I turned back, and I saw Mom with an expressionless look activated on her face.

Mom…Im okay, I.. Just

Im taking you to the hospital, and I ain taking No for an answer She impeded strictly.

Oliver Dane

**! I cussed pleasurable, as I rammed my groin effort fully into the bitchs hole, using both of my hands on her w@!st tightly, and she widened her legs for me.

Chuckling slightly, I thrusted deeply into her with full force, as she moan ed out loudly, holding the be-d for support, I dragged her hair forcefully, digging into her vehemently.

I soon reached my climax , and I re-leased on her laps, before pulling out of her. I heard her silent giggles as I walked to the wardrobe, choosing a perfect outfit.

I felt a presence near me, followed by a soft touch, I turned back, removing her hands from my body, wearing my clothes.

Hey! She yelled angrily, forcing my hands on her pussy, I slipped my hands off, giving her a warning glare before placing my legs into the red sneakers.

A frown constructed on her lips the moment I threw a bundle of dollars to the be-d, scoffing disgustingly at her.

Thats your pay bitch! Now get out!! I yelped loudly in my baritone voice as she flinched in ultimate fear, but she sat on the be-d later on and I grinned bringing out a gun, ma-king her gasp in surprise and shock. I used my other hands to pull the trigger.

Now get the ** out before you end up on the ground dead! I yelled angrily, this time more scary and intense. She hurriedly wore her dress, walking out, with her slitteloes shoes on her hand.

Stupid Sissy!!

Almost ruined my plan for me!! Some bitches can be really clingy at times.

I brought out my phone dialling a number. It picked instantaneously at the second ring.

Im at the hotel ……. Don worry. I sneaked outta the School noiselessly, but you gotta hurry with the supplies. It s just a matter of time before they find out about my absence

I finalized disconnecting the call, sm-irking satisfactorily.

Lorraine Ohmshford

Of course, Dad I squealed excitedly, ma-king use of a comb on my long wavy hair, starring at the medium sized mirror, that was placed in the large sitting room.

I pressed the phone tightly against my ears, listening to his talks.

Alright, Ill call you later I said with an exaggerated sigh, constructing a huge smile on my face.

I just found out Xaviers attending Black Ville high school. Im getting admitted there tomorrow and I can wait to meet him there.

I imagined the both of us kissing and smooching passionately. I laughed heartily as I starred intently at my pretty face, rubbing both of my cheeks slightly. The maids whispered something to themselves angrily.

I crossed both of my hands across my che-st, starring at them, On noticing my abrupt presence, they stopped talking immediately, placing their heads down respectively.

e you gossiping about huh???! I yelled loudly at them, but they kept quiet, infuriating me the more.

Liana Ohmshford

I sighed frustratedly as I packed my booklets into my backpack, Zipping it up. Sherry mimicked my actions simultaneously, slugging hers around her n£¢k. The hot Greek gods passed our direction majestically, and Sherry had this shy look I couldn decipher. Her cheeks flu-shed outrageously as she starred at one of the X.O.X.O guys.

Is she crushing on him?? Whyd she look at one of them that way?? I thought inwardly, but I didn bother to ask her, I don want her to inculcate the fact that Im trying to poke my nose into her private life.

We both walked to the dormitory room and she was the first to plonk on the be-d tiredly, I laughed slightly at her hilarious attitude, thinking about the Hookup night non stop.

Seriously?? I asked drawing up my eyebrows into an arc as Sherry brought out a red strapless gown that ba-rely covered my a$$.

She shrugged and her shoulders drove down, scoffing at me in disbelief while I rolled my eyes sarcastically. Come on! Liana!, its now or never, you have to wear something revealing and alluring She whined waving the pretty gown to my face.


She brought out a high shoe after she had rummaged from her shoe racks. She selected her own outfit too, helping me wear my makeup. It was light touch makeup that pinpointed my exact beauty…

She was dressed in a white sheiralyn gown that unveiled her cleavages, bringing out her pear -body shape. Trust me youll need this whispering, she brought out a small pepper spray. I grabbed it from her, shoving it into my thigh holster.

We walked through the hallway, and different students with different kind of dressing passed there too. My mouth hanged open in the air, in complete shock as I viewed a girl with only C-String and a white brazier. A net was attached to, it outlining her flat tummy.


A bitchy club dress?? Jeez! This is actually something else! Which adds more reason why I have to do this finally and get it over with, even though Im gonna get really hurt in the process.

We finally got to where the occasion was taking place, Music radiated the atmosphere almost bombarding my eardrums. The place was really large but due to the number of people that was present. It assimilated the look of smallness.

My eyes nearly popped out of its sockets as a girl sucked a guys Dick right in everyones presence. Different kind of things were happening and I was starting to feel discouraged already.

Everyone suddenly screamed excitedly, cheering as I turned to the direction of where their attention was drifted to. The J.O.Y girls??? They
e here??

They cat walked in alluringly. They were outfitted into a blue short dress that revealed every [email protected] of their body. The leader win-ked naughtily at muttering a Ill ** you deadly to me before walking to the other side of the Club.

I finally saw Xavier with his friends.

They were in a heated conversation from the look of the situation. Some set of whores walked to them, and the rest of the guys had them. I blinked my lashes at him, but I kinda felt glad he didn hook up with them.

Does that means he really like me?? Gawd! What the heck am I thinking???

Hey! Have a shot! Sherry yelled over the blaring sound of the music, swaying her h!ps to the rhythm of the Music.

She staggered to a Wine-Table and handed a bottle to me, I shook my head and grabbed it from her gulping the entire content to my throat. They haven yet announced the time for when the X.O.X.O guys hook up with girls, so to while away the time, I changed my mind , joining Sherry in her Crazy dance.

I gulped the bottle continuously, feeling drunk already that I didn notice the time when someone grabbed my waist.

Lets partyyyyy bitches!!!!


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