the sour boyfriend...

”No can we just do something else. ” Nathan pleas.

”What! Why? Its my day and I want to try this. I really want a cuddle. ”

Turns out there was a fair around town and Im loving every minute of it.

”You have me Cookie, I don know why you haven asked yet. ” I just flip him off and walk to the cuddle game stand.

Im given a bow and an arrow to shoot since am not good at aiming I almost hit the poor sales guy.

He looks horrified, ”sorry ” I say sheepishly. Nate snickers behind me which earns him a glare.

”Its not my fault you can aim. ” He takes the arrow from me and aims perfectly to the balloon. He winks at me cockily and as usual I roll my eyes. ”Such a baby. ”

”Well this baby won you a cuddly. Now whos the baby. ” he says proud of himself.

I rudely take my chubby bear from his hand and make my way towards another stand.

Weve tried almost everything and Im so tired but I won be saying that am not ready to leave yet by the looks its around 6pm thats when the fun begins.

”When are we leaving? ”

”Tired of me already. ” I shake my head head no.

”I was just asking, somehow I don want this day to end. ” I realize what am saying but the good thing is Nate is too busy to hear the last part.

”Well we will be leaving but after going through that one. ” I look at what hes showing me the ferris wheel, my excitement pick up my eyes light up like Ive received the best news in the whole world.

I rush towards the line as I hear Nate chuckle behind me.

”Can we go to the chocolate stand after that? ” I look up to him.

”And if I say no? ” I frown at that keeping quiet during our waiting time.

Well not keeping quiet, Nate is breathing near me loudly, poking me, urging me to speak up but nope. No one has the right to separate me from my chocolate.

”Fine be that way then. ” I should know by now that he can not leave me that quiet.

He gets out of the line and goes to the front talking to some random girl, I only roll my eyes at his behavior.

He then goes to talk the guy who is responsible for the ride.

Poor guy, I feel sorry for him. Then he just disappears.

e just curious about what hes doing.

Well that too but still, Im feeling sorry for the poor guy.

Ugh this line is going no where. Im starting to get bored af.

”Mira Cooper come to the front, Mira Cooper come to the front. ”

What going on?

”Mira Cooper, Mira please come to the front of the line. ”

People are now staring at me, I hate him and I hate attention. Im going to kill him if this is not important.

I step forward looking at Nate who pretends to look mazed up but I know hes up to something.

”What are you doing. ” He looks straight ahead as the ride comes to a stop.

Since we are next in line, we climb in after everyones out. Maybe hes just wanted us to leave early.

The ride starts and I can hold in my excitement anymore, Im grinning like a kid getting her first toy.

When we reach at the top, its nothing anyone can imagine. Its perfect and peaceful Nate holds my hand and I try not to flip on the outside but am summersaulting inside.

I look at him only to find that hes looking at me already with a small smile on his face I mirror it, he opens his jacket giving it to me.

I look at him confused.

”For the cold ” thats what he says and removes his hands from me. I feel sad but the smell of his jacket makes me relax.

When we reach at the end, he says thanks to the ride escort and walks me towards the exit.

”My chocolate. ” I say defeated.

He stays silent, its kind of eating me but am not going to ask whats wrong.

”What do you want to eat. ” I shrug because I really don know.

He rolls his eyes muttering of course you don .

”Does pizza work fine? ” I mutter a yes and directs the cab to the best but nearest pizza place. We order and stuff ourselves with food, no one utters a word.


”Mira? Oh my God Mira how are you? ”

”Uhh am good, whats up? ” She looks between me and Nate and then curses.

”Am good, where are my manners I didn mean to ruin your date. ”

”Ohh this is not a date. Where is George? ” I ask Liz.

”Ohh hes just ordering wait till I tell him that you
e here. Don move. ” with that she heads to George.

I sigh.

”Thats Liz, Elizabeth shes Georges girlfriend… ” I don finish when George comes to our table.

”Mira so its true, I thought she was hallucinating again. ” That makes me chuckle.

”Hey George. How are things going? ”

I hate small talks.

”Well well, I thought you were in camp. ”

”I still am. ” He looks at me weirdly

”We just snuck out. ” I say casually. All this time Nate is quiet not even acknowledging the people am talking to.

I kick him under the table, he looks at me with a straight face.


”Liz, George this is Nathaniel my crime partner for the day. ”

”Ooh! Nice to meet you bud. ” Nate just hums a response. I roll my eyes at his mood swings.

Liz and George leave to pick up their food and bid us goodbye. We too collect our stuff and leave the place.

”That was rude Nathan. ” He just looks straight ahead.

”Nathan what did I do? You
e acting like a baby. ”


”Nathan. ”


”Nathan. ”


”Am sorry for whatever went wrong please talk to me again. ” I say in a small voice.

”Now you know how it felt when you went all quiet on me until I did something for you. ” With that he gets off the cab and leads towards the tunnel.

When we reach safely to my cabin I try giving him his jacket but he tells me to keep it for today.

”Im sorry for how I reacted Im just a sucker for chocolates. And those were my boyfriends friends I couldn just ignore them, they would have thought something was going on between us. ”

”Right. Its okay, goodnight Mira. ” The way he said it shattered my heart.

”Goodnight Nathan. ” I watch his back turned to me disappearing as he moves further away from my cabin. I exhale and turn to open my door.

I take off the jacket and something catches my eye. I turn the jacket and shake it. Packets of chocolate fall on my bed, lots and lots how didn I see this to begin with.

He did bring me the chocolates after all and I treated him badly.

Thats what you get for being so egocentric Mira.

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