The settling...

”Am sorry baby but nothing can be done now, I know how you wanted us to spend time together these three months. ” Here I am giving the sad news to my boyfriend, weve been planning how we are going to spend our summer together only for me to be sent to camp and him being stuck here all alone.

”Trust me its not good for our relationship, its been like what? Two months and now your leaving? Its not healthy for the both of us. We have to be strong for you to leave. ” He tries reasoning, its true weve just come out in public soon, and am still not wrapping this up as the way am supposed to but meh! I can survive right?

”Why did you even agree in the first place, why do you have to go? You could just stay behind. Am sure your summer would still be memorable and study worth. ” He pulls me closer to him and rolls his eyes when saying the last sentence.

”Seriously? Liam we aren going to talk about this again, you know I couldn say no even if I wanted to thats just how influencing my parents can be. Please understand that nothing bad will happen. ” I continue reasoning with him, honestly am getting tired of talking about such stuff I prepared him for this in like forever, I told him what might happen but I think he just didn believe that it would happen.

”Look Lee, all you have to do is trust me how hard can it be huh! I mean its only two months sure theyll be long but we can survive that, you love me I feel the same way it can be that hard. ” I continue telling him perhaps he might see the bright side of this, wait whats the bright side anyway? All I know is that am going to be far from the person I treasure for TWO MONTHS!

Theres a pin drop silence for a whole two minutes hes staring in space trying to find another words to say but ends up releasing a long sigh, with his hands going through his hair, I but my lip to stop myself from doing anything I might regret cause at this moment he looks hot and sad at the same time, so I avert my eyes away from him.

Can be blamed though, I admit am a sucker for hand through hair, if it makes sense.

”I just wanted to spend more time with you since am leaving this weekend but you seem so keen to continue reminding me that am leaving, ” I say this time with a defeated voice, I can say am not excited for camp cause that will be a lie I really need some time alone far from my parents but with Liam I want us to grow and maybe this is a test after all.

He holds me again this time and kisses the top of my head, we stay in each others arms for a short time before he speaks again.

”Look Mira, I can say am happy about this but you
e right we should be making more memories so as to remember each and every one of them when we are far from each other. ” He looks at me with such vulnability it breaks my heart but gives me a small smile nevertheless.

”Thats all I wanted to hear. ” I tell him while mirroring his smile,

”So lets begin what are we waiting for, ” he says with a glint in his eyes and I know its going to be such a great day that all be so sad it ends soon.

”You moron, we will have to pack soon and you
e still at Liams place, is he eating you out? ” My best friends voice comes through the endside of the call.

”Jamie, I wouldn be talking to you if he was and yes am still at his place he will be escorting me home soon just stall my parents till I come back, I love you babes. ” I tell her with a smile on my face knowing well that she hates encounters with my parents mostly because they ask about grades and your future. Not what teenagers want to hear believe me.

”Bitch you know how I hate talking to your parents and I suppose am getting paid for this or tell that boyfriend of yours to buy me something am not going to stall for nothing. ” She says and I hear shuffling assuming shes parking her staff well and mine to.

”He can hear so preach sister maybe he will make an exception this time. ” Liam rolls his eyes at this and takes the phone from me.

”Hey Aica… ” I can hear much from their talk so I get up and start preparing for us to leave, I know Jamie tries but she rarely gets the job done so we have to leave soon before things get out of hand.

”Don worry shell be there in 15 minutes or so just do it, yes Ill bring you what you want,.uummm….great and thanks..sure. ”

”Here. ” Liam gives me the phone but I don miss the uncomfortable state hes in probably from what this fool said to him.

”Whatever you said to him to make him blush, don do it again hes my shy baby. ” I tell Jamie with a sly smirk on my face as I look at Liam.

”So I will see you at home, Bye. ” I hang up before she has the chance to be a whinny again.

”I love you. ” Liam tells me with his eyes staring deep in my soul daring me to say it too.

”I do too. ” I reply as I peck his lips and hug him like its going to be the last time. We get into his car after a while and he drives me home.

”I thought you wouldn come back, or ditch me for ur boyfriend and come back tomorrow or maybe you two wouldve eloped… ” I just rolled my eyes and went straight to the bathroom to prepare myself for the night.

”Why aren you listening to me, whats wrong Tee, ” she looks at me after she notices how quiet I have become.

”Aww youll miss him is that why? I know its hard but its only two months babes youll survive I promise plus you have me. ” She wiggles her eyes with a smirk on her face, I roll my eyes at her and take out a long breath and drop on the bed staring at the ceiling.

”Its not that Aica, whenever he tells me he loves me its so hard for me to reply without thinking hard about it, its as if hes the one who loves me but am messing with him. Do you even understand what am trying to say here. ” I tell her what has been bugging me since I got in the car with William.

”Hey maybe its just the nerves because you
e leaving him here, you do love him otherwise you wouldn even have the audacity to let him touch you moreover kiss you. I know you and you are happy with him, so I don know what kind of sign are you waiting for just take what you can get from this handful young man and enjoy your time with him he is good for you. ” She finished her speech and holds my hands while giving me a reassuring smile, I return the gesture while I lean in for a hug.

”Okay movie time, I can be sappy that long. ” I tell her while I pick up a movie and she goes out to take some snacks.

”Your mom said we will leave early tomorrow. ” I just humm a response knowing very well that it won be happening and I concentrate on the movie with only one thing in my mind.

May the camp spirit be with me and it ends up being the best one yet.

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