The settling...

harm making a new friend. ” I tell her all too slowly as if am testing my feet in drop dead iced water. She looks at me for sometime then nods again.

I guess shes not much of a talker huh!

”So am Mira, 17 years what about you? ” I look at her with a small smile.

”Am Zoey, 16 years old. Its my second time here actually, my brother came here more than twice but he manages to escape before camp is over don ask how. ” Saying that shut me up because I was obviously interested on how he escaped he might give me tips.

”There you are I already dug a grave for you all thats remaining is a coffin with your body. ” Jamies voice is heard as we come around the corner near our room.

”Aawww you brought a cute girl, hey my name is Jamaica but you can call me Jamie or Aica or…. ”

”l think she gets it stop scaring her. ” I look at Zoey who just smiles and shakes her head at Aicas introduction.

”Am Zoey, nice to meet you. You
e way too pretty to be a murderer. ” she says while looking at her. I need a save fast.

”Uumhh…what she is trying to say is that your pretty just pretty. ” I look at Zoey with a playful glare.

”Your place is dope its only for high standard kids. ” She says while eyeing around.

”Yeah my parents kinda talked to the head. ” its really awkward talking about what my mom can do she mutters an ooh! Before we fall into an awkward silence.

”Well we should probably get going soon we will be assigned in our groups. ” Zoey speaks first as we follow her outside towards the assembly hall.

”I heard Ian Somerhalder will be one of the trainees this time. ”

”No way Ian as in Salvatore am going to die. He can just change me into a vampire and Ill be his forever. ” Jamie says dreamily.

I laugh at the exaggeration my friend portraies.

”Well we will know if you want to be a vampire at the end of camp. ” We take our seats and Zoey excuses herself to another group probably because she is in a lower class than us.

”Campers. Welcome to Brave Beholders Camp. I know all of you have seen where you will be staying, we will assign you in groups and your trainees. There will be a weekly schedule, meals will be announced every morning and the curfew is 11pm for all campers. ”

”I might also add that as tradition at the end of camping there will be awards including the best camp group, the student who learned alot during camp stay and the camper who helped the most at his or her stay. Any other information will be given to you by your trainees now get yourself busy and enjoy yourselves. ”

With that the Mr. Crescent finishes and kids scatter to the notice board probably finding their group names and trainees.

As am nearing the board something catches my eye,
ephrase someone and I know him, its Nathaniel he goes to the same school as me, strangely quiet I might add but rarely speaks. He is a lad of a few words but before I stare more am pulled towards Jamie with a strange feeling that he is also looking at me but I brush it off.

Lets get this party started I pep myself before looking towards the board.

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