The \'it\' group...

se. ” I tell her while walking towards the cafeteria for breakfast, as expected she scowls and starts talking to Zoey who gives only short responses.

Taking our food and finding a table wasn that hard considering the fact that we arrived early but with every step Im taking I realize that the suspense is killing me.

”Hey Zoey. ” I call her to get her attention.

”Whatever is bothering you just know that you can talk to me okay? You
e my friend too and every friend of mine has to be happy and comfortable around me. ” I tell her and hold out my hand to meet hers giving her a light squeeze and a reassuring smile.

She looks surprised at first but still mutters a hank you before stuffing her mouth with more food.

Jamie looks at me weirdly but drops it when I give her a stern look.

The chatters in the cafeteria are now low, as a group of five people enter chatting with one another.

And I recognize only one person in the group, Nate the best soccer player in our school.

”Nathaniel, Kevin, Brandon, Bethany and Livia. Those are people you do not want to cross. ” Zoey decides to speak up.

e so flawless and perfect aren they Tee? ”

Ooh I see someone flawless Aica, very clear.

Hold the train a minute. Whaaattt!!!!

I stare at their direction only to find a pair of hazel eyes already looking at me only to avert mine as fast as bolt.

”Just don breath the same air as them. ”

”Lets get going you shouldn be late on your first day. ”

With that Zoey starts leaving and we do the same, emptying our plates and leaving the cafeteria to thee.

Zoey is in a different group, the Avengers. Jamaica and I are in the Titans group, theres also the Bosses, the Icons and the Rebel Legends who were the first group last year and they took all the trophies. So rude.

”Titans, Im Luke and I will be your trainer, guardian whatever you want to call but I will be giving you papers to sign and then choose what suits you and that will be your speciality throughout the two months. ”

He says while distributing papers with a few arts and sports to choose and each can choose only two.

”Im choosing cheerleading Tee, ooh and theatre what about you? ”

I look through the paper knowing well that Ive got nothing in mind.

Theatre….no, cheerleading…no, basketball….no, soccer….no, music…uumh, maybe debate.

And thats when I know for sure that this will be tough.

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