The pet name...

”Cookies!! Please bake some cookies. ” Jamie says while looking at me with a sweet smile which is so hard to resist.

”Wait till you taste them Zoey, they
e literally the best. ” she praises.

e exaggerating. ” I tell her as I arrange my papers.

Since I signed in music and debate, weve been given debate topics to argue about the coming week. And in music, well I just took in writing and producing, I think thatll be fun. Well at least I hope so.

”Im I really. Zoey you agree with me right? ” she seeks for support to her but she seems spaced out. Im sure shes bothered with something.

”Zoey?….. Zoey!!! Are you okay? ” Jamie calls out to her. She turns to look at us confusedly.

”Mhh..yeah yeah Im fine. Sorry I was lost what we
e we talking about? ”

”Yeah… that Mira here should bake us cookies. ” Zoey only looks at her strangely.

”Trust me youll know the reason behind me begging for them. ” Jamie boosts.

”Right. ” Its all that Zoey says, for another person she would have felt bad but weve learned that she rarely talks but we are going to change that soon.

I scan our shelf finding nothing to use for baking.

”But we don have any ingredients here, so I guess we
e not baking. ” I fake pout as I climb to bed to sleep.

Our activities ended earlier today, I guess because we are still starting the camping. Not that Im complaining Id rather sleep than participate in anything.

”Uh-uh miss we are going on a mission. Cookies is a must its been long. ” Jamies determined face tells me that we are baking no matter what.

”Its not even the end of the week Jamie. ” I say as I roll my eyes.

She ignores me.

”Zoey, do you know any place where we can get the ingredients she needs for her baking. ”

”Ummh the cafeteria maybe but since its prohibited… ” Zoey trails off.

”Ooh we are so going to rob the cafeteria. ” Jamie says with a sinical smile on her face.

I just roll my eyes as I continue texting William.

e boyfriend will always be there now into some serious issues please. ” She takes my phone and holds her hip like a mother determined to get you to do the chores.

”Uhh fine. Zoey, you in. ” I hope she says no so that we don have to do this.

”I think Ill just stay here. She mumbles while fidgeting her fingers. ”


”Thats absurd. You know you
e way around here we can use all the help. ” Jamie says with finality.


With that she takes both our hands and rushes us towards the cafeteria direction. Since its not dinner they aren many students here.

”Okay, so Ill distract the cafeteria lad over there and you to get into the store room and get what you need. ” she states as she looks towards the direction of the guy.

”But why do you have to distract him, why not just ask. ” I say as I shrug.

”Have you ever heard of prohibited things, you think youll be given if you ask nicely. ” she scowls.

Thats when Zoey surprises us both.

”Just flirt or charm the guy, hes so easy to go through. Im not risking getting hurt over things that can be easily done. ” and I shrug agreeing to what she just said.

”Ooh I can do that too. ” Jamie chimes in.

Wait she thought someone else was doing this.

”Thats the whole point of telling you. ” Zoey says with a duh tone as Aica forms an O shaped mouth coming to realization.

”Well Jamie, get to work. ” I talk with finality.

”Whats up with you? Are you okay, is everyone treating you well? ” I turn to Zoey as soon as Jamie goes away.

When she looks at me confused or shocked that I asked, I continue explaining to her.

”You are distracted, something is bothering you. You didn even listen to what Jamie was suggesting back in the cabin. ” when she comes to realize what am talking about, she opens her mouth to answer.

But before she can answer, Jamie comes back with a pout.

”Its a lady not the lad whos there. ”

Well that changes things.

”So we sneak in. ” she speaks up again, I guess she really wants cookies.

”Or we can just call it quits. ” I really am not in the mood to get in trouble.

”And wheres the fun in that? Zoey needs a distraction and you need to live a little. ” I think she too noticed that Zoey wasn alright.

We pass through a small door which abides with the cafeteria store and we finally get in.

Switching on the lights we realize that this was a bad idea to begin with.

”Theres so many things here how can we find flour with things unarranged like this. ” Zoey speaks out defeated already.

”Well we didn get here for nothing just scan for flour and butter. ” I tell them surprising myself in the process.

”Butter is in the fridge over there. ” Zoey points out as she moves to get it.

”And flour is on the top shelf just our luck. ” Jamie mutters the last words with a quiet ** them.

”Now heres where all your cheerleading practice pay off. ” I smile at her as I wait for her to get the flour.

Since shes light weighted, she jumps over a few boxes and balancing herself like a pro.

She takes the flour and throws it to me. She then gets down and walks towards the door, only to say ake that old lady loudly I might add.

She turns to us with an oops and sprints off towards the door, then Zoey and I follow.

”Was that necessary. ” I hiss at her while we run.

We hear the ladys voice yelling for us to come back, yet all we do is run like nothing else matters.

When we are far enough, we slow down and laugh our way to the cabin but before I enter the cabin a voice starles me.

”Stealing isn nice. ” Its husky, deep and full of humor. I don even have to look to its direction to know who it is, but Im not giving him the satisfaction.

”It was worth it, you got to watch a live movie. Call it cookie mission. ” I tell him with a sly grin on my face.

”Cookie mission huh! Can I have some by the time they are done? ” he asks but the way he says it is as if hes making fun of me.

”Definitely no. You weren part of the mission. ” I say with a duh tone.

”Then Ill just tell on you guys and get you in trouble. ”

Okay whats with him.

”You wouldn . ” I give him my hardest glare that I know now doesn affect him in the least.

”You can do better now watch me. ” He turns and walks towards the cafeteria direction.

”Wait! ” I call out, and I can even feel his smirk grow knowing that he won.

”Fine you can come after dinner, well share them with you. ” And he turns ooh so slowly and taking long steps towards me until we
e almost kissing.

Why am I even thinking about that now.

”Thats a wise choice… ” he trails off and something in me just ticks.

”Mira, my name is Mira. ” I grit out forcefully and I don know why.

Maybe you
e angry because he doesn know your name.

No its not.

We are not going to fight over this.

”Nathaniel. ”

”I know. ” I say angry and in need of this conversation to end soon before I blow out.

”Right, so Ill come and get the cookie. Mira. ”

I release a breath I didn know I was holding but remember his last words and I start blushing, why does it feel as if he wasn talking about the baked cookies.

Its probably just in my head. With that I turn to my cabin door, seeing Jamie and Zoey already set the ingredients for me to start soon.

”What took you so long. ” Jamie asks.

Find an excuse fast brain fast!!

”I was just taking care of something. ” I wave off.

Nice one. My brain mocks

Oh shut up.

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