The handsome hunt...

”I didn know we were supposed to have a secret meeting. ” Nate says in a teasing voice.

I just flip him and continue walking away from our cabin.

The thing is I can risk my friends knowing that someone else so us, and what if he brings them also. So no he won be in my cabin.

Or you just want to spend time with him, its your only chance after all.

One day Im sure to detach myself from you. You always betray me.

”Wait aren you going to speak to me. ” Silence.

”I should turn back then maybe go to your cabin and introduce myself. ”

”As who? ” I don face him as I ask this, continuing with my scan to find a good spot to give him the cookies his so wanted.

”I can call myself your lover boy, or maybe your boyfriend… ”

”I have one. Thanks for offering but no thanks. ” I cut him off and I stop abruptly as I smile.

”Why are we going near the well,are you planning on killing me. ” believe me nothing that comes out of his mouth is serious, hes still making fun of this situation.

”I wouldve killed you since in school so don flatter yourself. ” I roll my eyes at him as I face him.

”If you don stop rolling your eyes they might get stuck there. ” He chuckles as if finding what he said amusing.

”Thats cliche. ” I pull out the mini box that was in my baggy green hoodie.

”Here. ” I give him and urge him to taste one.

”What? ” He gives me a questioning look.

”Aren you going to taste them, like right now. ” I look at him challenging him to do otherwise.

”Aaww you want my opinion. ” He teases.

I sigh massaging my temple, this is going to be a long night.

Might as well end it right now. I turn to leave but he holds my arm.

”I wasn done talking. ” He states.

”And does it look like I care. ” I scowl trying to free myself only for him to tighten his hold.

”By the way they smell, Im sure they taste amaizing. ” He says looking at me, he opens the container and takes a bite of one cookie allowing me to watch the whole process.

Something in the way he eats without any expression on his face makes me even more nervous. The way his jaw tightens as hes taking in small bites, the way his Adam apple bobs when he swallows and his gaze ughh why does he have to look so devouring doing all this.

You wish it wasn those cookies in his mouth.

Not now smart ass, not now.

e perfect, just the way I imagined them. ” he states still looking at me.

I don even remember what we are talking about, my phone starts ringing at that point but with his gaze is holding me in place I can seem to find my will to answer it.

Abort mission….silly brain abort mission!!

I clear my throat that makes the both of us come back to the real world.

”You should probably answer that. ” He says while he turns and leave.

”Goodnight!! ” I call out he turns smirking as he replies.

”Goodnight Cookie. ”

I smile at the pet name. But I hate pet names.

Well not anymore. I sigh at my conscience.

And answer my phone without looking at the ID.

”Hey darling, how have you been? ”

Right I have a boyfriend.

”Hey Liam am good how have you been. ”

”Good, how was your day. ”

”Interesting. I miss you. ” I really do its so weird not being around him. Im kind of used to him.

We talk more about what he is planning to do with his life now that he isn going to school anymore.

As I round the cabin something catches my eyes.. I squint more to realize its Zoey with Nate?

”Hey are you still there? Don make me talk while you sleep. ”

”Im still here, I just got a little bit distracted sorry. ”

”And Im sorry about the last time. I didn realize I was that tired. Can I make it up to you? ” I say in a sweetest voice I can master.

”Well you could escape with me when you return. ” I roll my eyes at this.

”Youll be willing to leave your luxurious life just to elope with me? Id like to see that happen. ”

”Same sense of humor I see. ” he retorts.

”You know some things do not change. ” I reply.

Since weve been talking Ive been in and out looking at what Zoey and Nate are up to. Now Nates consoling her well hugging her. But only adds to my confusion who is she to him because thats a side I never saw in Nate. Ever.

”So baby since you and I both seem preoccupied Ill leave you to whatever your doing. ”

Damn! I was talking to Liam.

”Sure pumpkin Ill talk to you soon okay! ” He hums a response and hangs up.

I see Zoey leave Nate and walks to the direction of our cabin.

I step out of my hide out and start walking towards the direction of the cabin also.

”You can play detective pretty well. ”

I jump at that voice, it can be Nate hes in his cabin. I turn to meet a pair of blue eyes watching me intently.

”People have got to stop doing that. ” I mutter as I look at him with a questioning look.

”I mean you couldn even talk properly with the person in the phone. ” he muses.

”Not that it concerns you but I wasn snooping. Its called looking out for a friend you should try it. Now if you would excuse me. ” I walk without looking back to the stranger and enter the cabin.

As I close the door, Im welcomed with a grinning Jamaica and Zoey.

”Sleep over and movie. ” They both look at me with hopeful eyes.

”How can I say no to that. ” I grin to them as I plop in bed.

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