The part pooper...

”Hey Jamie did Zoey say anything to you about Nate. ”

She shakes her head and continues reading her script.

Thats weird. Shes the one who said that we shouldn breathe the same air as his or his mates why is she doing the opposite.

”Well I saw her yesterday. ” I speak again to Jamie who only looks at me then back to her papers.

Silence feels the room again but this time my curiosity is at a higher peak, I have to know what relationship they have. ”You should really do your work Mira, if theres something between the two of them Zoey will come and tell us. ”

I sigh, ”You
e right. ”

”Of course I am, and Zoey is still wrapping up to being friends with us shell be opening up very soon don you worry. ”

I look towards the window.

”I know youve been worried about her Mira, thats just who you are but maybe let her fix her shit and we will be there for her like what normal friends do. ”

But am not normal.

I smile at her and look through my papers, I have been assigned to arrange songs for practice and make mashups for some of them.

Its not that of a hard work, Im just afraid of being criticized.

”Morning Titans, today we are going scavenger hunting. ” Lucas looks so enthusiastic about this but all we can do is groan.

I hate scavenger hunt. I hate finding a bunch of stupid things. And mostly I hate running around like a mad woman.

”Thats not a reaction I was expecting. ” Some teens chuckle at this.

”This is also our practice for the big day, but the main thing is to have fun. Because camping is for meeting new people and having fun. ” The last sentence is finished by Mr. Creston who only greats us then continues with his issues.

”So heres the plan, Ill set you guys into groups and youll be finding things written on the paper. ”

We picked up papers from a basket,then we were set into groups.

The list was kind of easy but still, I hated doing this. I look at the paper again and regret the time set only forty-five minutes for each group.

This is what I get for going to camp.

”Can someone please read all the things listed. ”

”Titans scavenger hunt list. A round stone, four different beautiful flowers, animal prints, footprints, a four leaf clover, pine cone, litter, a messy area, a squirrel, feathers, horse, candy wrap, a bench, a twig shaped like a letter, a butterfly, an acorn, 2 birds hanging out, a lizard, water falling from a hard ground, a flat surface and something treasure worth. ”

”Now photos are acceptable, use your brains because you
e all smart and bring evidence where necessary. Let the Titans hunt begin. ” with that Lucas dismisses us.

I watch everyone scattering around, finding anything on the list and here I am walking like Ive got the whole world in my hands.

Our group decided that we should split up and meet here 10 minutes before in order to check if we have everything. I look at what Ive been given and I curse myself.

Where the hell Im I going to get an acorn, water falling from a higher ground and a lizard. I hate lizards.

I walk around asking for the direction of the acorn until I reach an abandoned area it looks like a practice area, its flat. I take a photo of it proud that I at least found something in the list. I inform my group and continue with my acorn search.

As I stride towards the practice area I hear thuds coming from a further room. I walk towards it only to realize that its a bad idea.

Because in there was none other than Nate looking hot as hell, sweat pricking from the back of his body, his muscles flexing everytime he kicks the ball

Its insane. I am insane.

Its really something I could watch all day without getting tired.

What am I even saying?

Girl you know you want to eat that piece alive.

Ohh hello miss know it all its nice for you to join too.

The devil in my brain only flips me and continues watching Nathan as he kicks the balls, pick them up only to repeat the same thing again.

Someone should sue him for being this tempting, alluring, all the delicious words you can find are written all over his body. I don realize Im joined by someone else until I hear a chuckle behind me.

”I always find you in such situation Snoopy. ”

I jump at the voice and look where it came from, I remember him he caught me spying on Nate and Zoey.

”And you always end up startling me. One day you
e going to kill me. ”

”You mean there will be more snooping around. ” He says looking at me amused.

”What? No what I mean is that if you startle me I might die of heart attack. ” I look every where but him afraid to meet his eyes.

Just then Nate decides to Grace us with his presence. He looks surprised at first but when he sees the guy beside me something in his eyes flicks.

”This place is for practice not a meet up point for a quick… ” Before he finishes the sentence I push forward to cover his mouth.


Oh God!

What am I doing, I remove my hand as if Ive been burned.

The stranger laughs at this while I look away from Nate embarrassed and muttering a sorry.

”Look man its nothing like that, I was just helping her with her hunt. Right Snoopy? ” He turns to me with a glint in his eyes.

My eyes go wide at his statement.

Fuck! the hunt.

”Yeah, yeah! just what he said can we go now? ” I ask him but don wait for his answer as I start leading the way.

But before I leave Nate is already on my side and turns me to watch him, he leans in so slowly looking at me intensely something passes through his eyes that I can quite catch.

”You look cute when you blush. ” With that he turns back going to the room he was in.

Well ** my heart.

Or your…

Just shut up you devil mind.

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