The spy and the ego...

”Okay, what about Christian Bale and Ian Somerhalder. ”

”Xian Lim or Chris Pratt..I still can choose. ” And we look at Zoey like shes grown two heads.

”What? Everyone is saying who she thinks is best. ” I just shake my head at what she says.

”Okay! What about Rihanna and Beyonce. ”

”Let the queen be the queen. ” Zoey speaks up first.

”Well I wouldn say the same. Why the hell are we even competing if we all have our preference. ” I tell them.

”Okay ummh! pineapple pizza and barbecue. ”

”Is that even a question? I feel wounded sis, wounded. ” I plaster a fake hurt expression towards Jamie as I stand up going to empty my plate.

I feel a gaze towards me but I don have to look to know who it is.

When I turn to Nates direction hes already staring at me. I give a short nod, but it soon turns to a staring contest, no ones ready to look away.

”Well this is something to watch. ” Jamie decides to speak up.

I snap out of his daring eyes looking at Jamie with a scowl.

I see Zoey looking at the both of us strangely then she smirks at Nate.

Oh ooh.

I clear my throat and start walking towards the cafeteria exit.

”Give me something stronger, I need you to own the song. ” Bella tells us, shes been coaching us on how to sing like pros.

But Im so tired to even listen to what shes saying.

Bella looks at me bored.

”I know you won be singing but anything can go wrong we are preparing all of you. ”

”Well until theres an emergency which I know there won be I will just be sitting making new tunes and giving them to you. ”

I smile sweetly at her and I stand up from my chair leaving.

I just needed fresh air. Im just tired weve been practicing so much I feel my throat becoming sore.

I went to my cabin to rest, its not allowed during early hours but am so bummed.

An hour later am woken up by a knock on the door.

”Its open ” assuming its Zoey or Steve.

”Well this is a view. ” wait! Nate?

I scream.

Grabbing my blanket and running to the counter to block him from seeing what am dressed in.

Stop being silly hes seen alot of this what do you think makes you special.

Not now.

”Can you please turn around so that I dress up. ”

”Nope I prefer being this way. I like the view. ”

I blush.

”But I really need to change so please look away. ” whinning a little bit.

”Ooh I am looking away just at your direction. ”

”That doesn make any sense, ” he just shrugs watching me like a hawk.

I huff, moving towards my closet with my blanket hidding me head to toe.

I pick out my clothes and walk straight to the bathroom. I hear a protesting voice of Nate.

”Thats not fair Im not done looking. ”

”Shut up idiot. ”

”Well am a handsome idiot, I can be your idiot too. ”

”Sure.. whatever helps you sleep at night. ”

”Trust me you don want to know what makes me go to bed. ”

”Okay out cut it, am out can we go now? ”

”Cookie do you want to leave with me so badly? We can elope and marry. ”

”Right! I never picked you for a delusional freak. ”

He chuckles then stands up leading the way.

”Cool place by the way. ” I just look at him like hes grown two heads but thank him nevertheless.

He takes long strides towards an abandoned area leaving a few trails behind.

”Would you speed up we are sneaking out not sight seeing the camp. ”

”Wait we are sneaking out. Ohh no no no no. ” I say slowing down.

”What do you mean by no, you thought am just going to leave you be after saying am no fun? ”

”But sneaking out? ” My eyes are practically buldging out of my poor sockets right now.

”We should just turn back. ” I start turning.

”Are you a chicken? ” That makes me halt.

”What? ”

”Are you? ” I look at him bewilderedly ”ummh no. ”

”So don act as one. ”

I just roll my eyes and follow him through a tunnel, ”why do I feel like this is my death day? ”

”It will be if you won shut up and wait till we are out to talk. ” He speaks in a hushed tone.

We make it towards the end of the tunnel and get out.

Nate already ordered a cab because he just goes straight to it and gets in making me follow him.

”Where are we going? ”

”To the real deal Cookie, get ready to enjoy your day. ” The determined expression hes holding is enough to let me know that Im going to have one hell of a day.

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