Ivy was sitting in with her parents, wondering how things end up like this, how did she end up being in her parents house, discussing about her marriage when weeks ago she was totally against it. It wasn a force marriage, not an arrange one, but she was the one who came with the man, who decided to get married.

She glance at her parents grumpy face, her father face was so dark and her mother wasn left out. Her mother always pissed her about marriage and show her a list of candidates but she all rejected them. She didn want to get married, she never planned to get married, she already had her life plan, be the most successful she can and retire in a little island with a collection of books she will eat up, with no one around to disturb her, but things change, she decided against it.

Her eyes when on her future husband, he was so calm, no minding at all her father accusing gaze, who looks like he will bounce on him at any time. Her father finally broke the silence after she announced that she was going to get married.

” You most be joking right ? You don really think to marry him, right ? ” her father was so angry, not at his daughter but at the man. How can he be angry at his princess, when it was clearly that man who was manipulating her.

”If he is threatening you, forcing you in this marriage, tell daddy, daddy will fix it. ” He didn care if the man sitting beside his daughter was powerful enough to ruin him, he cares of nothing else than his daughter well being and if he was forcing her in this, he won hesitate to put him in his place.

”No, he didn . Its all my decision ” Ivy knew it will be hard for them to accept it. The man was older than her and her father friend. But she knows they will eventually accept it, they never refuse her anything.

”You!! How could you agree to this rubbish. Shes young and can make stupid decision but you, you
e older. How can you agree to marry someone who can be your daughter ” he outburst.

How can his friend, who saw his daughter growing up since she was a child, she was practically his daughter, he has a son of the same age as her for got sake!!

” I got that you
e agree but as she told you earlier this has nothing to do with love. We gain something from this marriage, thats why we agreed to it ” his charming voice said those words as if nothing was wrong but everything was wrong from his statement.

” And why are your reasons ” he tried hard enough not to punch this man too death. He wanted to put him to his place but he also know who was this man, he can take any action without knowing what was really going on.

”Its personal ” came his short reply, he didn care what they think of him, the only thing he wants was to get married to their daughter, nothing else and their approval wasn really that necessary.

Its personal, it was exactly what he answered her when she asked why he wanted to marry her. She has her reasons but him? what could it be ? Was it really a good idea to marry him, what if he wants to marry her to get revenge or something? But why would he? they never interact before.

He was her best choice, the perfect candidate. She can miss this opportunity, she won find another person like him.

Yes, it what I have to do

….. Weeks ago…..

The airport was noisy, with people moving in and out. It was particularly full today. At the waiting place, Liam couldn stop staring at the passage exit door all worried.

”Why isn she already here ” he mumbled. He was waiting for his best friend who should have been there ten minutes ago.

”Maybe she decided against coming back ” he was anxious. It has been so long they didn meet, they talked on phone but for three long years, they didn see each other.

”Calm down Liam ” she holds his hands. He didn stop moving in circles, he was making her dizzy.

”Look at me ” he kept on staring at exit door. When he finally looked at her she continued

”She will come, you don have to worry. She most be collecting her luggage, theres no reason for her not to ” Shirley tried to reason with him.

Liam finally calmed down, she was right. He gave her a dashing smile.

”Thanks you ” she always know how to talk to him. Shirley giggled, she found so cute when he act this way, it was out of his character.

”Am I seeing things are is it really the CEO of Galaxy that Im seeing ” Liam could recognise the voice between billions. It was her voice. He turned, and as expected, it was really her, walking in his direction. He ran to her and took her in his embrace. His huge figure completely cover her.

”I can breathe ” Ivy tried to free herself, his hug was too tight but she was no match for him. Liam let go of her.

”Sorry but its all your fault, you made me miss you too much ” he hugged her again but gently this time.

Ivy inhale his smell, pressed her body against him , enjoying his warm. She missed him so much,

Oh God, I love this man way too much her heart screamed as she made herself comfortable in his arms. His warm, his touches, she missed all of this.

” I missed you too ” they broke the hug. Her face was shining of happiness.

Handsome as always her smile brighten.

”You liar, if you really missed me you will have visited me, you won have left in the first place ” her departure took him by surprise, one day they were fine and the next she announced she was leaving the country. It was as if she was running from something. Little did he know, she was running away from him.

” I was busy like you, who didn visit me once as well ” she played the guilty card.

He had just took over his father as the CEO and didn have time to come, she understood that but she wanted to stop him from asking too much questions.

Liam raise his hands up ” I plead guilty ” he lower his head.

”Is fine I understand ” she said. His sorry face was way too cute. It was of no good for her poor heart, it beat so loud.

”Im really happy you
e back ” he put his hand around her neck.

” I finally have someone to watch basketball with. You know… ” he continued but his words wasn register.

Things didn change apparently, Im just a friend to you, a buddy she never told him about her feelings for him, why would she ? when he was madly in love with someone else. She was just, the best friend.

” … and Shirley knows nothing about basketball. ” his last words got her attention and just like magic she saw Shirley standing a distant away from them. It was as if hearing her name made her eyes able of seeing her.

Shirley gave her a big smile and wave at her. Just like that, she felt all the hate and jealousy bottle in her burst out. She thought she had move passed those feelings but seeing her again after so many years, she had murderous desire. She was the one that stole her the love of her life. The only man she ever loved was took away by the person she once considered as a friend.

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