With a fake smile, she walked to her.

”I didn saw you earlier. Im happy to see you after all this years ” Shirley hugged her.

”Im happy to see you as well, Liam was so sad when you left, you know ” They were never close to begin with and the distance made things worse, they never contacted each other since she left, it was a little bit awkward.

”She didn know how sad I was, hopefully you were there ” he place his hand around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

This little action of his shattered Ivy heart into pieces. Seeing them so close made her regrets her decision to leave and let them live their love, she regretted to not have killed her back then, to have stopped when she could have made her disappear of their life. If she had, Liam would have been hers.

She shooked her head, she should not think that way, there were no guarantee she did end up with Liam after that, and what if they get together, Liam will have hated her if he ever found the truth.

Her emotions and rationality as always was in conflict, they always desire different things but as always, Ivy chose to be rational. Emotions doesn lead anyway. She made the right decision, but it didn stop her heart to be in pain, she felt like crying.

Shirley laughed awkwardly, she was a shy girl, and felt Liam actions too intimate in public. Head down, she push a lock of hair behind her ears.

Ivy eyes narrowed at the sight of the stone on her finger. Her hopes and delusion broke, she always hope Liam will see that they were different and leave Shirley and get back to her but it seems it never happened. He instead asked her in marriage.

They were never engaged nor in relation, but Ivy always knew she will end up with him. The were perfect for each other in her eyes. They were friend since young, their family had good relations and they were both wealthy. She knew when the question of marriage will be brought up, she will be the perfect choice as Liam showed no interest in girls, but it all change when Shirley came, she saw him falling in love with her and could do nothing about it, all her attempt to separate them seems to bring them closer instead.

” It seems I owe you some congratulations ” she had a faint smile on her face.

”Huh ?? ” they were confused.

”For the marriage ” she pointed at the ring.

”Its an engagement ring right ? ” it hurts her that Liam didn thought of informing her.

”Yes, it is. I wanted to make you a surprise. I asked her in marriage and she said yes!! Im so happy ” he hugged her.

So thats why….

For a surprise, it was an electro shock for Ivy, she just has been slapped across the face. She clenched her fist, tried to bottle her anger, she can let them know how she truly feel.

”But I was on phone with aunty yesterday, she didn tell me anything ” she wondered why.

She share a very good relationship with Liams mother, she even wanted her to be Liams wife, so why didn she give her such an important piece of information.

”You talk to mother? ” Liam asked.

”Yeah, we talk at least once every two weeks ” she saw their reactions when she mentioned his mother, especially Shirley, her face saddened.

It seems the female lead wasn welcome in the family. Why though ? Ivy thought.

Shirley come from a wealthy family, not as rich as Liam but it can be ignore. She was beautiful, gentle, rich, innocent. She has all the characteristics of the perfect wife, why was they rejecting her.

”Is there a problem? ” she asked.

”Nothing. We need to head back now, or else uncle will have me death. We were supposed to be at your house by now ” he took her luggage.

”Mr. Black serving me ? Im honored ” she let it slide, she has time to know what was going on anyway.

She really appreciate his action, he could have let the driver do that but he did it himself. It showed he cares for her.

”Liam ” Shirley meek voice called him.

”Im not feeling well, I will head back ” Liam fell guilty, she said earlier when he asked her to come with him to welcome Ivy that she wasn feeling fine, he insisted and she finally accepted.

”Ok, let me drive you back then. ”

” No need, I called for a car. He is arriving soon, plus you have to drive Ivy back home ”

”Ok, take care ” he kissed her.

Ivy turned her head away, it was way too much what she could take.

”Lets go ” Liam said. Ivy nodded, she smiled to Shirley before following Liam.

He put her luggage inside the car. He opened the front door for her, Ivy was a little surprised, they always sat at the back. she entered, Liam when and sat on the driver seat.

e driving? ” he took her by surprise.

”What do you think? ” he smug. He put on music and started the car. The music started to play,

”Thats one of my favorite music ” she exclaimed all excited.

”You still remember? ” she was so touched.

”How I forget? You made me listen to it so many times that its as if I wrote it. I know all the words ” he can count how many times he listens to it, he sometimes wonder how one can listen to the same song again and again.

The song playing was : King and queen

Ivy started to sign and Liam followed her soon after. He could still remember went Andy and him were force to sing it with her, they both know it as the palm of their hands.

If all the kings had their queens on the throne,we would pop champagne and raise a toast,

to all the queens who are fighting alone, baby you
e not dancin on your own,

Can live without me, you wanna, but you can , no , no, no

Thinks its funny but honey, can run this show on your own,

I can feel my body shake, theres only so much I can take,

Ill show you how a real queen behaves, oh

No damsel in distress no need to save me

Once I start breathin fire you can tame me

You might think Im weak without a sword

but if I had one, it did be bigger than yours…

She rapidly got into the music, every words resonated in her. After that her other favorite song played,


Cross my hands and hope to die,

I don need another guy to fight my battles, to over shadow me,

Don you know Im dangerous,

Fire burning in my blood,

Im not your angle cause I belong to me,

You can call me a princess as you like,

cus you want to keep me helpless by your side, but Ill show you,

How to treat me like a queen….

The music goes own, and they continued to sing. She really likes those song and it helped her to decide to let go on Liam, on that useless battle. She could do just fine without a man. She was a queen.

It didn stop her love for him but it made her take the right decision. Being his friends is sufficient, it has to be sufficient. The soon arrived at Ivy house.

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