Reine exited the airport with fatigue written all over her face. It was an eight hours flight. She was naturally exhausted such that her schooled expression couldn hide it.

But her excitement couldn be contained. She has been out of the country for five years, for the five years she had only visited once.

Although its just five years it felt like thousands of years.

She rushed to hail a taxi when she bumped into a little one. Her gaze trailed to see a chubby little girl. She was as exquisite as a doll with a bang covering her snow-white forehead. Her pouty lips widen to form a cute little smile. Displayed such exquisite dimples she had on her chubby chin.

Reine felt all the buildup walls surrounding her fragile heart collapse. She couldn resist the temptation to pat her, she reached out and gently pat her on her head.

She crouched down to her height to have better look at the little beauty.

The little cutie made her remember Justin and missed him even more, she hoped their child would be as cute.

”Whats your name? ” Reine inquired in a low gentle voice but loud enough for her to hear

The little Miss withdrew a little cute pink notebook with bunny ears from her side pocket and scribed on it. ”Ariana ” the name read. Her eyes were sparkling and her chin glistering pink as she shot Reine a pleasant smile

Was she blushing, ”Ariana you are beautiful and you have a beautiful name too ”

”My name is Reine by the way and where are your parents Ariana? ” Reine asked

Ariana didn reply but made a hand gesture pointing to the east. Reines eyes naturally darted towards the direction of the east but there was quite some number of persons, hence she couldn make out which were her parents.

”How old are you Ariana ” she continued to ask

Like before, Ariane gestured her hands to 5. then shot her a smile again, Reine immediately realize, that the little child was mute.

Her heart pierced for the little girl, how cruel was the creator to have made such a cute little girl a mute?

”Ariana, can Reine hug you? She wants to hug you. ” Reines ocean blue eyes couldn contain her admiration and doting for the little girl. Her lips were patted to form a slight smile

Arianas little eye searched Reines ocean blue eyes as if looking for an answer. After a while, she gave her a nod as an affirmation. Reine spread her arms and drew the little girl into a tight hug, she was careful for the fear of crushing her.

She could smell the faint fragrance of baby wash from the little cutie. It dispelled all her worries and made her relax. Seems she also needed a hug. Reine was lost in the little girls embrace when she had a harsh voice above her,

”Who are you? ”

Reine looked up to see an angry woman shooting daggers at her. She appeared to be in her late twenties. She shares no resemblance with Ariana she still guessed it was Arianas guardian.

Reine shot her an embarrassed smile and hurriedly let go of Ariana and rose to her feet.

Ariana sprinted to the strangers side and hid behind her peeking at Reine with her slightly blushed chin.

”Hello, I am Reine ” Reine introduced stretching her hands forward to the woman

The strange lady scoffed at her hands in front of her and glared at Reine with disdain. She cast Ariana in front of her and aggressively dust her body dispelling all traces of Reine.

”How many times do I tell you not to interact with people like her? ” The stranger scolded harshly

Reine felt a throbbing pain in her heart following the womans harsh words. Not because they were directed towards her but because the little cutie got scolded because of her.


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