”Will you be my wife? ”

Reines heart dropped along with the mans voice. She looked at the scenery before her with disbelief. The question popped by the man adorned in black suits struck her like a bolt of lightning crashing down on her fragile heart.

No, this was the unmistakable voice of her beloved fiancée Justin Brown. Reine could not see him clearly because he had his back to her, and the dining area was darker than usual. The dim blue lights cast on the couples made them look exotic but slightly dark.

Reines hand stuck on her mouth trembled uncontrollably. No matter how she tried, she dare not bring her hands down to let out a whimper. She could only watch with tears rolling down her chin from her ocean blue. Staining every corner of her flawless face

”Oh Justin, I love you and Id love to marry you. I really do. But what about Reine? You are still her fiancée. ” Cindy said casting her sad eyes on the floor

”What? That silly little thing, shes barely even a threat. If not for her dad donating his cornea to me, I would have had nothing to do with her. How would I even love her with her tacky skin color? so hideous. Trust me, babe, I love you. Only you are deserving of my love. ”

As Justins voice fell she felt her heart pierced and stabbed at the same time by a thousand invisible hands. It shattered into shreds.

At the airport, she didn mind the womans disdain towards her skin color. Hearing it from the man she loves broke her into pieces. Justin was one of the reasons she felt safe in her skin. He complements her color at every slightest opportunity. She has never hated to be born with this skin like she did now.

Justin Brown was her boyfriend for five years and fiancée for two years, but she has loved him for twelve years.

Twelve years! This is what it came down to.

Every word of his utterances, preferences, fashion sense, pet peeves, likes, and dislikes.

Reine has them caved in her heart and her memory. She remembers them like the light of the day. But it all came down to this.

She let her tears flow freely. Maybe if it did itd reduce the ebbing pain in her heart. The pain was so great that she was having difficulties breathing

”Yes…yes …yes! I will marry you, Justin Brown. I agree to be your wife. ” then came the joyful voice of Cindy Miller.

She was unable to bear it anymore, ”Justin Brown! ” Reine painstakingly howled through her tears. ”You abomination of a man! How could you do this to me? ”

Following her roar then came the brightness of the room. She could finally see the ironic face of the man she loved the most. A hint of panic flashed through Justins eyes before he had it replaced. He frowned with great dissatisfaction.

Her lifeless eyes glanced through the people in the room. They were the Miller and Brown family. Two of the most powerful family in the imperial city. They had the dissatisfaction evident in their frown for the unwanted interruption.

Cindy hid shyly behind Justin, her face flushed red as she tried to explain, ”Reine… you… I ”

”Theres no need to explain to her, you and Justin have done nothing wrong. Last I checked its not a crime to fall in love. ” Pamela Miller snarls defensive of her daughter. ”Reine you are a good child. You will not hold them to this right? They are in love. Justin no longer loves you. ”

”You can not force love. Besides Brown family doesn support your relationship with Justin. Cindys temperament is gentle and dignified. Compared to you, shes more suitable to carry the Brown family name. ” Pamela bragged

Reines gaze stayed fixed on the male protagonist. Her smile became a lot more sorrowful he didn feel remorseful for his action. All she could see in the eyes of that once gentle Justin was complacency and revenge. She wondered what he was getting revenge on.

It took all the willpower she had to stand idle staring at him. How she wished to tear apart the smirk he had on.

”How long has it been? ” Noelia mumbled

”A year, few months, ” Justin replied with such complacency.

”You can be mad at us, we can control our emotions. ” Cindy rushed to answer

Fat crystalline tears dropped like beads from her eyes one after another. She gazed sternly at the face she loved for twelve years. Reine held on to a last glimmer of hope, ”Did you ever love me? For the twelve years we spent together, did you ever love me? ”

Without batting an eyelid he answered sternly. ”NO ”

She felt this throbbing pain. It was so painful. She felt her heart struck by something powerful. She preferred physical torture to the pain she felt in her heart.

If only he had loved her for one day in the twelve years they have been together she would have been satisfied. Maybe the throbbing pain would be lesser.

”For twelve years, you made me waste twelve years of my precious life on you, not even once youve mentioned this. If you had told me I wouldn have persisted, I would have given you my blessing. Why on earth do you have to wait this long ” Reine wailed painstakingly.

It hurts so much that the pain becomes unbearable for her. For the slightest moment, she considered joining her parents

This man has been her life stream of happiness for twelve years. The thought of him kept her going for twelve years. A man she loved deeply with her life, she had the slightest idea she meant absolutely nothing to him.

”I fed two dogs my heart. ” Reine squeezed these words underneath her breath.

”Dogs? You have no right to call my son that a dog. He has been doing you a favor for twelve years the least you can do is to be grateful. ” Thank goodness for his change of heart. Cindy is well-mannered and dignified than you will ever be and the Brown family accepts her. ”

She has been quiet since the drama started. Because her son was in the wrong and she once accepted Reine as her daughter-in-law. Jane Brown could not stand her calling her precious son offensive names.

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