Reine stood in the middle of the living room. She appeared haggard with her face stained with tears and her eyes swollen.

She stood while they all sat. It was synonymous with the acclaimed judgment day, they were the god and she was the sinner.

This scene felt ironic. On her way home from the airport, she had imagined how theyd react to her surprise. Ironically the surprise got surprised instead.

She hadn expected all these she witnessed. She thought theyd be happy to see her back. The reverse is the case, they didn seem excited or surprised that she was back but dissatisfied and angry.

”Why are you back? ” Robert Miller inquired glaring at her.

This was the first time he spoke since her arrival.

”I just graduated. ” Reines voice was hoarse as she spoke dejectedly

She was in A city for five years studying and only visited three years ago because of the shocking death of her parents. For three years, shes only gone back today.

”Theres no need to beat around the bush. There is nothing here for you. The board members of the company have voted you out as its president. You have no connection with Miller group again. ” Robert Miller conferred calmly

”You can vote me out without my knowledge. I am still the highest shareholder ” Reine retorted calmly. She had no energy left in her to struggle.

Pamela scoffed ”You seem to be forgetting that you willed out your shares to Justin. ”

Reines lifeless ocean blue eyes were suddenly alerted. ”I have done no such thing. ” Although she was in love with him, she was not that stupid

”Are you sure about that Reine? lots of people were present in A city when you willed it out to Justin. ” Cindy finally broke the silence pointing at Reine.

Reine shot her a deadly glare which made Cindy flinch, and she wrapped her arms around Justin seeking his protection. ”All I did was try to recall your memory. You don have to be cold towards me. ”

Reine wanted nothing to do with Cindy. Even her voice made her skin crawl. In the middle of these, she recalled some fragment of her memory. In her muddled memory, she did vaguely recall Justin giving her some papers to sign.

That was early spring last year at the bar when she was drunk. They had gone to drink when he said he needed her signature for some paper works. She loved him so much and trusted him, hence she didn give it much thought and signed it.

As she recalled, her lifeless eyes directly glared at Justin with astonishment. ”Just how many times have you betrayed me, are there more I am not aware of? ”

”Theres nothing here for you Reine. You will inconvenience Cindy if you stayed in this mansion, go back to A City, and live a quiet life. Out of compassion for the twelve years, we have spent. I will give you one of the villas I own in A City. Thats the least I can do for you. ” Justin spoke without any shreds of emotion.

”Dad left everything to me, they are all mine. You guys… You don scare me. You can bully me into giving up my inheritance ” Reine howled

”The board of directors already made their decision. Besides if you have any shreds of respect for your dads hard work for this company you will leave quietly. You cannot become the CEO of the company. If you did the company will only bear losses. Not so many people appreciate your skin type. ”

” Take Justins offer and leave. If you decide to stay in the imperial City you will get nothing from us. ” Robert Miller dropped those words like a villain

Reine looked at the people in the room and clenched her fists tightly. Her nails embedded deeply into her palms, but she was numb to the pain.

She has to remember this day, she carved their ugly faces in her memory. Not even amnesia could do the honors.

Reine was still staring at them sternly when security came dragging her out. All these while her eyes never left Justin, he watched the worst moment of her life with a smirk.

Looking at the tightly shut gate, Reine miller felt numb. Suddenly, her body became too weighty for her thin legs. Her legs gave in, and she collapsed on the floor hugging her knee tightly.

The mansion was left to her by her parents, but she was now a stranger in her own home.

How could she be so weak and dumb to have lost everything her parents lived building? Her supposed lover betrayed her.

She was not worthy to be called her parents daughter.

She only had a suitcase by herself. She felt her parents were looking down on her with disappointment.

She had promised to take back everything they stole from her, but how was that possible with just one suitcase? It was her against the two powerful families in the imperial City.

”Hahaha… ” she couldn help but laugh at her failure. She was worth laughing at. She has already lost but her stubbornness refused to accept reality.

”Who would have thought that the highly praised princess of the Miller group is down to nothing…? Hahaha… Hahaha, isn that hilarious? ”

She had no tears left in her bank. She has already exhausted them earlier. She could only mock and laugh at her stupid self. Maybe she would feel a lot better if she did.

Reine had to think of a place to settle. It was getting dark and she couldn sleep there. She tried so hard to think of any acquaintance but there were none.

Cindy was a toxic person, she always got irritated whenever she saw her with someone else. She made enemies with all her friends, leaving Reine no choice but to avoid all her well-meaning friends.

She had no one to turn to, her mom was the only child, and she had no relatives. Her dad has a leech of a brother who has successfully thrown her out of the house.

She felt the urge to laugh at how miserable and homeless she was, but the thought made her pause. Her mom used to be very poor before she met her dad.

She used to own a small house before she moved in with her dad. She had been there quite a few times with her mom. The thought of that brought some color to her previous drained face.

Although she had forgotten the house address, that was not a problem. She was sure she must have written it somewhere for reference purposes.

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