Reine poured out all the clothes in her suitcase as she searched earnestly for her diary as her life depended on it. After messing with her clothes, she found them beneath all her clothes. It was a big blue book with stickers of her favorite artist on every corner of the book.

Reine settled on the floor and carefully flipped the pages of the book. Glancing at every corner of the book, but nothing was written. She watched as her last ray of hope was gone.

Maybe it would have been better had she accepted their offer. At least she would have a place to pass the night. There was nothing for her to fight for it was a lost cause.

Reine withdrew her phone from her black purse to search for a nearby hotel to pass the night. The closest hotel to the villa was at least a three-hour ride, and it cost a fortune.

The mansion was far away from the residential area, it was in a lonesome area. The district only had Millers mansion and Browns mansion lurking around it.

She decided to pack up and leave the district, the longer she stayed the more she hated it here. Reine carelessly flip her diary and flung it into her suitcase when a piece of paper came flying out.

She curiously picked it up to have a look, and it was an address. Her blue eyes couldn contain her happiness as she did the happy dance. This was the best thing that happened to her since her arrival.

Without giving it much thought, she ordered an online taxi.

From his location, it will take thirty minutes to get to her present location. He was the closest to the district and three hours to get to the address, the map on her phone helped her analyze

It would have been 9 PM when she got to her blue bay. It has been a long day, and she wanted the day to be done and over with.

Reine had her head buried in her knees as she hugged them tightly while she waited for the rider.

Unlike planned, Reine got to her destination an hour late. She had dozed off in the vehicle but the rider was kind enough to have woken her up the moment they arrived. It was already dark when she alighted out of the vehicle.

The district had advanced compared to the last time she visited. The houses that were formerly congested have been annihilated and replaced with solid structures.

She almost couldn recognize the place. She had confirmed from the driver if she was in the right place, but he had assured her she was.

The only obsolete building was the blue bay. It is a tall primitive building with over forty floors.

In no time Noelia was standing in front of apartment 2020. She tried her bunch of keys on the door until she got the right one.

The house was just as she remembered, there were no changes done. It was an 860 square feet two-room small apartment.

The living room was half the size of her bedroom at the mansion, and the dining area was a quarter the size of the living room. All the furniture was covered with black polyester covered in dust.

Reine dropped her luggage aside and started the clean-up. Her mother had thought her how to clean and do house chores. Whenever she visited her apartment in city A her mom would always force her to do chores herself. With time she got accustomed to it and enjoyed doing them herself during weekends.

She was so grateful she did. Who would have thought it would be of great help to her someday?

It took her two hours to clean completely and put the house in the right state. After she was done, she had a quick wash-up and climbed to the bed.

Its been an hour or two on the bed, but she tossed and turned. She was worn out, but sleep was far from her.

She decided to visit the balcony to get fresh air and clear her thoughts. It was her favorite place in the house when she visited. It allowed her to see beyond the walls and at night the view was beautiful.

The moment she pushed the door to the balcony open, she was hit by a thick pungent stench of blood. Suddenly her eyes widened in horror. She hurriedly placed her hands on her mouth to seal it from screaming.

Reines body shuddered uncontrollably with the sight in front of her. How bad can the day get?

A man lay lifeless in the pool of his blood. She was too scared to check if he was still alive or dead. She had to call the ambulance or police, but her legs were glued on the spot. She was about to leave when she saw his index finger move slightly.

Without much thought, she placed her index fingers close to his nose and her ears on his chest. He was breathing faintly.

She pulled him inside her room with great effort. The man was double her size.

She has watched lots of movies where gunshot wounds were treated to hide from the police, and sometimes other bad guys, but the knowledge obtained from movies was not enough for her to treat a gunshot wound nor does she have the material to do so.

She searched for anything she could savage for the moment before worrying about the treatment. She knew she was doing the wrong thing, and she was scared out of her wits.

This could earn her jail time or worst. She didn know who was responsible for his injuries, if his life was still threatened, and if he probably is the bad guy.

Whatever be the case, she will not endanger his life again by taking him to the hospital. She wasn going to allow those families to throw her behind bars by framing her.

But if he died, she was not going to escape prison for sure. Whatever, she decided to settle for the risky decision. She will worry about the aftermath of her decision later.

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