Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 1: the Beginning

Earth, the year 2127 humanity has been through many revolutions, the 4th AI revolution, 5th AI instantiation revolution and 6th space exploration revolution. Technology was at its highest peak and virtual life became the leading force, especially the virtual reality games which was the hope and only path for many because everything in life was worked by smart robots which made it harder for many to find a suitable job and earn a living, but then the virtual reality games were introduced which was like a light in a dark day for many jobless ones. Now celebrities are not athletes or singers and movie stars, but the gamer experts were the real celebrities. Now there are even those that their net worth reached billions because of a single game.

After many years of development, the VR reached a new high especially the latest VR-MMORPG known as Ancient Myth which set to break all records, it was an extremely popular game at the time, as the company that had released it announced that they had made a technological breakthrough of the game resolution, granting the game a fidelity rate of one hundred percent while other games were still at around seventy-five percent.

The news caused a massive uproar in the Earth Federation as everyone swarmed to obtain a copy of the game for themselves.

The new feature attracted numerous players from other games which forced them to end up being closed and many companies started investing in the new one, some of the developers even labeled it as mankinds second home this raised the expectations for the game to the point where those that signed for a game capsule reached a terrifying 8 billion people.

Tony is a young man in his twenties who is working as an instructor in a small dojo after he graduated from university, as it was the only thing that he was good at and also something that can earn him money, his class has 30 apprentices both old, young and even kids after all in this age physical fitness was something common especially since the VR-MMORPG become popular peoples started paying their own body more and more attention, after all, if you have a good body your brain will start operating better which will be one greatest asset in their gaming career.

”Sensei are you going to play the new game, ” a young girl asked Tony when they completed the training, the others all started looking at him waiting for his answer eagerly but before he could say anything someone had already done it for him

”of course, we are going to play and we will take it by a storm and stand at the top of the game ” the way he spoke and looked at them was filled with arrogance, if it was another one who said those words they will think that he was just boasting after all to reach the top in the incoming game is really hard because the competition is at the highest level that any sport has ever seen, but no one said anything because it was Mark who said it. He looked like royalty with his handsome face, blonde hair, and clear blue eyes the type that any lady will fall for, but for the guys, he was scarier than anyone they knew.

”Let go of me you sick ** ”

”Are you embarrassed my lovely junior ”

”It seems you want to die right now ”

”Well I do but you aren qualified to do it ”

The exchange between them made all the

dojo disciples sweat because they knew the outcome of this argument between the two would end like it always has, with a big fight. Although it was a common thing for them to fight it still never failed to frighten the others after all the two were the second strongest in the dojo but most importantly they were the craziest ones, because to the dojo normal apprentice and even the whole city they were just some handsome and strong young mens but the senior disciples and those strong masters that standing at the top know that both Mark and Tony are absolute monsters.

Because of the advanced technology and the breakthrough in the understanding of the human body many geniuses with absolute talents were born in the fighting industry, yet both Mark and Tony were known as an absolute force even though they are young, they made a name for themselves after defeating many grandmasters and some well-known geniuses which made them famous and were considered even invincible by many.

The Abyss battlefield is an underground competition where

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