Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 2: Birth of a Legend

he situation.

”What an interesting fellow you
e in the presence of a high tier being yet you kept your composition and regained your focus very fast as expected of a blessed one ” the way her eyes looked at him, gives him chills because it was as if she was looking at a pet or a toy.

”what should I call you young warrior ”

”Lady goddess you can call me Mad Demon ” he chose his nickname for the game.

”A dominating name worthy of a warrior ” She then raised her white like a jade hand and eight illusion-like figures appeared in front of Tony.

”In the Ancient Myth there are eight classes you can choose from and if you like to hear my opinion I will tell you which ones have the most comparability with you ” those simple words shocked him because in the guide it said that the guide will only tell you about the classes and won bother with you anymore, yet the goddess in front of him not only talked she even want to give Tony personal advice which gives him both shock and delight.

”It seems my performance when she appeared was extraordinary and this is my prize for the performance ” then he suddenly thought of someone ”that **er will have the same treatment ”

Rising his head ”I will be happy to hear your opinion my lady goddess ” those words made her smile.

With a wave of her hand the illusion like figures go from eight to four ”with Guardia knight, summoner, priest, and hunter you got 00 compatibilities and it will be harder for you to ascend higher levels ” she then pointed at the rest ”the swordsman berserk class has the best probability with you and after it comes to the thief and mage but I recommend to you choosing the swordsman because its like tailored for you and your ascending will be easy ” coming to her she stopped talking and just kept waiting for his decision.

”Well it was my choice from the beginning and your words boosted my confidence ” then he touched the swordsman illusion and light descended on him for five seconds after that his attire changed completely.

”Damn I look badass in this set ” The Set was all black with some faint white runs design around it, consisting of five: Sword, chest, hands, legs, and feet. What attracted Tonys attention the most was the blad.

It looked like a katana with a thin 4 inches blade that looked smooth and sharp, the blade was black with red runs around it and the handle was red with gemstone.

The moment his eye met the katana he already fell in love with it because it was the ideal type of sword he loved the most.

After brandishing the sword and swinging it around he impatiently pressed on the description button, but what he didn see was that the moment the sword appeared the goddess was shocked for a second before going to her normal state again.

[Name: Humming blade]

[Type: unique]

Durability: 110/110 Attack Power: +15 Attack speed: +10

* Deals an additional 30% damage to monsters.

* Increases critical rate by 50% when attacking monsters.

* The chance of a monster dropping items when killed is increased by 20%

”What the hell Im not even level 0, yet I got such an op sword my road will be much easier than others like this ” the sword stats brought him a huge joy because it will be easy for him to hunt monsters since he plans on going solo through the whole game and not joining no guild or a group.

e really lucky this sword will definitely bring you many surprises so never lose it ” the goddess suddenly interrupted his happy moment, this made him realize that this sword is everything but simple.

”So which one of the three regions do you want to start in ”

”Hmmm I never thought about this so just send me to where there are too many fights and chaos ” pointing the sword to the sky he replied arrogantly with a smirk on his face.

”Thats what I expected from you. I hope the next time we meet youll be standing at the top ” then she waved her hand and he disappeared from there.

”To meet many interesting fellows on the first day is something really surprising ” the way she behaved makes one question if shes a living being or just an NPC.

”But to think he got that sword after it was lost for many years, the three realms are finally going to lose their peace ”

The teleportation ended and Tony found himself in a bustling village, the realistic of the world made his blood boil

”I will make this game tremble under my feet ”

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