Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 5: Ghost Town

After getting over the joy of creating a skill he checked his avatar panel and distributed the 10 free attributes he got from leveling two times, it displayed

[Name: Mad Demon][swordsman]

Lv 02: 00/300 exp

Hp: 110

Mp: 8

St: 10

Ag: 10

Con: 7

Int: 5

Vit: 8

”Not bad Im leading the race right now compared to the others ” with just his St and Ag right now he could defeat anyone easily.

He then open his inventory bag and saw the two items and 40 silver coins that the system rewarded him

[Name: Nature blessings]

[Type: necklace]

[Rank: Silver]

Equipment Level: Level 4

All Attributes +5

Luck +3

A necklace that has the blessings of the old elf. If given to the fairy forest will get back a handsome reward

[Name: Wind boots]

[Type: plate boots]

[Rank: Iron]

Equipment Level: Level 2

Defense +5

Strength +8, Agility +10, Endurance +9

Additional Active Skill – Wind Rush

Increases Movement Speed by 100% for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

”It raises luck and the boots came with a skill. I hope my good luck will never leave me in the future ” he equipped the boots which raised his strength furthermore.

”What kind of a skill did you create ” interrupted him the instructor with an eager look on his face, so Tony showed him the skill description which brought huge amazement ”this is one of the best skills I have ever seen no matter what level you reach itll always be of use ”

”System notification congratulations Grandmaster Hawkeye impression of you reached 100 ” the change of the name surprised Tony but also delighted him.

”Kid let me introduce myself properly Im known as Hawkeye the Hunter, I came to this village because I was following the footsteps of what looked like a Devil and I stumbled about an ancient ruin but before I search it completely I was cursed by a Devil minion, which forced me into hiding here ” he showed Tone a black mark in his chest that was leaking with an aura of death. Its as if that mark was eating away his life slowly which showed how terrifying his enemy is.

”So I would like to ask if you could go there and investigate for me whats happening there ”

”Ding ding ding system notification: would you like to accept Hawkeye the Hunter quest ”

I will die if I go there; this was the only thought in Tonys mind. But not even that could scare the Mad Demon whos best hobby is to challenge his limits

so he accepted that without hesitation, this made Hawkeye very happy

”youngster I appreciate your boldness even though you
e weak right now your courage is something to admire ” he praised him without holding back

”System notification: you accepted the chained type quest the Devil hunt ”

”new quest: B rank: go to the lone pick mountain outside the village and find the ruin entrance ”

”interesting so its a quest thats has many parts ” Tony became more curious about the quest, he saw Hawkeye going inside his room and came back holding three books and a piece of equipment.

”The current you is way too weak and the place you
e going to require you to fight many enemies so take this three skills, with them your survival will be much higher and also this armor I used to have it when I was your age so put it in a good use ” this made Tony madly happy because the game guide said that getting system skills is hard especially in the early stages of the game, yet Tony already got seven skills, so he immediately learned the three skills then entered his skills panel

[name: Hawkeye]

[Rank: SS


Advance identification skill. When activated, the players eyes can see through everything and discover what others can . find out information on the objects he looks at. Nothing is capable of hiding from the user.

[name: Lightning strike]

[Rank: S]


When activated, the player strikes down with his weapon, causing 100 thunder-type base damage to enemies within a 5-yard radius. Enemies struck will be placed in a fainted state for 4 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 seconds

[name: Camouflage]

[Rank: S]


Have the ability to blend in any environment.

The players presence will be able to bypass some monsters.

When Activated: enter an invisible state for 20 second

Cooldown: 4 minutes

These three skills covered the attack, hiding, and observation which are essential for his survival, he loved them especial Lightning strike which he was impatient to start practicing it he then checked the skill that the system rewarded him with

[name: Absolute defense]

[Rank: S]


Able to block up to a maximum of 4 ranged attacks and 3 melee attacks.

Duration: 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

The only weakness he got at the moment was finally covered by this skill, while the class skills are of some help too

[name: Parry]

[Rank: B]

It required a melee weapon to be used. It could block a single attack that came from the front,

Cooldown: 35 seconds

[name: Sword Light]

[Rank: B]

Sends out light with St x 2 base damage.

Attack Range: 4 yards.

Cooldown: 3 seconds

”If others know that I have 7 skills at this stage they would kill me from jealousy ” while all players start with two skills in just an hour he already got 5 more and all of these skills are useful and strong skills.

”Kid, with this your chances for completing my quest have been raised by a large margin now start practicing your new skills and I will give you some advice ”.

In Ancient Myth, to learn a skill you have first to understand it, watch the tutorial of it and practice it a few times, and only when you pull it perfectly will the system be marked as learned. And with the help of instructor Hawkeye, Tony was able to learn all of his skills quickly in only an hour which made Hawkeye compressed even more with his monstrous comprehending ability.

”Kid you
e now in a good shape, go out there and have some serious fight to adjust your fighting sense and when you feel you are ready go and investigate the ruins ”

”Instructor Hawk please accept this bow from me and Ill not let you down ” Tony bowed down to him as a sign of respect for his teaching.

”Don be too formal, now be on your way youngster ”.

After leaving the dojo he saw that the village had many more players than an hour ago some were fighting, some were grouping for hunting monsters, some were selling some materials and stuff so he took a little tour around them before leaving because nothing attracted him his attention.

His destination was the quest in the tavern, he wanted to test his strength there, after entering there he met the manager who was a fat old dude.

”Hero Im thankful for your assistance and your reward is already waiting for you ” because of the rats the business in the tavern was downhill which brought the manager too much anxiety, but no one wanted to deal with the rats so Tony was his only hope.

”Don worry manager Bob since I gave you my word I will do it, now take me to your basement and let the rest to me ” so without delaying much Tony was in the basement along with 3 big rats that looked scarier than anything he saw.

The rats are black with red eyes, big teeth, sharp claws, and their size was like a big dog while the sound they were making was irritating and pure ugly.

”Damn these rats are getting on my nerves ” so he prepared to fight them since the rats entered the fight mode because Tony was in their sensing range.

But the moment he was going to block the first rat attack a strange idea came to him and he just stood there letting the rats attack him until his HP reached the 00 and before he died.

”So this is the feeling of dying, what an unpleasant feeling, ” he said that with a smile on his face, and formless killing intent was released from his body that made the rats freeze from fear for a second.

”Ding ding ding system notification congratulation for creating a skill ”

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