Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 6: Legendary Quest

In Ancient Myth after dying in the field, normally the player would lose 1 Level and a chance to drop a piece of equipment.

However theres a difference between a solo player and team, in a solo player case youll have two options, the first is to wait 30 minutes and revive naturally or by sacrificing a half a level and revive instantly, while in a team the second option doesn exist.

When players die in a Dungeon, they only lose 30% of their Exp, and only 15% if a healer revives them

Tony didn choose to revive himself and was mentally replaying the fight

”So what I got from this, first monsters have different attacking patterns, second monsters can coordinate with each other and maybe even do some combination with their attacks and lastly I truly underestimated the depths of the realism of the game ” the pain of being attacked and dying was no different than the real world.

”My blood is boiling, the beast inside of me is about to be awakened ” said with a wicked smile, if anyone saw his expression now they would be scared of their wits because it was a sign that the Mad Demon will unleash his wrath on somebody. So after the 30 minutes ended he respawned in the basement and checked his player panel

[Name: Mad Demon] (swordsman)

Lvl 01: 00%

HP: 83

MP: 7

St: 9

Ag: 9

Con: 6

Int: 4

Vit: 7

”Losing a whole lvl when dying is bothersome, fortunately, I didn drop anything ” Tony was displeased by the penalty ”oh I almost forget about the skill ” entering the skill panel to check the newest one, after reading the description he decided to call it Bloodlust

[Name: Bloodlust]

[Type: action-type]

[Rank: SS]

Passive: surpass those with a weak will to 50% of their strength.

Can be intimidated by those stronger than you

Activation: enter a Bloodlust state rais strength, constitution, and agility by 200% for 20 seconds, after that enter a weak state for 5 minutes.

Cooldown 50 minutes

”Isn this skill to op for this stage of the game ” Tony was baffled by the skill because it was a berserk skill in difficult times. Its like giving you another life, for such a skill to appear this early is a surprise. What Tony didn consider was that he was just that monstrous nothing more nothing less.

”When I reach lvl 5 I will go and try the Devil Hunt quest ”

He made his way to the rats after equipping the beginning boots

[Name: Rotten Rat]

[Type: common]

Lvl 02

HP: 150

Attacks: sharp claw and rotten bite

The moment he was 6 yards away the rat closest to him started making a weird voice which attracted the other two, Tony was just observing their behavior and making note of everything.

”So they can communicate, which means the higher the grade of the monster the harder to deal with it ” the more he figures things about the game, the more the game will shock him.

”Since I gave you the honor of killing me last time it should be my turn to return the favor right ” the moment the rats entered the fighting mode, Tony choose that instant for attacking, and his first move was Lightning strike, the moment he strikes down with his weapon within 5-yard radius lightning flashed out covering the three Rotten Rats.

”Notification: congratulations you executed Lightning strike with 85% completion, causing 85 lightning damage and forcing them into a fainted state for 2 seconds ”

– 85 damage appeared above the rats and Tony didn stop there, bringing the Humming blade closer to his body as he madly rashes to the closest rat and sends out a sword light.

”Notification: Sword light 90% completion ” a – 20 damage was caused, he then swung his sword two more times causing -13 damage, now that rat got only 32 while the other two had 45.

After the fainting state ended the rats attacked him from three different angles it was as if they prepared this beforehand. This made Tony delightful because you can have much fun in the real world where you just fight to your hearts content.

He dodged the three attacks skillfully without a problem, although their attacks looked good, to Tony whos used for fighting real monsters in the real world, the rats can only be considered clumsy so he just kept dodging while nibbling their health slowly and after a minute of fighting he ended the fight like how he started it by using Lightning strike.

”System notification: congratulations for killing 3 rotten rats, rewards: 60 exp ”

Leveling up in Ancient Myth is hard because monsters don usually give much exp unless it was a high tier one, then Tony started looting the corps

Bronze coin +34

Claw(material-common) x2

Claw(material-uncommon) x1

Ratskin (material-common) x6

Teeth (material-common) x4

He also got two pieces of equipment

[Name: Rotten gloves]

[Type: gloves]

[Rank: iron]

Equipment lvl: 2 lvl Defense +5

[Name: Rotten dagger]

[Type: dagger]

[Rank: iron]

Equipment lvl: 3 lvl

Attack speed +6, agility +7, strength +4

Additional skill: Death barrage

Attack speed increases by 100%, attack two times instantly

10% of bleeding effect

”This dagger is not bad. If that bastard doesn have a good weapon I will sell it for him ” thinking about Mark makes Tony shake his head because he knows what kind of monster his rival is.

After he equipped the glove and put everything in his bag, he did a tour in the basement and he came across another 3 rats which he defeated easily. After that, he made his way to manager Bob.

”Hero I don know to thank you enough because of your help the business will get back on track and I can support my family again, please accept this small gift from me ”

”Ding system notification: congratulations for completing the C rank quest, rewards 30 exp, +55 bronze, and an equipment ”

A white light enveloped him as he was back to level 02, but

[Name: Faceless mask]

[Rank: unique]

Passive: Hide your information from other identification

Activation: 30% evading, the sense of monster, and 50% increase in agility for 30 seconds

Cooldown: 1 minute

”This mask was left here by a traveling expert in my father era, and it was just accumulating dust since we don know how to use it, so take it young hero I hope it will help for you ”

”Thanks Manager Bob this mask is actually of a great help for me especially now ”

”Wonderful with you saying this made me at ease, and if you ever need anything just say it and I will help ” those words made Tony eyes shine he thought for a moment before saying ”manager Bob just any type of information or stuff you hear tell me about them since I will be here for a little while ” considering the tavern a place where many gather in so the flow of information is always high, and some high-level quest or hint may appear at any day. Thats why players usually swarm around the tavern looking for any information.

”That will be easy for me just every day drop by and I will tell you what I hear in the day ” after the brief exchange Tony left the tavern because some players got wind of the tavern problems and came to do the quest only to find out that the problem was already solved.

As usual, he first made a tour around to see if there was anything of use to him, the level of players surprised him a bit after all not all players can take on monsters easy like him, for others killing monster require a party at least yet in this small village he met many who have lvl 02

”It seems that all the monsters around the village and those pitiful quests are gone ”.

After that he made his way to the east part of the village, because of the information he gathered from the tavern and people around the villager, the oldest person here grandpa Ming told him a hint that the cause first started in the east 20 years ago with only one case and then it became something frequently.

The east part was mostly trees because the villagers thought it was cursed, so without wasting too much time Tony activated the skill [Hawkeye] and his eyes started looking at things differently.

”What a mystic skill to think that the world is this different from it ” after investing for some time he found a clue, in the remote part what looked like a normal tree and a rock was a hidden entrance which was in a state like his camouflage skill.

”This is definitely the work of a master ” after checking everything he used his camouflage skill and entered what looked like a hidden path easily.

”Ding ding system notification: you have entered into a strange area ”

”Ding ding system notification: welcome to the Ghost town ”

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