Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 7: The Strongest

”It seems I got myself in a deep shit ” this was his thoughts about this strange place because the moment he entered his sense was picking danger from everywhere.

Tightening the grip on his sword he started walking in the narrow road ahead, yet after walking for 10 minutes he still saw no end to it.

”Either Im walking in a loop or theres no end to this damn road ” he was regretting coming here, he suddenly turned around and activated [perry].

An attack that suddenly appeared out of nowhere was going to his heart but Tony blocked it at the last moment.

”So you finally couldn hold yourself anymore you damn ghost ”

[Name: Wandering ghost]

[Type: common]

Lvl 05

Hp: 380

Attacks: wild claw, hidden strike, and terrorizing shout.

”His HP is low but if he hits me Im dead for sure ” Thats was the trick about ghost-type monsters. So after blocking the first move, Tony rushes into the ghost while swinging his sword from different angles rapidly at it, yet after exchanging several moves he comes to the shocking fact that the wandering ghost was blocking his strike while counter-attacking at the same time.

”What the hell, am I fighting a monster or a real person, to think a monster can fight like a player is really an eye-opener for me ” the more he fought with the ghost the bolder he became, Tony started landing some attacks but because of the level difference he only took 50 HP from the ghost.

”Im falling in love with the game more and more ” for him fighting is everything, he likes the feeling of improving his skills and fighting sense so to have a fight where any mistake means defeat is a blessing for a menace like him.

When the wandering ghost HP got lower than 300 it used the skill wild claw which Tony countered using his skill [double slash]

”System notification: double slash completion 100% ” the first slash blocked the attack while the second landed perfectly on the ghost and -76 appeared above its head, while the bleeding effect was taking -3 every second for ten seconds.

After that immediately he executed [Lightning strike] and concentrated the lighting on the ghost rather than the wide area.

”System notification: congratulations you used [Lightning strike] at 100% ”

A big -190 appeared on the ghost as he disappeared in the air leaving behind a few items.

”Im becoming more and more comfortable in using my skills, leveling them shouldn be a problem ” to level a skill one must first understand the skill greatly and use it with more than 90% completion a 100 for a skill to reach level 2.

Bronze x5

Health potion x2

Mana potion x1

Random gems (for blacksmith)

”Hmm so when you understand the mechanisms behind the skill and execute it perfectly youll be able to use it freely and have complete control over it ” generally in games a skill can only be used in one way, yet in Ancient Myth a skill can be used as one sees fit if the conditions are met.

”I need to fight more to have a better understanding of this ” and he started his hunt.

After 2 hours of walking and fighting seven more ghosts, Tony confirmed his theory that if the 2 conditions are met the skill can be used as one likes. When he got the hang of it he started playing around with the skills as he likes, using [double slash] to attack different spots, or using the AOE [Lightning strike] in a wide or long way.

”This is a blessing I have never been this happy in my life, just to fight as if in the real world yet without fearing no consequences makes this game the best in history ” after making many experiments in his last fights he concluded that in this game the room for maneuvering in a fight is quite wide, you can dodge, block, counter-attack or even use some real martial arts principal in your fight, although its extremely hard to achieve that its still a great realization for Tony.

”I think this is why our master asked as you play the game, just the ability to use martial arts and the endless possibility of improving oneself make it worthwhile ”

The long road finally came to an end and what came into Tonys sight was a town ”this is mad to build a town underground ” just from the entrance of the town he believes that this place has an old mighty history.

Although he exited the road Tony still didn dare to move around and was stealthily making his way to the big rocks on the side while evading entering the range of the ghosts which he calculated to be 8-yards. But the moment he reached the rocks a voice came from behind.

”What are you doing here human ” if Tony says that didn scare the shot out of him it will be the biggest lie, he was concentrating his senses all this time on a high alert yet a voice came from behind him that made his heart stop for a second.

Turning around he saw the figure of a woman, she was like other ghosts but more incorporeal than them. Tony also saw that her ears are pointy which indicates that she is an elf so he activated the skill [Hawkeye]

[Name: Aelvan]

[Cursed by a Legendary Ghost]

Lvl ?????

HP ??????

Lady Aelvan is one of the fairy forest 4 protectors known as forest champion.

”Hello lady elf I was asked by my village to investigate the cause of the sickness, so I found some clews and a hidden entrance so I followed the road and ended up here ” he got the feeling that no lie can escape the elf so he said the complete truth

”Thats because some of the ghosts started wandering in that road and their aura leaked out since you killed them this should solve the problem now leave this place is dangerous for someone as weak as you ” although she said that with goodwill for Tony who hate when someone tells him hes weak so he wanted to show off

”Mmm lady elf it seems to me that you
e cursed by a strong ghost is there anything I can help with ” those words are like a lightning bolt for the elf, she never consider that a weak human can see through her curse this quickly, most people will think that she became a ghost because of past grievances, not a curse.

Seeing the shock in her eyes made Tony proud like a peacock.

”I take back what I said you
e not a simple one to actually see Im cursed ”

e flattering me lady elf its just the right way to think since this place leaking with an evil aura and the elf race is such a proud race so only a curse can force you into such a state ”

”What a terrifying observation, my name is

Aelvan Im one of the fairy forest 4 protectors you
e worthy of knowing my name ”

”Ding ding ding system notification: congratulations Aelvan impression of you increased by 50 points ”

”System notification: a high ranking member of the elf race consider you worthy, you can enter the fairy forest ”

”Ding ding ding system notification: congratulations for being the first player that another race recognized, rewarding: +1 level, +5 all attributes (hidden too) and the title elf friend ”

”Damn I just wanted to show off yet I was rewarded as the saying goes fortune favors the bold ” the rewards this time are top tier especially the title

[Elf friend]

Enter the fairy forest whenever you like, and have the treatment of a baron worldwide

Can convert into the Elf race

In Ancient Myth all players start in the human race, but the system guide hinted that you can also convert into a different race if you find the way to it.

”Interesting they say that the elves are natures favorite child, be it mage, priest or summoner class player will do anything to get a chance to convert to this race ” Tony started thinking how to use this since he plans on staying a human.

”Mad Demon would you like to accept a quest from me ”

”System notification: you triggered a SS-rank quest: elf savior do you accept it ” the notification paralyzed Tony other players are struggling to get just a C rank quest in this stage of the game, and his mighty self is already triggering an SS-rank one and to him it seems that this quest is on high level even compared to other of the same rank.

”Although my chances to complete the quest are nonexistent Ill still try it ” so he accepted the quest.

”Wonderful its my fortune that I met you today, but the quest is impossible for the current you to complete it because the minimum requirements for it are to be an Expert who has chosen a path ”

”Path? By saying that, does she mean that we are going to change our class at some point in the game ” Tony was bewildered by this amount of information because the system guide never mentioned this.

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