Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 8: Displaying His Might

”Lady Aelvan what do you mean by path ”

”Well this is something youll know when the time is right but I can just tell you that each class has three paths ” her words confirmed Tonys guesses.

”Things are getting really interesting ” Tony started thinking about how to get more information about the paths in swordsman class.

”Quest: Elf savior SS-rank, part 1 became an Expert ”

”Lady Aelvan could tell me why must I be an Expert with a chosen path first ”

”Because you need to get something from the ghost town first, and all the monsters inside are above level 30 and youll be like a little fly to them ”

”So its level 30 when we have to choose a path ” even with NPCs high intelligence she would never expect him to ask just to get that information.

”Since its like that I will try my best to reach that level as quickly as possible ” he then looked at the few Wandering ghosts around the town entrance and smiled ”before that I will kill this walking exp ” if any other player was here, he would never think of challenging more than 20 level 5 monster alone but for Tony, those ghosts are just walking exp.

After observing the ghosts for 10 minutes and memorizing their walking pattern he picked a rock and kept watching the three ghosts that were 15 yards from him. When they crossed paths Tony threw the rock with precision and hit the one on the left which was the furthest of the three. The ghost was alerted but it found nothing and started walking aimlessly again but further than the original path and more closely to Tonys hiding place without alerting the other ghosts.

Aelvan who was watching this from the sideline was very impressed with his means of luring the ghost without alerting the others, but the real shock happened when Tony started fighting.

”This is impossible. How can he reach that realm with his young age, is he a monster or what? ” The ability to manipulate the skill freely is known as the realm of the legend because it requires one to have absolute control over the body and mind (skill). It takes many years to master a skill and completely understand it yet she saw that Tony the weak little human in 20 consecutive fights was doing whats impossible for others, his control over his skills usage was getting better after each fight.

”This human is a monstrous genius ” Aelvan through her whole life never met a genius of this caliber, but she knows that this type is destined to stand at the peak of the Mortal realm.

Tony wasn aware of the amount of shock he brought the elf because he was so immersed in fighting that he wishes for it to never stop, but that was not happening because the last ghost died at his sword.

After killing 22 ghosts Tony level raised by 2,15 free attributes to put in use and an amazing lot which includes

Bronze x89

Arrows x20

Potion of healing x2

Mining ax (rank-common)

Alchemists supplies

Holy Water: have a destructive effect on creatures with dark element

fragments of a shattered sword (rare)

a blood-stained map of the ghost town

An old key that can open a treasure chest

[Name: ring of mana ]

[Type: ring]

[Rank: bronze]

Equipment level: lvl 05

+4 intelligent, increase MP recovery

Steal Mana from the opponent to replenish yours.

[Name: blazing shaft]

[Type: spear]

[Rank: Silver] restricted for berserker

Equipment level: lvl 5

+18 attack speed, +13 strength

Skill 1:Rrapid barrage strike 4 consecutive times, agility +120% and strength by 100% for 10 seconds

Cooldown: 90 seconds

Skill 2: earth protection completely block one attack, increase defense by 100% for 15 seconds

Cooldown: 1 minute

[Name: timeless gloves]

[Type: gloves]

[Rank: iron]

Equipment level: lvl 5

Defense +10 and+30 HP

Skill 1: end the cooldown of one skill

Cooldown: 4 minutes.

Tony also got three skill books the first is terrorizing shout for magical class, the second is fireball for mage and the third one is Phantom Assassination specific for thief class, since none of the skills are useful for him Tony plans to sell two while leaving the thief skill for Mark.

He then equipped the ring of mana and the timeless gloves, he also took out the armor Sir Hawk gave him

[Name: heavy bear]

[Type: plate armor]

[Rank: silver]

Equipment level: lvl 05

+20 defense, +15 vitality, and +10 strength

+30% critical hit, rise the chance of blocking strong attacks

Skill1: Quick reset bring back the HP to full

Additional Cooldown: 5 minutes

Skill 2: Absolute force: nullify one attack completely

Cooldown: 10 minutes

A masterpiece of a craftsman has the ability of a heavy armor while being only plate armor.

Other players are mostly still struggling with the beginner set or just a few Iron rank equipment, yet Tony not only was miles ahead of others in terms of level and skill, but even his equipment is also head and shoulders above the rest. With two silver pieces of equipment (necklace+armor), two iron equipment (boots+gloves), bronze equipment (ring), and with the unique Humming blade as a weapon he was truly the strongest player in the game at that moment.

”I must upgrade the rest of my equipment ”.

[Name: Mad Demon] (swordsman)

Lvl 05: 23%

HP: 250

Mp: 23

St: 15


Con: 12

Int: 8

Vit: 10

”You brought me a huge surprise by your performance even in my elf race not many geniuses of your caliber are found ” Aelvan couldn hold herself back from praising Tony because his display was exceptional.

”You flatter me lady Aelvan ”

”No, Im simply spitting facts now I have even more confidence that you will help me beautifully in my problems ”

”Of course, I will do that since I gave you a promise and for me, my word is worth more than gold ”. After talking for a bit Tony took his leave since he had nothing else to do there.

Ancient Myth has been open for 8 hours and many still couldn get hold of themselves because it was such a masterpiece that the whole world was in an uproar, many hot-blooded people already treated the game more important than the real world because of the thrill it gave when fighting or exploring the different regions of the game everything was at the apex of entertainment.

After coming out of the hidden path and reporting his investigation to the village leader the quest was completed.

”System notification: B rank quest completed, rewarding: you can choose between Alchemy journal or an equipment ” and Tony chose the first without hesitation.

[Alchemy journal: teach you the way of alchemy and making potion, requirements: go to alchemy laboratory in any city]

In Ancient Myth the structures were: village, town, city, capital, and holy city with towns being opened for players after reaching level 10.

”I think I will make a very good alchemist if I put my mind into it ” no matter what area it was, Tony is always confident in himself.

He then made his way to the herb hall to complete the next quest, but on the road, he heard what looked like a fight so he stopped to see whats going on.

”Just why are you doing this, the armor is worth more than 50 bronze yet you want to take it for just 1 how can you be this shameless ” it was a girl who has a pretty face with a good figure playing the priest class, with her was a guardian knight and little girl playing a mage. While opposite to them are 10 people between male and female, their leader was an old man playing a berserk ”little girl you should be honored that we the bloodhound gang are interested in your thing so sell it for 1 bronze or suffer a dire consequence from now on ” he was threatening them openly yet no one said anything since this gang was famous for holding a grudge on anything.

Seeing the look of despair in the girls eyes while no one wanted to help makes the gang leader even bolder.

”You see in this village my word is the law and no one has the balls to interfere in my business ” but what the leader didn know was that the menace known as the Mad Demon was hearing him, for Tony who was prideful those words were like an insult.

”I should prove that Im the strongest player right ” as if having a conversation with his inner demon Tony made his way to the gang to show them what true despair truly is.

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