Legend of the Ancient Myth

Chapter 9: Reliable Person

”Maya why don we just give it to them for avoiding the trouble, ” said the man who was playing as a guardian knight to the girl ”Chris how can you say something like that don you know how important the money is for us right now if you
e scared then go no one is stopping ” those words angered him greatly especially when he saw the look of disdain the other players are giving him .

”Who said Im scared of this just rational thinking ” Chris tried to defend himself only to be humiliated by the bystanders.

”What a coward he can even defend his girlfriend ” ”man the girl is pretty but her taste in man is really bad ” ”with his cowardice personality who gave him the balls to pick the guardian knight class ”

No one gave him a face as all the players started taunting him and laughing which made Chris thinking of just logging off to avoid this humiliation.

”Little girl this is the last time Im saying this, give me the armor and everything will end well ” the leader said with a forceful tone as if theres no room for discussion.

When Maya almost drown in despair a faint voice broke out the tense atmosphere

”I have taken a liking to this armor, how much do you want for it ” Tonys appearance shocked all the people in there especially Maya who saw hope in him.

Even an idiot will understand what kind of situation was happening yet Tony still talked as if it was nothing, she even saw him not bothering to look at the bloodhound gang.

”Hello, sir this armor is a bronze rank with good stats so Im selling it for 50 bronze ” at this moment she was really worried after all the bloodhound members were looking at Tony like a dead person, the pressure they were releasing made her scared and her little sister was even about to cry.

But she was going to advise him against that and let go of the armor, she saw Tony smiling faintly as if the bloodhound gang killing intent was just a little breeze, another person saw that it was the leader who got a really bad feeling looking at Tony back.

”Kid who the ** do you think yourself is to actually try and take what our boss wants ” ”for a beautiful woman hes tossing his life away ” ”since your parents didn teach you about the danger of the world I will do it ” even the other players are looking at him with a pity because they thought that the gang will never let him go and his life in the game will become hell.

Tony turned around and stared at the gang members coldly this made them feel as if a beast was looking at his prey, even the bystanders were shocked by his killing intent ”old man you better teach you dogs that sometimes a single word can send them to hell ” saying that he swung his sword using [lightning strike] it was so fast that before anyone can say anything all the members of the gang except the leader died and only pieces of equipment were laying in the ground.

That single strike is something whoever saw it will never be able to forget, it was the apex that many players dreamed of reaching but could never be.

”Just what kind of a monster are you ” the leader of the gang has never been this afraid of someone in his entire life, even though its just a game but Tony killing intent was so great that it messed him up ”well you can consider me someone you should never provoke ” when he was going to finish him the village leader suddenly appeared with the guards which brought hope to the gang leader ”you
e finished ” but Tony was just as composed as ever which made the poor little gang leader even more scared.

Usually, when someone stir troubles inside the village the guards will take him down immediately yet when they arrived at the scene this time the village leader approached Tony and asked him humbly ”sir Mad Demon may I know what happened here ” this was more shocking to them then to Tony taking down the whole gang with one strike, because they know there are many monster class players so for one of that caliber to appear is acceptable but to have the village leader and guard respect you like that when the game merely in its first few hours was something no one has ever consider happening. Yet the reality was proving to them that a player can do that. The players there would have never thought that someone would acquire a Baron title which in some sense is like a royalty visiting the village.

”There were just a few flies that irritated me so I took them down ” Tony responded nonchalantly but that made the watchers even more bewildered, especially the gang leader who was regretting everything that happened today. He thought of escaping only to find a sword stabbing his heart; the last thing he saw was Tonys eyes that looked at him with disdain.

Maya stood there not knowing how to react at all, the gang she thought were invisible were as weak as a bug in front of a real strong player.

”If I can have this kind of strength, who would dare to bully me and my sister ” Tonys mighty display was an eyeopener for her and something that made her wish to improve herself better.

She was not alone, many of those who watched how Tony took down the gang especially his last attack, the speed, and control over his movement to land a hit, and going back without the opponent realizing that is hard even for top tier players.

”I never thought that theres such a strong person in this village ”

”Me too to think he got such godly skills yet no one knows him ”

”He should be as strong or even stronger than those three Right ” ”well hes definitely not weaker than any of them Im even more looking forward to when they fight for supremacy ”.

Although the form wasn open, by calculation it was found that there were at least 10000 villages at the start of the game so the competition at each village is quite high especially for reaching the higher levels and being the best in there. Like in the village Tony was in, although many famous players from other games and many celebrities are still there, the top spot was held by three who all players consider true monsters.

One was Eternal knight playing a guardian knight, the other is a woman known as Red Lotus playing as a thief, and the last and probably the strongest one is Solitary Sword. And with Tonys appearance, the competition for the top stop is something many can wait to see.

”Big brother you
e awesome the way you defeated all those bad guys is super cool ” the little girl was looking at Tony with sparkling eyes and excitement ”of course Im the most badass person in this world ” Tony started boasting in front of her which made her laugh happily.

”Village leader Im sorry for giving you such a poor show ”

”Its all right since no actual damage happened ” after exchanging a few words with the village leader he told the two sisters to follow him for a quiet place to talk.

Tony suddenly stopped and turned to Chris who was trailing behind them coldly

”What do you think you doing here ” seeing his cold eyes made Chris shack from fear, he replied weakly ”but Im with them ” but he regret that because he saw both sisters looking at him as a stranger, after all since he is their friend he should stood out in the face of the gang but he turned out to be a coward which made his image in the two sisters eyes crumble.

”I told them to follow me. I never said you can come to ” Chris mastered his courage and said ”But why, what I did earlier was the best decision at that time ” the more he tried to justify his doing the more disgusted Maya became.

”It seems you get something wrong because I don care about anything related to you, I told you not to follow me simply because you aren worthy of being at the same place with me ” Tony was talking with complete disdain ”now go as far you can from me before I make a quick work of you ” those words send chill in Chris spin, he just turned around and left without even making a sound.

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