Year 2100

The human race finally did the one thing they tried so hard to stop , The total destruction of the Earth !! , they blew up the Earth!!!!.

it all started in 2080The human race had finally done it, those idiots blew up the Earth!!!. an Asteroid was on a collision course towards Earth. NASA had already detected it and warned the people of the Earth to stay as far away as possible from the designated area Which the Asteroid would crash into . The so called Asteroid was atleast one tenth of a kilometer , approximately 125 meters in Diameter and was on its way towards the designated crash site on 2080 , February 26 , The crash site was in North America Washington DC .

The white house had already made preparations to evacuate the city . The entire Washington DC was Abandoned , the president was obviously taken somewhere else with his family away from the crash site .

The courageous military were still evacuating the civilians hurrying as fast as they could to get everyone to safety because NASA already warned them that the so called Asteroid was going to strike at 12:00 high noon!! on the dot.

They All managed to move the civilians out of the city completely at 11:50 . because some people didn believe that an Asteroid would hit Washington DC , the Govt and military had to take actions themselves to pull them all out of Washington by force.

the military and civilians all retreated to atleast 50 kilometers away from Washington DC .

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