After Moving everyone to a safe distance ,the military quickly barricaded the entire city Incase anyone tried to get back in , some greedy people might try to save there possessions or some families who are still looking for there members would risk there lives to go back in .

12:00 high noon!!.

The Asteroid has already breached the Earths atmosphere and was heading towards Washington DC at an incredible amount of speed . if one looked up they would see something that resembled a gigantic fireball crashing down. Some civilians were scared shitless by the seen , some peed there pants while some Even started running away from the Asteroid causing the civilians to enter a state of panic .

The military quickly tried to calm them down before anyone would get hurt .

”Arrrrgh!!! ”

e all gonna die!!!! ”

”Dammit i haven even lost my Virginity yet!! ”

”Calm down !! we
e not gonna die ”

”Stay calm ” .

The Asteroid quickly tore threw the sky and Crashed into the Washington DC


The crash caused a terrifying shockwave that spread in all directions , Everyone in a 100 square mile radius even felt it , Earthquakes appeared shaking all the civilians to there very core , almost everyone of them collapsed onto the floor

(note: by civilians I meant those who were stubborn and didn believe an Astroid was about to crash into them , at least 1 percent of Washington DC citizen were forced out by the military)

The Asteroid completely obliterated Washington DC , if one were to look at it now they would only think of an atomic bomb test site , the buildings were reduced to cinders and ashes , the roads were scorched and the area were the white house once stood proudly was now replaced by a Gigantic crater that was 800 meters in diameter with the Asteroid laying in the middle realising smoke , heat and radiation .

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