The young 15 year old boys was slowly waking up .

”Arrgh my head hurts ” he mumbled . he slowly opened his eyes and checked his surroundings only to be completely shocked.

He found himself in some kind of huge bedroom and by the looks of it it seemed to belong to a girl, he could tell because of how it was decorated , the walls were Golden and pink in colour, the ground was covered in stunning looking tiles he had never seen before .

he tapped his foot on the tiles , they looked fragile but we
e suprisenly sturdy. he knelt down and felt the tiles closely gazing at them with astonished eyes.

”Wow impressive!!! , this feels so cool… ” he exclaimed ”

He got up and started checking around the huge bedroom .

”haaaaaa.. so soft… ” he mumbled while hugging the pillow he found on the magnificently crafted bed in the bedroom.

After a few more relaxing minutes of checking out the room the boy layed on the bed while gazing at the Golden and pink ceiling.

”Wow so this is heaven huhh… , I could get used to this ” he said while smiling .

”I wonder why my rooms painted with pink , and why are there dresses in here actually ? ” he muttered .

”Maybe its just a mistake , yeah its gotta be a mistake ”

”Wait!! does God even make mistakes!!? ”

”No no no no , ummm maybe it was an angel , yeah its gotta be…. ”

”but angels don have freedom of thought right? ”

”no I don think so , if they don have freedom of thought how was Lucifer able to rebel? ”

”So.. Somethings wrong ”

”Somethings Definitely wrong!! ” he exclaimed in panic .

he quickly got of the bed and ran towards one of the windows in the room .

”The Hecks going on!!! ” he screamed as he saw the view outside , the area looked amazing but… there wasn anything in his sights except for beautiful sceneries and lush forests in his sights.

”No , whats going on , isn this supposed to be heaven!!? , I can be hell there no flames or destruction so where the hell am I!!! ”

”your finally by my side darling…. ” A voice sounded in the once empty room. the boy was startled , his body started to tremble in fear .

he slowly turned around to see the originator of the voice only to be shocked beyond belief.

what he saw before him was A Seriously Beautiful MATURE LOOKING woman .

any man would have already pounced towards her dazzling figure if not for something else that he was seeing causing him to stiffen up in fear , The ladies lower body was that of a huge serpent.


the young 15 year old boys eyelids suddenly felt heavy as he slowly lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor.

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