Legend of the short tempered Scum Bag

Chapter 4 : Your joking right (• ▽ •;)

”urrrghh ”

The boy woke up in a sorry state , his hair seemed to be messed up , his body ached all over and his skin had scale like prints on them .

”huhh? ” the boys once groggy expression quickly changed to one of confusion . he touched his body all over even going as far as pinching himself .

”A..am..still…a..live ? ” he stuttered in confusion while checking if the ”monster ” was still around.

” I thought she would e..eat me ,like those monsters in the movies ”

” Why did she leave me alive ”

”didn she look like she was about to devour me whole? ”he said why scratching his head in confusion like an ape who misplaced something.

he tried looking around the room for clues of the ”monsters ” whereabouts but found it highly straining due to his body aching all over.

he slowly moved towards the bed to lay down.

”ouch my butt hurt ” he exclaimed ,rubbing his behind tenderly.

”what do I do now… ” he thought outwardly.

”maybe I should try to escape ”

”no that wouldn work , this entire place is surrounded by thick forest as far my eyes can see ”

”if I stay here Ill only end up eaten!!! but if I leave I don even know we
e Ill end up… ” he said ,his expression quickly turned grim as he realized that he had near to zero chances of survival.

he started pacing around in panic .

”crap what am I gonna do !!! ” he screamed in frustration .

he tried racking his brain for a while but to no avail. salvation seemed to far for him to grasp.

he continued trying to think of a way out , time quickly passed without him knowing , the sun soon seat and the moon rose , illuminating the night with its magnificent glow.

our poor boy had yet to find a way out of his predicament , it seemed that he hadn given up on his plan of escaping his situation.

his mind was in full throttle , trying to find a positive solution .

hours soon passed .

it looked like it was currently noon , the moon was shinning brightly in the night sky accompanied by the twinkling of the countless stars across the sky.

”arrrrrgh!!!! I can think of anything!! ” he screamed and collapsed on the super soft bed that looked like it was crafted by Hephaestus himself ,a through weapon of divine naps the boy thought as he calmed his mind and snuggled to his satisfaction .

he seemed to engrossed in his snuggling that he didn notice a certain someone had invaded his parcial slumber , the invader made little to no sound at all as she sliddered onto the bed snuggling right next to him .

the invaders eyes glowed bright Scarlet and were shaped like hearts glowing brightly her expression one filled with passion. she wasted no time in coiling around the unconscious boy but this time reducing the force of her tail so as not to strangle the poor boy , she then hugged him tightly bringing him into her embrace , his head rested on her chest comfortably. she then closed her eyes and slept next to him while grinning from ear to ear .

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