Legend of the short tempered Scum Bag

Chapter 5: I Gotta Get Out of here!!!

The young boy seemed to be enjoying his nap , a few hours soon passed and the sun soon Rose up into the sky emanating scorching Rays across the land.

The weather became terrifyingly hot, temperatures rose to an astonishing 78°C .

The birds hid in the shades of the trees same as some animals while some retreated to the cool safety of there dens hiding from the incredible heat .


The boy wasn having it easy himself, he was completely sweaty all over, his clothes were soaked completely in his sweat , the Suns harsh Rays managed to penetrate the windows hitting him while sleeping .

he soon started to feel uncomfortable and restless, turning and twisting on the bed continuously which woke a certain someone.

The boy was becoming more uncomfortable by the second ,his breathing became heavier by the minute. until he couldn take it anymore and was finally woken up .

He wanted to scream in frustration because of the horrible weather but he seemed to have been frozen stiff immediately his eyes opened.

”Arrrrrrrrghhh !!! ” he screamed and jumped off the bed crashing back first onto the floor.

he quickly crawled backwards in fear his teeth chattering, body trembling in fear.

”p…p..ls don …. ea…t m..e ” he stuttered while gazing intently at the snake lady on top of the bed.

his eyes darting around looking for a way to escape unharmed or better yet alive he thought.

The snake ladies hair looked dazzling and silky smooth even in this scorching heat , he skin was as white as snow , her eyes were Scarlet red , her body looked slim and dazzling at the same time even her long tail was making the boy feel somewhat attracted to it while cowering in fear , she was a stunning beauty no doubt.

The dazzling lady gave a smirk and slithered towards him . The boy retreated backwards avoiding her advance. his mind was in total disorder he didn know wether to run for the door , stay put or jump out the window!!.

”p..pls stay back st..ay …back!!! ” he screamed , tears slowly falling down his cheeks his arms trembling uncontrollably attempting to give way at any moment.

the Snake lady didn seem to here his please and even quickened her pace towards him her smirk changing into a creepy looking smile .

The boy seeing her expression couldn help but sigh inwardly , he soon lost hope and stopped resisting staying put .

Sigh so this is how I go huhh? , well its atleast better than being killed by that tsunami…., pls let me make it to heaven this time .

The Snake lady was finally before him , the boy slowly shut his eyes awaiting his demise .she pounced towards him her raw power shaking the whole building , the boys heart skipped a beat when the ground trembled he only thought.

Damn shes stron-

his thoughts quickly interrupted as he felt his face being pushed into something squishy.

she embraced him tightly shaking his body from side to side.

”Your finally mine Darling!!!! ” she screamed passionately while swinging the poor boy .

His head was spinning uncontrollably causing him to feel dizzy. he ignored the shaking his mind going into Thermoil , he couldn help but scream in confusion

”The F*CK!!!!!! ”

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