Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter One∆

My body rested on the ground limp and reduced to a pincushion, for many arrows protruded from my chest. I was slowly dying as my lifeblood gathered in a pool on the ground beneath me. Bloody gashes from other instruments of war covered my body.

The area in which I laid was filled with the countless bodies of the men I had killed. The rocks around my body were soaked in blood.

My only thought, as my vision faded, was that I was glad. I had died a glorious death that could be compared to no other.

In life, I was a warrior who had no equal and my name was Leonidas.

As I breathed my last, my head fell to the ground limply.


Though darkness clouded my vision, I heard the following words:

”Light above and darkness below. Thoughts of death and deeds of woe.

The gears of time shift at last. Evermore shall realites war and fight. Legends are necessary for the preservation of humanity. Subject L-117 shall be phase shifted years before the crisis. ”

They sounded inhuman. The words were grating as though they were made by metal being scraped upon metal.

The words held no meaning to me and so I disregarded them.

Comfort quickly assaulted my body. It was unacceptable, for a spartan should never accept comfort.

I felt my consciousness grow and strengthen as I kicked something. It was soft and squishy. I was at first surprised that I still had a body to move and then was overcome with extreme anger, for I was trapped. I kicked and hit my surroundings with conviction. I suddenly felt myself moving through my strange surroundings. I prepared myself to attack whoever had trapped me. I felt something ripping in the middle of my stomach. Therefore, I pushed against the object that was ripping. It was a slimy cord like substance. I suddenly felt it release its grip on me and I felt myself moving again. I eventually struggled from my stifling confinement. I opened my eyes. My surroundings were too bright, so I blinked a couple of times. I shook my head slightly, I would not allow myself to be weak.

I was greeted by the face of a monstrously large woman.

I stared at her threateningly. She reached a finger towards me and I attempted to strike it away, but missed. I believed I had missed because I was groggy, for how could a warrior of my caliber not strike away the hand of a mere woman even though she was monstrously large.

”Why isn he crying? ”

”Smack him on the back so he can breathe. ”

I did not understand what they had said, for they were speaking in English which I would later learn.

I was extremely enraged when the male who had spoken behind me dared to strike me. I turned my head around and yelled a war cry at him.

What came out of my mouth was quite frightening; it was the wail of a baby. It was at that moment that I realized my condition. As I sat motionless and stupefied by the events transpiring before me, my wail faded to a low hissing sigh.

My parents worries were broken; the tension in the room that had gathered as I was being born had shattered at that moment. They laughed at me. At first they laughed lightly, but then they grew obnoxiously louder.

This made me sigh in resignation. I did not understand my circumstances but I assumed that the goddess Artemis had blessed me with a second chance. I was indeed great enough for such a miracle to be bestowed unto me.

Therefore, I would not squander the chance giv

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