Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter Ten∆

re was not much conversion. There was ham, eggs, bacon, donuts, and cinnamon rolls. I did not have the donuts or the cinnamon rolls.

After eating, Helen brought a small present over that was very heavy.

As I opened it, I guessed it would be a weapon. It was a Glock. A Glock is a sort of pistol.

I was extremely happy. I jumped in the air and roared in pure delight.

”Are we gonna go to the range now? ”

”Of course! ”

”Helen, you got a watermelon lying around somewhere? ”

”Why? ”

”I heard from a classmate that they are about the same density as a human head. ”

Helen nearly spit out blood from surprise and horror as she stared at me.

”Alright, but which friend? ”

”Oh just someone named Jackson! ”

I was very careful to not give away my actual friends name because there was murder in my moms eyes.

”I see, well I will have to meet this Jackson sometime. ”

”Yes mom. ”

”You know what, Ill find his mom on Facebook. ”

”Artemis help me! ”

”I thought you said he was your friend? ”

”Well he is, but his mom is very protective and a bit annoying ”

Helen scoffed and jokingly replied.

”Well, Ill probably get along with her just fine then. ”

I realized that it was useless. I had failed. I would just have to cook up some way to dispose of Jackson. Bloody ideas passed through my head, but I quickly repressed them. If I killed anyone I would have to have a better reason.

Jackson was annoying, but he wasn so bad that I wanted to go out of my way to kill him.


Out at the range, I aimed my new Glock. Both of my hands held the gun and my feet were spread apart. My elbows were not locked.

My family had strictly shown me the best way to hold it before they had given me ammunition.

I slid the end of my finger over the trigger and squeezed off a shot. The smoke and the blowback were a little foreign to me, but I got used to it.

I started to consistently hit my targets after thirty bullets.

”Alright kid, thats enough. This mag here is your last. Bullets are expensive, you know! ”

My father exclaimed.

I set up the watermelon on the ground ten feet away and then, when I had positioned myself, I shot it.

The watermelon had a small hole in the front of it. However, in the back, the watermelons skin and flesh had exploded from the force of the bullet.

I smiled as I imagined what my gun could do to a person.

My parents, as if reading my mind, gave some ground rules.

”The Glock will be locked up in our vault and you will only be able to use it when we go shooting. You won be able to put this weapon under your pillow. ”

I was disappointed, but I expected it. I would look forward to getting to use my Glock again.

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