Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter Seven∆

ey kids, what are you looking at, it is time to do some sit ups. Same deal, so do as many as you can. ”

I hit the ground and started them straight away. By the time I stopped I had done one hundred of them. As I stood up, everyone was looking at me again. Jackson, the spitball perpetrator, had perhaps realized he had screwed up big time at this point.

”Okay, I will say at this time each of you are doing ok, but training will get harder, so I want to see continuous improvement. ”

His words fired me up. I would certainly amp up my workouts at home.

”It is now time for dodgeball, so I will explain how I plan for the game to run. There are ten of you, but there I will make there be an uneven number of people on your teams. Leonidas team will only have four members while the opposing team will have six. Whoever wins the first game will face me on the opposing team the next round.

Regardless, here are the rules. There will be twenty softballs at the center of the court. Each team will stand behind the white lines until I yell. At that time, you can run to the center of the court and roll the balls back to your side. Your team must stay on your side. When a person hits a player anywhere save for the face and the ball falls to the ground, then the hit player is eliminated from the match. If the player catches the persons thrown ball then the person is eliminated. If a player is hit in the face then they are not eliminated and the person who threw the ball has to run back to the white line and do ten pushups. If the offender does the ten pushups then he is not eliminated. He can not be eliminated while he is doing the push ups. You can deflect thrown balls with a ball in your hand, but if it touches part of your hand and the ball then you are out. ”

No one really had any questions because Bruce had explained the rules really well.

”Alright, who wants to be the other team leader? ”

Jackson quickly raised his hand before anyone else.

”Okay, Leonidas, I will give you the first pick for your teammates since you have less manpower. ”

”Don worry, thats how I like it sir. The more outnumbered a person is, the more glorious the victory. ”

”I like it, ” He laughed.

My first pick was Gavin who had said he wanted to become a marine. Jackson picked Bill. For my second choice, I picked Matthew who had wanted to become a pilot. For his second choice, Jackson picked William. For my last choice, I picked Gloria.

That left him with Mia, Sarah, and Andrew. I believed that Mia and Andrew would not be much of a help to Jacksons team.

With that, our teams were set and we were ready to rumble.

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