– Wake up, Han Maru!!

The voice was loud enough to make his ears ache. Maru moved his phone further from his ear after a moments hesitation. Who the hell was this? It was 8:43am on a Sunday. Practically dawn. Who was crazy enough to…

Ah, Yoonjung. That makes sense.

“Yes, Im awake, senior.”

He rose up from his bed, still unable to muster enough strength into his voice to make him sound like anything other than a sickly patient.

– Come to school.

“Pardon me?”

– Come to school.

What the hell? Maru checked the day again. Right, its a Sunday for sure. Definitely not a day a student goes to school.

“Its a Sunday, though?”

– Yeah.


– I know. Come to school, okay? You can, right? You dont go to church? You dont seem like a religious type. Right? Right? Right?

Maru wanted to tell her to take a step back and breathe for a bit, but chose otherwise.

“Im going to church.”

Of course, the Han family had been atheists for generations. But today especially Maru felt like he needed Jesus blessings.

– Really?


– When does it end?


When did his wife come back home on Sundays again?

“After all the afternoon sessions, around 2 pm? Or 3?”

– So late.

“Yes. I dont know what it is, but Im sorry.”

Maru grinned victoriously. He had no intention of going to school on a Sunday and he wasnt dumb enough to sacrifice his break to school activities. But just as he was about to hang up… his sister stepped into the room with a shout.

“Im going out to meet friends! Mom and dad went out to do something a moment ago. They left 20 thousand won, so I took half, okay?”

The door closed with a bang. Maru put his phone back on his ear with an annoyed face.

– What was that about church again?

Maru replied with a sigh.

“5th floor auditorium?”

* * *

Maru arrived at the school, still struggling to wake up. School? On a Sunday? Ridiculous.


The school was quiet. There was no way engineering students would come to school on a sun…

Oh, there goes one. And another one. There was quite a lot, actually.


There was a boy running past him with a guitar bag, and a girl running across to meet her friends in baggy pants. There were more in the field as well.


Students, on a Sunday. It looked like they were all here for club activities. He could make out the music club, the dance club, and even some of the sports clubs with their advisors. Interesting, he didnt think people were this committed to their clubs.

“School on a Sunday…” he heard someone say behind him.

It was Dojin. Maru smiled tiredly back at the boy.

“Well, they told us to come, didnt they?”

“Ugh, I definitely wouldnt have done this if I knew it was gonna be this bad.”

“You can still change, you know. Want to?”

“No man, I was just complaining a little. We havent even begun our club activities yet. Plus… girls, you know?”

Dojin walked in through the gate with a small grin. Maru shook his head as he followed inwards. The two of them walked up the stairs quickly, up to the auditorium. They stiffened up when they heard a few shouts coming from inside.



Maru didnt dare open the door. Dojin agreed with that sentiment.

“I wonder what that sound is?”


“Want to just leave?”

“Im going in if youre going in.”

The two of them opened the door bitterly.

“Oh, youre finally here.”

Miso greeted them in her black gym clothes.

* * *




“Dont scream. Pull it out from your diaphragm.”

The club members were projecting their voices into the auditorium. Though it looked closer to screaming at this point than anything. All 12 of them were here in the hall.

“Starting with Joonghyuk, then well start moving left down the line. Ill be on the other side. Open your mouth widely, try to clear out your throats as much as possible, and put some strength into your abdomen. Dont try to squeeze out your voice. Push outwards with the air in your stomach,” Miso continued as she walked away, “Ill punish you harder if you make weird noises, so do your best.”

Miso posed comfortably when she reached the other side of the hall. She shoutedstart! from across the hall. Joonghyuk began with anahhhh. This was the sound Maru heard from outside the door. Now, Maru was a part of this madness.

You received a quest to satisfy the demon king, Miso.

Shouting? At this time? Maru kept his mouth wide open for now. Hes picked up a thing or two from his time as a stage manager back in the day, so he was planning on trying some of them out for this.


Misos voice sounded like she was speaking right next to them even from afar. Minsung was the next to start, but as soon as he started,

“Louder,” Miso said.

The boys voice got a little bit louder. This continued until they reached the final one, Iseul.

“Good!” Miso shouted.

Was this it? But right then…

“All of you, duck walk over to me. Right now,” she said with a smile.

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