right after college. It wasnt all that great. He was basically a servant for the actors and the directors. He even had to complete all sorts of random tasks for the chief manager as well.

He wasnt even in charge of just one actor, either. He was almost like a taxi driver for all sorts of actors. Hed taxi a side character on stage, and start completing all sorts of other jobs like carrying cameras, all the while suffering the treatment of a slave. At the time, he had to visit Hyehwa station (famous for plays) a lot to pick up side characters whenever the show ran short.

Naturally, hes ended up watching a lot of plays in the process. He even dreamed of being an actor at one point, but he quickly gave up on that idea after getting a nice desk job at a small company.

Right then, Marus eyes met with the podium girls. Her gaze intimidated Maru enough to raise his hand.

“Ah, youve seen it?” The girl asked.


“How was it?”

“Well, some were fun, some not so much.”

He decided to be honest. Thankfully, Yoonjung seemed content with that answer. She just seemed to be happy that there was someone who watched plays in the class.

“How many people were there?”

“A few monodramas. Most of them were under eight people.”

“Whoa.” Yoonjung leaned forward. She seemed to want to jump out to talk more with him right then and there. Maru flinched and leaned back a little from the pressure.

“You must like plays.” Yoonjung said.

“What? Ah, no, not really.”



“Do you hate it, then?”

“Uh… not really.”

“Then lets say you like it.”

She just decided on an answer right there. Quite the decision maker, wasnt she? Deciding what people likes or hates just then and there. And…

So energetic. she was one of those kids that made him feel alive just being near them. The type of people that dragged others to match their pace in a conversation.

Maru took a look around the classroom. The students were focused at Yoonjung almost as if class was right about to end. The girl had a talent. The talent for drawing attention.

* * *

Yoonjung took a deep breath before continuing.

“Lets cut the BS for a sec. All sorts of people are needed in a play. We have costumer designers, prop masters, stage managers, and actors… Of course, we make our own props and costumes in our plays, since we are a club.”

BS? Maru found himself smiling at the girls straightforwardness. The other kids looked pretty surprised as well. To think a girl like her would say something like that… Yoonjung didnt notice the crowds reaction, though.

“Its hard. We have to get together at all sorts of times to work. We might spend a ton of time making props, and make our own costumes if we cant rent it. We made our own props last year with planks and hammers. We needed to build a restaurant, you see. It took awhile to make something that resembled a house. Some of us got hurt as well. If you look here…”

The girl extended her hand out towards the class. There was a long scar on her left pinky finger.

“Hey, Yoonjung, stick to the script,” the other girl pointed out, as she poked Yoonjung from the back. Yoonjung jumped back in surprise almost as if she were scalded by hot water.

She seemed to be the type that fell into her own stories. Maru didnt dislike that. Those people were annoying occasionally, but more often than not they energized the group they were in. People like her… often shone brightly in a group. Yoonjung inhaled for a second before talking again.

“Thats why were requesting people to join the acting club. Things will get hard, sure, but I promise itll be worth it. I cant even describe to you the feeling you get when you perform an act youve been preparing for months. Soon… youll even begin to love that entire process.”

She was shining. Even the seniors standing next to her were. As she talked more about acting, they started standing straighter. Prouder.

“Of course! It will be difficult. I keep saying this for a reason. It wont be easy at all. Thats why we arent looking for anyone…”

Right when Yoonjung said around this much, a different girl jumped in. She was a girl with relatively short hair. Almost boyish. But this girl acted more like a girl than Yoonjung. She even had makeup on. Well, just enough to warrant trouble with teachers.

“Of course itll be hard. But its not just that. Plays are made by all sorts of people. Actors arent everything. Staff dont require as much work as Yoonjung said. Since they just help out in between plays or practice. But without them, plays wouldnt even be possible. So… if youre interested, please give us a visit.” The girl finished with a slight bow.

She seemed like a pretty calm and collected girl to Maru. If Yoonjung was the type that yelled “charge!!”, this one seemed to be the type to hold Yoonjung back. The type that was persuasive. When both girls stopped talking, the guys stepped forward. They seemed lackluster due to the energy the girls showed right before.

“We are the staff. We decided to help the crew more after our first year acting. Youll be able to see a bunch of stuff when you come to our club room. Theyre years of work thats been created by our seniors. Like Danmi said earlier, we welcome anyone interested. Were looking forward to working with you for one, maybe even two more years in this club,” said one of them.

The other one stepped forward. Unlike the first boy, who had sporty hair, this one just had a flat nose.

“Please come if youre interested. We even have a teacher that we hire to teach us acting. Ill leave the form here. Were accepting till tomorrow, so please come. Ah, and of course, youre always free to visit us in the club room. And… if youre worried about your looks, dont worry about it. Just look at me.”

The boy grinned. This one seemed to be the more charismatic of the two.

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