ow… that this was the only chance he had in life where he was free to do anything. He couldnt live freely in college because by then, he had to start worrying about entering the real world. In that case… shouldnt he do everything he could to try to live as fun a life as he could now?

A small smile crept up on Marus face. He had made a decision. He threw the club list away. He didnt need it anymore.

“Ah, crap. Homeroom time.”

The bell rang alongside someones complaint. Maru drove off all his sleep with that as the signal. He really couldnt afford to sleep in this one. Getting hit by a cue stick was a big no no for him.

* * *

The classes ended, and all the students went off to their cleaning areas. Those who werent assigned to areas ran off to the front entrance. Yoonjung ran for the club room instead. She wondered to herself how many people would come to visit.

She hoped to see a few.

She went up to the clubroom at the fourth floor of the school. The lights were still off. Yoonjung squeezed through the door to get inside.

“I should clean this all up, first.” she found herself saying.

The club room was quite large. But despite that, all the props and costumes inside made it look small. There were four hangars full of costumes, even.

“I guess… Cleaning all of its a bit of a stretch.”

When would she even finish? Yoonjung grew sick of cleaning the place up before she even started. She didnt notice because she got used to the place, but… If the newcomers were to see this…

[How dirty. Im not going to join.]

[So complicated. I dont think Ill join.]

[What the hell? Smells. I wont join.]

With multiple voices of imaginary club members streaming in her head, she immediately pulled up her sleeves.

She can do this!

The club room reverberated with loud noises.

* * *

As Lim Danmi stepped outside of the classroom with her bag, a friend of hers stopped her.

“Hey, Danmi! Were going to the karaoke. Want to join?”

Danmi found herself shaking her head without a moments pause.

“Sorry, I have to go to my club.” she responded.

“Acting club?”


“Think you got a lot of people?”

“Dunno. Hope we did though.”

“You said there were just four left?”

“Yeah, I heard a few seniors come help every once in a while, but theyre all probably busy.”

And… there was a different reason, but there was no need to talk about that. The friend waved her goodbye with alets go together next time.

Danmi wondered to herself since she started going to the club so frequently. At one point, she only hung out with her friends after checking that no one was in the club room. She had no idea that shed be working so hard when she first joined the club.

Danmi went up to the fourth floor through the central staircase, this was the staircase the third years used to get home. Danmi turned the corner with a strange sense of nervousness. And.

“Good god.” she said.

Half the corridor was flooded with just… stuff. Just who did this? She stuck her head into the corridor window with a frightened face. She could see Yoonjung there coughing in the massive cloud of dust. Of course it was Yoonjung. There was literally no one else whod do something like this.

“The hell?” Danmi heard someone talk behind her.

“Acting club?”

“They must be digging through their pile again.”

She could hear that the third years starting to take notice. She bowed to them as a quick apology before jumping into the mess herself.

“Lee Yoonjung!” she shouted.

“Ah! Hey Danmi, nice timing. Could you just…”

“Ugh, you bitch!”

Danmi pinched Yoonjungs cheeks tightly, causing the girl to groan in pain.

“It hurts!” Yoonjung said, hitting Danmis hands off of her.

“Good. Its supposed to hurt.”

Danmi took a look over the room. It was a room filled with a decade full of memories. Memories passed down between each generation of seniors. Every prop the club has ever made remained here year after year. Of course Danmi thought about fixing it up at some point. She didnt want this place turning into a storage room either.

But why did it have to be today?

“What do you think the newcomers would think when they look at this, huh?” she said.

“Well… I tried to fix this place up really good, right? But every time I move something, more stuff just appears. So…”

“So you decided to take everything outside first?”

Yoonjung nodded energetically. Danmi could feel a stab of pain at the back of her neck. If only she could pry open that girls head at one point…

“How were you going to do all this by yourself? Dont you remember? We promised to do this over the weekend.”

“I know, I know, but if the newbies came to see the club like that…”

Yoonjung had become visibly deflated. The girls mood changed way too fast all the time, especially in failure, she would just drop down like a doll that just ran out of battery.

“You give me a ton of stress, you know that?”

“Please help.”

“Of course I will. Didnt you notice all the seniors saying stuff outside?”

“Ah… I knew it.”

“Oh, so you did. The entire corridors been blocked off by stuff. What if one of the teachers…” Right when Danmi said this much, someone cut her off from behind.

“Look at all this, oh bother.”

Yoonjung and Danmi whipped around in surprise.

“I told you before, didn ’t I? That you need to clean all this up at some point! Ugh!”

It was the Hanja teacher. He was wearing his modified traditional clothes with a hot pack in his hand. His narrowed eyes were looking around the club room, annoyance written all over his face. The man was clicking his tongue in disapproval.

Of all the teachers, did it really have to be the Hanja one? Danmi found herself thinking. The teacher was one of the faculty members that didnt like the acting club at all. Last time, she was scolded because the corridor outside the club room was dirty. She didnt say anything despite knowing that the students of design from class B were in charge of it since this particular teacher really hated having students talk back to them.

“Well clean it up.” Danmi said. Yoonjung immediately followed up from behind.

“Were sorry.”

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