Linear Motion A Life Worth Living

Chapter 1: My Arrival is Insignificant and Boring

”Ha! Ha! Ha! ”

I saw a figure of a small boy swinging a wooden sword on a field. There were spots, who knows how many; where the grass are scorched, leaving only charred ground. Debris of houses littered all over. Moreover, the scattered remains of what used to be a considerably tall fence circling around the field. From the looks of things, it is obvious what must have happened here. A story as old as time. Monsters, rampaging through what must have been a very prospering and peaceful place. A tragedy, surely.

The boy kept swinging, alone in the ruins. For what purpose? Why is he there in this ruined place? Where are his family? Friends?

…what a stupid question. Of course, I know the answer to all those questions. After all… that was─


I was awoken by the screeching sound of a trains whistle. My body instinctively took on a combative stance, as my left hand held my scabbard while my right was halfway taking out my sword. I was barely able to stop my hand.

I think the whistle was meant to tell us that we are nearing a station, but seriously… Must it be so loud?

”… ”

I readjust my seating position to a more comfortable one, resting my chin on my hand and looked out the window.

I looked towards the rapidly changing view. Trees, startled beasts, and monsters flew past by as the train go along its rails.

As I feel myself dozing off again, I remembered the dream. It was nostalgic… But of what? I tried to remember what it was about, but none came out. It was nostalgic. Bitter. But nice, still.

I dug through my memories to try to remember what it was about, trying to see if maybe something would make me remember. I spent a while thinking and remembering, but in the end, I gave up.

Soon, I noticed some man-made structures appearing among the dwindling forest. Glimpses of well-maintained roads are getting more frequent. Im seeing people more frequently too.

I guess its almo─


Not expecting another whistle, I ended up flinching and hit my head on the window.

”Yep… We are almost there alright. ” I said, as I rub my hurting forehead.

I hate that whistle.

The whistle has rung twice now. So we are definitely close to the last station. Well, I said last but there are only two stations for the train.

I opened the windows and poked my head outside.

”Tch… ”

The wind is stronger than I expected. And I got dust in my eye too. Damn it.

While rubbing my eyes with my left hand, I executed the circular motion for the Sign [Solid Barrier] with my right.

I felt my magic power being reduced slightly and soon enough I can barely feel the wind anymore.

Finally safe from dust particles, I opened my eyes again.

”Whoa… ”

Not far in the distance, a gigantic wall stood tall and proud, circling a city, acting as its protector, shielding the city from threats. …not going to do much for inside threats though.

Still, the view is not bad. I might even say it looks quite grand.

I got bored looking at the wall after a while, so I ended up just looking around randomly to waste time.

Soon enough, the train reached the station and slowly stopped.

Im finally in the capital city… Beindera.

I exited the train and looked around. There aren many people here. I can pretty much count the people coming out of the train with my fingers.

Hm. I better get my stuff checked so I can enter the city.

I looked around and quickly found what I was looking for.

”Good morning pak. ”

”Oh, good morning. I see you had just left the train. Not going to see what the train station has to offer first? ”

”Oh no pak. I have stuff to do at the adventurers guild. So Id rather just go there immediately. ”

”In a hurry? Thats pretty rare for a visitor like you. I guess thats fine. Can I access your Storage Device then? ”

”Absolutely pak. Here… access granted. ”

I touched my ring Storage Device and gave the security guard a temporary access to my items.

”Alright, let me check for any illegal items… Hmm… Swords, knives, some meat, and water bottles. Ah, theres some clothing as well. ”

As the old man does his security duties, I looked around again. This time looking at the architecture and various shops thats available here. I can go too far since my Storage Device is still being checked, but I can go far enough.

I can totally understand why visitors would explore around the stations. Theres a lot of interesting stuff to see here. Id definitely would come back here again sometime later.

”Hey, young man. Ive finished the check. Theres no problem here. ”

”Alright, thank you pak. ”

I said my thanks to the guard and asked for direction.

”The guild? Yeah, you can just head out the west gate and follow the road. The building is on the left side. ”

I said my thanks to the old guy again and left. Following his direction.


”Good afternoon kak. How may the Adventurers Guild Association help you today? ”

The pretty receptionist lady in front of me greeted me. But thats not quite important at the moment. Im just wondering, how in the hell did the guild find all these pretty ladies to be their receptionist… Im pretty sure pretty ladies can be grown in the garden. Or could they? Even the receptionist back home look as pretty as the receptionist in front of me does. This smells like a conspiracy, heh. The guys back home would definitely love this idea. Ill pitch it at em when I return.

”Kak? ”

Ah! I was silent for too long!

”Um, sorry. Id like to re-register please. ”

”Re-register is it? Certainly kak. However, before we could begin to start your re-registering process, kakak is required to listen to the new guild policy. Would you like me to explain it to you verbally or through writing? ”

Required? So that means I can opt to pass right?

”Verbally please. Id also like to have a guidebook for me to use later. ”

”Certainly. Please give me a moment. ”

The receptionist lady left the table and entered the door to the back. After a short while, she returned with a book and another pretty lady in hand. The new pretty lady now sat on the receptionist table and I was brought to the far left side of the table, near the small globe looking thing thats on the table.

She looked at me while tilting her head. That is very cute, what the hell.

I nodded in return and she started talking.

”For this branch, the guild is now following the global guild registration standard that had just recently been passed. Meaning that adventurers, new or otherwise, are only allowed to register once they are checked for any criminal record. Once it has been confirmed, then the adventurer in question must review the information within their Adventurers Identification card to make sure that there is no misinformation prior to the re-register process. Do you want me to repeat the explanation kak? ”

I see. I think I get it.

”Im fine, please continue. ”

”Certainly. ”

Then the lady explained to me that this new policy is in the process of being adopted by all guild associations. It was done in an attempt to fight the rampant guild hopping that criminals often abuse. Thats the gist of it. There were some more parts, but I don quite get it so Ill ignore them.

”Can I start the process of your re-register then, kak? ”

The receptionist lady asked me while outstretching her hand.

I took out my ID card from my Storage Device and gave it to the receptionist lady. She took it and inserted it into the globe like contraption on the table. It whirs and spins.

I don know whats happening, but I watching the thing moving is somewhat enjoyable.

A bit after, the thing stopped moving and a floating, partially transparent screen appeared in front of the spinning globe. My information is written on it.

”The check has come out clean, kak. Please do not worry about your privacy; it has been set to only be viewable by the registered user of the card. ”

”Ah, so Im the only one thats able to see this? Thats convenient, how do they work exactly? ”

”My apologies kak. I am not wholly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of this technology. ”

”Eh, thats fine. Don worry. ”

I shifted my attention to the screen.

Name… Ahiro. Check.

Age 16. Check.

Adventurer Rank C. Thats correct as well.

Class Vanguard. Yep, still the same.

My quest record is correct as well. My latest completed job w

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