Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (10)

(Arthur) Why are you going to house when my house in the front ?

(It was an apartment and his house was the first of the column )

(Mom) Oh, so here it is. I once thought that it might be but seeing this apartment, I was confused.

(Arthur) Ok, no more talking first lets go.

( They took Mrs. Roberts and stood at door and after Arthur opened the door they went in the house)

Come in Mr. Roberts and Mrs. Roberts, you are going with me towards the dining room.

(The house was enough for one person. It had a pair of sofas in one coner and in the other coner it had an open kitchen with a dinning table and chairs and beside the open kitchen a stair case was there. The room was peach in colour)

(Mrs. Roberts) Ok thank you so much Arthur.

Oh Mrs. Roberts, its a duty of mine toelwards my friend.

(Joy) Arthur, does anybody else lives with you ?

No Mr. Roberts, I live here all alone.

But that means it is tough on you, because you have to do all the things on your own.

(Cheerfully) Thats normal for me as my family is not so financially stable that they can afford me to live here on their money as well as they can live in Q city.

So how do you get money ? Do you work somewhere ?

Yes Mr. Roberts, I work in few shops.

Why ?

Because the payment of one shop is not enough for me.

Okay .

(Mrs. Roberts) Thanks, Arthur.

Ah, Arthur can I talk to you somewhere alone about something.

Yes of course Mr. Roberts.

(They went out of house and stood near the stair case)

So, what do you want to talk about Mrs. Roberts ?

I wanted to ask you about the jobs.

I am not getting it, Mrs. Roberts.

I want to know that if you will get a good job with high payment then will you do it.

Yes, but why are you asking me this things, Mr. Roberts ?

Because I want to hire you to see my mom.

What, Mrs. Roberts, But why ?

Because I am going out of the city and she is feeling very insecured and so I want someone to see her and be with her.

Okay Mr. Roberts, I will do the job.

Huh, But don you want to know the payment of this job ?

It doesnot matter Mr. Roberts because when it comes to the question of my friend, if you don give me any money then also I will do it.

Thank god, finally I got someone who truly wants to help me

Thank you, Arthur.

(They went in)

Mom, I want to tell you something.

What is it joy ?

Mom, I know you are always worried about me going to the Downs so I have decided that Arthur will be there with you always till I come back.

(Arthur smiling) Mrs. Roberts will you not be with me ?

Yes, I want to be with you but I will still be sad because of joy.

Oh, Mom I will be back before you start to miss me.


So when, I will come to your house ?

(Joy) After two days.

Okay, I will be waiting for the day.

So, we will go to home now, as we have to eat lunch .

Okay bye, See you after two days.

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