Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (10)


(Joy took Mrs. Roberts to her room and tucked her in)

Okay, should I turn off the lights ?

Yes, Goodnight joy.

Goodnight mom.

(Next day)

(At the Airport, Mrs. Roberts, Arthur and joy are sitting at the waiting area)

Mom, its time I should go okay.

Joy, please wait for sometime.

No mom, it has aldready been 30 minutes since I have been sitting with you all.

Arthur, call me everday and video me also, okay ?

Ok sir.

Bye mom.

(Sadly pouting her face ) Bye.


Ronalds POV

This is the first time, I am feeling guilty by taking this decision

Look john, I have to go so that I can bring you a lots of chocolate and other things.

Really brother?


Then I will try not to cry, so that you can earn a lot of money and then we will play together.

Thank god, john has stopped

Mom, I am going bye.

As, I walked out of the house I saw that john was smiling and waving at me, victor was confused and Mom was trying to stop me and Dad was glaring at me

(He was walking down the streets )

Its midnight and in this time only one house is awake

(After 20 mins of walking)

Should I ring the bell ?… I think I should

(Ding -dong)

(A shrill voice) Wait , coming.

It has to her, I am sure

Hey, kina.

Hi, Ronald, whats up , why her and wait what time is it , Oh god, its 1:30 a.m., why are standing outside, come in .

Oh, I should make some coffee for you.

No, its okay, kina.

(Smiling) Okay, what do you want to eat ?

(She is wearing a short cool shoulder crop top and denim hot pants)

I feel awkward seeing her, and it is more awkward when she is bendind to talk to me face to face as I can see the pink bra she is wearing. She must have come from a party)

Kina, who are you talking to ?

Oh Brad, look Ronalds here.

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