Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (3)

What should I do? Should I not tell john or victor about shifting to R city or Argggh! God help me

Yo Ron , whatcha doing ?

( What with this day today, first Lewis and then Brad ) Nothing. (I should go away from here and think about what to do in future)

Bro, whatcha thinking, you look like you had done a crime.

( Why do l have such odd friends , one goes around having good day with girls and one is half mad.Sigh)

What it bro ?

( Oh good, now he is raising his eyebrows with his special grin on his face as if he is a police man and understands everything ) Nothing just think about something.

Yeah thats what I am saying that you are thinking about ?

( Man, his curiosity is driving me crazy. Should I tell him ? ) Yeah there is, but will you help me ?

Of course, we are brothers. Say it.

Okay so l having been thinking about it for a while but l can decide about it.

Okay .

( Maybe he will help me ) So… l decided to leave this city and go somewhere but l c-

Dude that great ! You are going then can l come to your house when l go there ? , Oh l will stay there for 3 days , okay.

( Man here l am struggling with where to go and he is thinking of there ? ) Brad ! listen to me, l don know where to go.

Dude thats simple. Where do you wanna go ?

I want to go either in R city or S city.

Do you have any one there in these cities ?

In S city my grandma and in R city no one. ( Judging by that look, what is he planing to do )

So, do you want to live alone or together ?

( Come to think about it, l never thought about it ) Anything is fine by me.

I think you should go to S city because if you alone you will have to pay money and who is gonna cook for you , and beside , you do not know how to cook and so you will have to buy them and thats gonna cost you more. So the best is that you stay with your granny and by that you can earn more and spent less.

( Good , why did l never thought about it,Looks like its good to be friend with him ) Thanks man.

Joys POV

” They went to the Royal Gardens. Now joy is inside the restroom ”

Okay, Take up a deep breathe … Now 1..2..3.. Okay ! Now go joy , and remember to keep smile and to stay quiet. Let the adults talk ..Let the adults talk.

”After sometime, when Vicent came ”

Hello Mr. Vincent, so whats the offer ?

I want to say it but I want to be alone with you.

Ok, Joy go somewhere else (Man, what does he want that its to not say infront of me)

”After some time ”

Joy come here. (Ok, now lets see whats it) Lets go home. ( Huh ! What does he want that father can give. Forget it lets go home and see)

Listen Joy, what he wants is someone to work in his company.

(What a weird offer) Then father you give him to them. What do you have to think about !

Joy he wants you. ( Wait wait wait ! What the hellll ! Why me always)

I want you to go and work as his personal assistant. Listen if you agree, then we will be saved from this loss.

(Gotta do it or else l will owe him ) Ok father, but l am going to go talk to mom first. My mind is a mess. Am l doing right or not ?

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