Locked Freedom

Ronald\'s POV (4)

It has been a while, she is still sick and now if she will know about my transfer then she is going to be stubborn

Mom, where are you ? (A faint voice came ) I am inside the room.

She is laying in her bed and looks feeble and ashen

Oh joy, here you are. (in a weak voice) come, sit here and tell me what you want to say.

Mom, first show me your recent health reports.

Oh its fine you don have to see, its fine.

No ! I want to see even if its fine. Please mom.


She really has recovered in the past few days. Okay, so have to tell the truth. Mom, I want to tell you something.

Yes dear, tell me I am listening.

Okay, so mom you know that Vincent Downs with whom we collaborated to do the upcoming project this season.

Oh Vincent, Okay, so what happened ?

Mom we did a mistake but we made an offer and he agreed to that.

Thats good, so, why are you so worried about dear ?

Mom, they made an offer for me to be his personal assistant for his company.

What ! that means you are going away ! No ! , l will not let you go away .

Oh no, she is stressing herself. l shouldn have told her. Now, she is furious

Mom calm down.

No ! you will not go anywhere okay , Do you understand it, Joy, you are not going anywhere.

Mom , mom listen to me and don get up.

I am going to talk with your father about this matter.

Mom ! l agreed to that offer.

”They became slient and joys mom was glaring at joy ”

How could you ! (in an sorrowful voice) Is he a good or bad man ? how do feel near him. I have only heard of him but never seen him.

Nothing, he has a grave voice and he is egoistic.

Mom is becoming woebegone now

Mom, if l did accept the offer then we will always be owe him.

Mom let me go, please.

”She thought for sometime ”

Okay, but promise me to take good care of you and take every step with conviction as not everything has a panacea. Remember that .

l am giving you a good luck charm, you will have to always wear it till you give it back to me or someone you love.

It was a dazzling little square box, in it the name of my grandma is written.

Okay mom.

Waving to her, l went out. l should go back to my room. Suddenly a thin voice came from my back and without turning l can say who he is

Hey, joy

Hi Albert, why are you here ?

What joy, you can say that to me. Its my house also.

(In a flat voice) I am asking you, why are you in front of my moms room, as far as know your room is on the opposite corner of our rooms.

Yeah l know that.

So why are you here?

l came to look for you.

Why ?

l heard that you are transferring to the Downs

So ?

So what joy , Don you understand joy, as the legal son of father, l should be the CEO or the next own of the Robertsons (name of their company) and now because of you l will have to be some useless assistant.

Showing off spoiled brat ! Man, my hand is itching to punch his wide face and break that nose of his

I didn do anything. It was father who agreed to this.

Yeah, yeah l know.

But remember to come fast as l can hold on this humiliation.

I will try.

I have to go, or he will continue to show off in front me Where are going ?

To pack my bags.

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