Locked Freedom

Ronald\'s POV (5)

Oh god ! Oh god ! … I want to sream so much, Man l got 97 % in the exam and its for real.

”On the way to home ”

God now l have to think about it seriously. Its not a joke anymore w…

What are you holding big brother ?

(Oh ! there he is ! ) I am holding a paper which is very important to me so don touch it, okay ?

Why big brother ? Why, please tell me ! please ! pleaseee !! (in a chubby and shrill voice)

Okay ! Okay, l am saying it, but do not shout, okay ?

Okay, big brother.

(When I see him I feel like teasing him) Okay so…


So …

Come on , big brother say it aldreadyy !!

(Oh god ! Now he is screaming, Oh no l have to stop him)

Okay, Okay l was going to tell that l got 97% in the exam.

What do you say, Ronald ? ”his mother ”

Oh mom, please help me stop john.

Okay, but what did you said dear ?

Oh ! That l was just saying that l got 97% in the exam.

What ? ”His mother started to cry hearing this ”

Oh ! Thank god, Ronald l am so proud of you !

Victor , Sam , come down, Ronald got 97 % !

I cannot believe mother said this. Oh, how much l cried last month when she said that she is ashamed of me. But, now this shame and proud things doesn matter

What did you said Mary ? Ron got 97% in the national science exam where hardly anybody passes ? Stop saying just anything !

No Sam, I am not saying anything, Ronald really got 97%

How could he ? Passing that exam is abig thing and you are saying that Ronald 97 % ! Impossible !

Or he must have cheated !

What the hell he is saying ? What, he does not trust his own son ! Fine ! let him not trust his son ! What else did l expect from him, all of them thinks that l am a mistake

Dad, if you cannot believe in me then don . But please don just accused me of false things.

Huh ! False things ! l am saying the truth. lf you got this much in the exam, then what were you doing in the exams before this. You always failed and them !

But Sam, see, he studied this time so he got the marks.

Oh do shut up Mary ! He studied, he doesn have the quality to do anything on his own.

Shut up dad ! You can think of what ever you want, l don care ! But please, you don have the right to underestimate others.

”His dad towards him and ”

**ACK !


It happened in a flash of second, as I stood watching my mom running towards my dad crying and both of their lips is moving, but I cannot make out a single word. After sometime, the sound came to my ears.

John, was crying seeing dad shouting at mom and trying to stop dad from hitting.

Listen, dad l didn say anything wrong. What you said just now is wrong. l didn cheat.

You, ungrateful child !

If you think that you are so right,then go earn your it yourself.

(His mother) Sam ! Please don say this, please. Let him stay.

Come on Mary let me also see what your son has, so he can earn money.

Old hag ! You think l cannot do it, heh ! l can do and l will show you

Ok dad, l will do it.


Joys POV

As I was going to my father, I was stopped by a sentence.

Sir what do you wish to do ?

David, I wish to have you go and report all the things to me.

But sir th-

I order you okay, David.

Sir, if I have someone else whom you can trust will you allow me to stay here ?

Okay. But remember I need a trust worthy person.

Okay sir, as you wish.

What are the talking about ? Where does David have to go ? And what buisness are talking about ?

(Suddenly the door opened and David and Mr. Reynold looked at joy)

Joy what are doing ? Do you have to say ?

A-a-a I was here to talk about the shifting process.

Go out of the room and I will talk to you later.

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