Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (6)

(His dad) What is the use of your going out ?

Dad, what do you mean by that ?

See, if you are going, then you will take all the things that I have brought for you, so there is no use.

So, what do you want me to go out and leave all the things, but what will you to my things ?

What is there to do ? if you leave them then, they will be thrown out, so it is best to sell them when they are new and I will be able earn some money also.

This old haggg ! I want to kill him

Ok, fine if thats what you want, I will do it then.

Then, how will you go somewhere and do something ?

You don have to know about it.

Okay fine.

What okay, Sam what are you talking ?

What Mary, he only told me so I said okay.

Are you out of your mind, Sam ? and Ronald wait, think it carefully, what are saying huh ? where will you go now, and if you don take anything with you then will you wear the same dress everyday ? and what are you gonna do if you stay somewhere else because without money nobody is gonna rent their house to you.

Mom, I know what I am doing, and as to the job, I will figure it out.

What the hell are you saying, Ronald ? Sam are you okay with it ? Ronald, listen dear you know that you say this type of things and Sam please sat some thing pl-

Wait ! What do you want me to do Mary, huh ?He is saying that he will figure it out. So let him be.

Come on, Sam, he is our son.

So what Mary, I don think th-

Listen both of you !! (says in a loud voice) Mom, Dad, I don want to live here anymore.

Why Ronald dear, Whats wrong with this place. You were born here, you spend most of your childhood here, in this home, Ronald what is wrong tha-

Mom, I don want to live here, because I want to prove to everyone and dad that I can live by myself and I am a reponsible. And I know what I am doing mom.

What, you what prove that I am wrong, huh ? What the hell do you mean by that ?

I am not going to answer to that Dad.

Why ? Who do you think yourself to be ! How dare you to say that to me ?

Listen Sam …

Oh god ! Now, they are both have started shouting and then all the people will come to know of it. What will l d-

Suddenly, admist of this, I suddenly heard a quiet weeping sound

(In a wobbly voice) Brother~ will leave me and go away ?

Joys POV

(After waiting for 30 minutes, Joys dad came )

Dad, I was going to ask tha-

Next time,you don have to wait for me when you see me talking to someone.


So I was go-

About the shifting process, you will shift after two days. And after that Vincent Downs will do the rest arrangements for you.


Now go and do your own thing.

God, father is so angry. It must have been an important thing. I should go now and not irritated him anymore

But what was it ? Should I ask David ? … Lets see

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