Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (7)

(After Joy had packed after the things)

I should just go and ask him. But wait a minute how will l start the conversation with David ?

Oh Master Joy ! What do want from me ?

A-oh David ! I am here because … hmmmmm

What is it Young master?

I -I was here to ask you that can you help me to pack my rest things ?

Of course young master, but I am not sure if you should ask me or Lucy about this.

Oh, Lucy is so busy now so I am not going to ask her now. After we both do the half packing , if Lucy if free by then, I will go and ask her, okay ?

Okay sir.

(In Joys room, David and Joy are packing the bags)

Think joy, think of something

So… David, I want another help from you.

Yes young master.

I want to know about the arrangements dad will do for me.

Young master, I only know that he will bear the charges for you till you reach the company of Mr. Downs, and nothing else.

Okay … David, Can you do me a favor ?

Whats it young master ?

Can you please help me find someone that will stay with mom and talk to her freely all the time because as you see, mom is shocked and upset at the sametime about the news of my going there.

Yes young master, she was saying that she will not eat anything if you go away.

Yes…(I didn know that mom is saying this ! Have to do something)

Can you search for a nanny or somebody like that ?

Okay sir. Any age and gender preferences ?

No.(Atleast one good thing in this whole lying that someone will be there when I am not)

Okay sir, I will let you know if I find anyone.

Okay… What types of you have found till now ?

No sir I-

But dad is searching for mom right, or else why dad is searching for someone ?

Haha. No young master it is not. He is searching a person for y-

(… He went slient …)

Say it David, why did you stop ?

Sorry young master, I don know anything about this.

Huh ?! But y-

Sorry young master but I have some work so I am going there.

Huh ? ! , But y-

Yes young master, sorry but I have some work so I am going to go.

What is so important that he cannot even accept that he was searching for someone ?

Forget it, lets finish the rest of the packing. He didn even finish folding the duvet

(After two hours)

Finally, I can finally rest (yawning). I should take a nap.

(After thirty minutes)

(Stretching) Hmm. I should go and eat something.

(On the way to kitchen. Suddenly a loud crash is heard)

What is happening there ? I should check it out.

(After reaching to the room)

Mom ! What are you doing ? Why are you throwing the things ? Mom stop !

Lucy, David, Dad, somebody come here right now

Mom, stop !

(I have to stop her now or else she will hurt herself )

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